Blaming the “Islamophobes”

Our British correspondent Adam K.M., who contributed an article about “scum villages” last December, returns with a few well-chosen thoughts about the “Conservative” Baroness Sayeeda Warsi and her views on Islamophobia.

Warsi denies Islamic incursions and instead blames “Islamophobia”

by Adam K.M.

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi cited “Islamophobia” as the reason behind the fact that only 24% of those quizzed in a YouGov poll think that Islam is compatible with British life. The speech by the incumbent Minister for Faith and Communities highlighted the “underlying, unfounded mistrust” ingrained inside many people polled in the aforementioned survey.

Warsi made it clear that prejudice fuels a negative impression of Muslims. What she did not mention or acknowledge was the recent Oxford trial of Muslim men who groomed, molested and raped young white girls. One of the rapists even made a girl miscarry using an instrument, after plying her with drink and raping her repeatedly. This case is just one of many where Muslim men organise paedophilic rings to sell, abduct and abuse children. Dewsbury, Rochdale, Oxford, Leicester and Bradford are just five of many towns that have been bequeathed gang rape of white children in Muslim enclaves as a by-product of the rapacious Islamisation of those areas.

Of course, people from all backgrounds have perpetrated atrocities like the above at one time or another, but Warsi missed the opportunity in her speech to recognise the disproportionate representation of Muslim males in the rape of exclusively non-Muslim girls. The spurious label “Asian,” used by the media to describe the predators, should also have been condemned by the MP, as these culturally-motivated attacks are not perpetrated by Hindus, Buddhists or Sikhs.

Warsi did not mention or acknowledge the recent footage in East London which shows Muslim youths brazenly enforcing Sharia law in Britain’s capital city. The film plays depicts the arrogant accosting of innocent passers-by and captures Britons being told “this is a Muslim area, pour your alcohol away” many times on a video entitled “Muslim Patrol,” by the creators of the footage. In the recording a gay man was met with foul invective and ordered: “Get out of here you fag…don’t stay around here anymore.”

Warsi did not mention or acknowledge the story reported by The Telegraph on the last day of 2012 detailing the extremist ties that many faith schools have. Most of the 118 independent faith schools that have been brought to the attention of government ministers are Islamic. In addition to teaching students to detach themselves from the liberal, pluralist society at large, these houses of hate are thought to have strong links to Tablighi Jamaat and Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Speaking of Hizb ut-Tahrir, Warsi’s business partner Abid Hussain was once a member of the group that calls for the repeal of democracy and the installation of the Sharia. Yes, you read that right. Britain’s minister for Faith and Communities is involved with an individual who has proselytized for the annihilation of the free world.

Mrs. Warsi’s address also failed to address the case of Adil Rashid. The 18-year-old had sex with a 13-year-old girl and was spared jail on the grounds that he was ignorant of British law, due to his being educated in a madrassa and told that “women are no more worthy than a lollipop that has been dropped on the ground.” The judge in the case said that sending Rashid to jail might do him “more damage than good.”

Since when was ignorance of the law a just defence for breaching it? And why is it important that the experience of prison does the defendant any good, given that he has had sex with a child? This case provides stark evidence of British law being mutated in order to comply with strict Islamic cultural norms that continue apace in the Muslim world and now Europe.

According to the Free Online Dictionary, the definition of a phobia is a persistent, abnormal, and irrational fear of a specific thing or situation that compels one to avoid it, despite the awareness and reassurance that it is not dangerous.

There is nothing irrational and abnormal about recognising the persistent patterns regarding the rape of children. There is nothing irrational or abnormal about recognising the parallel standards and attitudes that have developed in education and law. And there is nothing irrational or abnormal about broaching the dubious ties a member of the Prime Minister’s cabinet has.

In addition to her failure to acknowledge Islam’s many impositions, Warsi made a point of alluding to the Holocaust in her speech. When bemoaning the so-called discrimination dished out by the apparently ignorant and bigoted British public she said, “I don’t have to remind anyone what happens when an unfounded suspicion of one people can escalate into unspeakable horror.”

Warsi’s speech serves as a decoy. The instance of a Cabinet Minister using her public platform to try and shift the discourse away from the threat by comparing critics of Islam to perpetrators of mass genocide doesn’t augur well for what was once upon a time a free, liberal democracy.

At least the YouGov poll showed that 76% of those quizzed are not totally insane. Maybe if more wrested themselves from the inertia shown towards Islam, Britain might just have a chance of climbing out of the foreboding burial plot into which it seems to be falling.

16 thoughts on “Blaming the “Islamophobes”

  1. Islam engenders in its initiates a total lack of respect for anything non-muslim, this includes our children and institutions. This means that Islam is incompatible with British culture, and will remain so as long as the majority is expected to conform to the religious demands of a minority. Islam is proving to be a two edged sword, it cuts on both the forehand and backhand strokes and never fails to bite the hand that feeds it, and this is where the phobia comes in, but islamophobia is a reaction to an Islamic malaise, not a symptom of an inherent cultural disorder, there is no Hinduphobia or Sihkhatred except where those societies are mistaken for Muslims.

    Baroness Warsi too needs to learn a little respect, but I am afraid, she, along with our other politicians are more interested in kow towing to the demands of their rulers, those who want to reduced western society back into Feudalism; Islamic or otherwise.

  2. Baroness Warsi:

    Your “Highness,” I do hope someone reads my comment to you. We do not have islamophobia in our Western Countries, we have “islam abhorrence syndrome.” I.A.S. is contracted from being exposed to a massive overdose of islamic jihadist rhetoric, islamic pedophile rapes, islamic female genital mutilation, islamic burqas, islamic polygamy, islamic “dishonor killings,” illegal islamic prayer gatherings in public streets and on our sidewalks blocking our transportation movement, your insufferable over-amplified islamic calls to prayer, your phallic islamic victory towers (minarets) polluting our skylines, your islamic mistreatment of your infidel neighbors driving them to move to a non-islamic infested neighborhood, often selling at a loss due to your presence which is driving down property values, and this is just a partial list! And you call this “islamophobia,” my God, you must be related to “Bagdad Bob!”

    Your “Highness,” let me clear up your confusion. Your so-called “religion” has created the revulsion that Western Civilization has toward islam. You may have noticed that I never capitalize the words “muslim,” or “islam” because they are not worthy of the respect that connotes. We deplore mass murderers and invaders who want to destroy our cultures and take us backward in time to the “dark ages of hell” where each of you reside, and have suffered your submission, since your death cult was created.

    I’ll waste no more time on the likes of you or your ilk. Keep up your disrespect of our way of life, keep threatening us, continue raping and grooming our little girls for your pedophiles to spill their sick lust upon, KEEP IT UP, because you’re awakening a SLEEPING GIANT!!!!!!!!!! And when the SLEEPING GIANT is fully aroused, you haven’t seen hell until you see us fighting mad! Keep it up, islam’s day of reckoning is drawing very near.

    • The problem with the ‘Sleeping Giant’ is it is fragmented and it doesn’t matter if the Giant awakes if it is in a thousand pieces. until there is unity and a sense of common purpose (I hate using that term for obvious reasons) amongst the Indigenous population, all is lost. So far TPTB have done a bloody good job of keeping us divided and unfortunately I fail to see what can be done about it.

  3. Warsi is officially the British Government’s representative to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

    But she doesn’t represent Britain to them. She represents the OIC to Britain.

    Very different.

  4. I cannot think of a single instance in History that bears resemblance to our current situation in the West. The Fall of Rome has some similarities, but not the whole correlation. We are being conquered and displaced not by force of arms, not by a superior culture, not by a more technologically advanced society; quite the opposite.
    All those who are charged with the defence and protection of our societies and the propagation and transmission of our culture are either AWOL or, more commonly, actively on the side of the barbarian usurpers and doing all they can to destroy the foundations of our civilization.
    Politicians (of all parties), the upper echelons of the military, police and security services are all actively on the wrong side, they are aiding and abetting the enemy and persecuting those who even try to raise questions, never mind actively resist the Islamisation of the West.
    The continual river of denial, misrepresentation and outright lies from the media and academia about the reality of Islam, along with the ridicule, venom and ostracism heaped upon those who bravely speak out can have only one guaranteed outcome. The explosion of restitution-mutated-to-revenge which is surely coming (since no legitimate avenue of effective action remains open) will be awful and uncontrollable.
    I wonder how long it will before the “Muslim Patrol” arrogantly accosts someone else on the streets of London, only to find they have friends close by who have been eagerly awaiting them? If not that, something is going to happen in the not too distant future.
    “For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.
    The standing grain has no heads; it shall yield no flour;
    if it were to yield, strangers would devour it. ” Hosea 8:7

  5. Quote:
    The instance of a Cabinet Minister using her public platform to try and shift the discourse away from the threat by comparing critics of Islam to perpetrators of mass genocide doesn’t augur well for what was once upon a time a free, liberal democracy.

    Otranto, 800 AD– We have not forgotten.
    Mozarab Martyrs, 800 AD– We have not forgotten.
    Near conquests all during the Early Modern Era– We have not forgotten.
    Christian Genocides by the Turk– We have not forgotten.

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  7. This woman is not a wolf in sheep’s clothing but a sheep in wolf’s clothing and that wolf is the Muslim Council of Britain. She is nothing more nor less than a perambulating taqqiya peddler who could not get elected to Parliament (stood in Dewsbury 2005 as the Tory candidate) and whom consequently was appointed directly to the Upper House by Cameron and his apparatchiks in 2007 in order to bring in the muslim vote.

    However, on a lighter note, if one asks why a muslim woman cannot get elected in the Dewsbury Caliphate it is interesting to recall that she was beaten by one Shahid Malik (note the now well recognised name, Shahid, and consider its meaning) who in turn was defeated in 2010 by one Simon Reevell who, quite by coincidence of course, also happens to be, cough, cough, a male. Move on now, nothing to see here.

    Serneca III

    • The “Muslim Council of Britain.”

      That has such an alien, completely foreign ring to it that it borders on blasphemy. The mind reels at the depth we have allowed these Islamians to entrench themselves into the West. They have always been alien to us in custom and creed.

      • It does, Alfred, it does, but this is something we (I do not include myself in the collective ‘we’ by the way) have brought upon ourselves out of some sense of suicidal righteousness.

        Furthermore the MCB is simply the renamed ‘The Muslim Parliament of Great Britain’** when it became obvious to even the ‘multiculti’, suicidal drones of the Liberal classes that this nomenclature was a bit too rich for the Sheeples blood – or, more likely, from their perspective, surfacing too soon in their scheme of things.


        Rgds, SIII.

  8. What Muslims will do to enemy women is well known. How should we treat female captives? Is Khaybar (qualitatively) worse than the Holocaust? In the Muslim value system it would be. After all, killing women is only murder/qatl, while having forbidden intercourse with them is blasphemy.

  9. My view of Islam used to be neutral. I knew something about Islamic conquests of the past, but pushed that to the back of my mind in the interest of eschewing religious prejudice. My opinion of Islam has grown steadily worse the more I learn about it, not just from “Islamophobes” but from the mouths and pens and actions of Muslims.

    I surmise it’s the same with just about everyone else who has an unfavorable view of Islam: far from being a result of prejudice, it’s a result of knowledge. Any informed person of good conscience and sound mind cannot fail to notice how Islam has been a hateful, violent, destructive and devastating force wherever it goes.

    The main advantage that Islam has carried through history is sheer brutality. This was essentially acknowledged by the Muslim authority who recently said that without the death penalty for apostasy, Islam would not exist today (and therefore that penalty is a good thing …).

    There’s no need for “Islamophobes” to make Islam look bad. Muslims do that quite handily by themselves.

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