Lied to, Deceived, Excluded and Jerked Around

JLH has translated an article about the recent elections in Lower Saxony and the possibility that they will prompt Chancellor Angela Merkel to make another shift towards the left. He has also translated a conservative op-ed about the lack of any true conservative choice for German voters.

The translator includes this note:

A couple years ago, Gates of Vienna was among the first to note Angela Merkel’s preparation for the CDU’s initial lurch to the left, taking up phrases and positions that had formerly been the sole property of the Left. Here we go again — and the article has an interesting speculation on the cause of CDU’s reduced appeal to the voters.

As I was translating this article, I chanced upon the home page of The Conservatives (consisting of the Conservative Party, the Gray Panthers — a seniors’ group — and the Alliance of the Middle). Judging by the editorial I picked from their site, they are standard conservatives, concerned with domestic politics, finances, immigration, etc. In the editorial are echoes of the discontent of the Tea Party with its own colleagues, the reasons for the rise of the UKIP in the face of the Tory regime, as well as the immigration debate in all three countries. Who knows which, if any, of these movements will bear fruit?

And does anyone besides us care?

The first piece was published on January 23rd at Bürger in Wut:

After Lower Saxony — Could There be Another Shift Left for the CDU?

Merkel wants to “broaden” the voter base

With a hair’s-breadth lead of a few thousand votes, SPD and the Greens [red-green] have won the photo finish election for the Lower Saxony legislature. Leftist commentators have a unanimous, simple explanation for the close defeat of the ruling black-yellow coalition. It was the FDP’s “tactical vote”[1] campaign which cost the CDU 6.5% and cost Minister President McCallister his position.[2] But this theory is not conclusive, because — without the CDU’s electoral help — the Liberals would not have cleared the 5% hurdle to be seated in the legislature. And then the votes of the FDP would have been lost for that camp and for chief executive McAllister

The CDU tactical vote campaign, which had the goal of lifting its coalition partner over the 5% hurdle, was therefore correct. The political Left and its support media know that too. The reason for selling the tactical vote campaign to the public as a mistake is the parliamentary election in September. Here too, things could be close for the FDP. Polls place the Liberals at a steady 4%, which would not be enough to re-enter the Bundestag. The departure of the Free Democrats would not only be the end of the black-yellow coalition, but in all likelihood would give Germany a red-green majority. The change of regime would be perfect. That is exactly what the left-leaning German press is working toward. And why they are agitating against a possible support of the FDP by the [Christian Democratic] Union at a federal level.

The first reactions of the CDU leadership indicate the strategy. “Every man for himself.” as Angela Merkel said in a press conference on Monday. Observers evaluate that as a rejection by the Chancellor and CDU leadership of a Lower Saxony-type of strategic vote campaign for the Bundestag. At the same time, Merkel was arguing for a “broadening of the base,” for which reason it was important not to take votes away from each other among the common, middle-class voters. And this suggests a new slide to the left by the Union. This would give the Liberals a chance at contrastive profiling vis-à-vis the CDU and CSU, which would ultimately be an electoral advantage for the FDP. If the Free Democrats nonetheless failed to enter the Bundestag, a programmatic shift to the left would recommend the CDU as a coalition partner for the SPD or the Greens — with a Chancellor Merkel at the helm.

So the “social democratizing” of Germany goes on, no matter how the parliamentary election in the fall goes. Angela Merkel’s strategy can only succeed, by the way, because there is no serious democratic opposition that would be able to mobilize conservative non-voters. They are trapped in non-voting frustration, because their votes do not affect the outcome and therefore have no influence on the division of seats in parliament. It was no different in the Lower Saxony election of last weekend. That, at any rate, is indicated by the sparse voter participation — with just 59.4%, a historic low. The absence of many conservative, habitual voters — and not the strategic voting — could be the reason for CDU’s narrow defeat in Lower Saxony.

Such an explanation does not fit into most journalists’ calculations, so it is left out of election analyses.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

* Voting for your second choice in order to strengthen the partner in the coalition.

And from the website of The Conservatives:

Pay Attention! 2013 is an Election Year

January 31, 2013

by Dieter Danielzick

Something to reflect upon is a statement by Carlo, Count Sforza, an Italian politician (1872-1952):

Voters lack the consciousness of responsibility. Ultimately, they are the ones who have put an incompetent regime in office.

This year, especially, it is very important that the voters be aware of their responsibility and consider carefully for whom they are voting.

This year before the election, the presently established parties will be deciding on a change in the election law.

Reiner Holznagel, the President of the Union of Taxpayers, has this to say about it:

‘The inability of the politically responsible to agree within four years on an election law that conforms to the Constitution is now reaching its apex in a compromise proposal. Our parliament will be inflated at taxpayer expense.”

In plain German, that means that the self-service store called the Federal Republic will get several more representatives who will be able to eat in the company kitchen.

Every population gets the government it deserves!

And we Germans apparently do not deserve a better one — otherwise we would elect it.

Here is just a small selection of the inconsistency of CDU and SPD:

Helmut Kohl 1983: The number of foreigners in Germany must be cut in half.

Jürgen Rüttgers in 2000: More education instead of more immigration.

Günther Beckstein, 2002: Please, practice your religion in your own Muslim country and I will be willing to help you out a little.

Angela Merkel, 2004: The multicultural society has had a grandiose collapse.

2010: Resolution of the CDU convention — German interests instead of multiculti.

Horst Seehofer: We of the CDU stand for the German mainstream culture and against multiculti. Multiculti is dead.

And Serap Güler, member of the CDU leadership in 2012: In recent years, the CDU has revealed a very good immigration policy.

So what is the citizen to believe?

We are lied to, deceived, excluded and jerked around by the people we elected as our representatives. It is high time get ourselves some politicians who have an opinion of their own and will follow though on it all the way.

Our form of government is called democracy, but it is far from it today. The people are being paraded around mercilessly and have to swallow whatever the powers-that-be produce. Strictly speaking, most of it is to the people’s detriment and, to put it gently, “crap.”

All I can do is issue a warning, so consider carefully where you put the check on your ballot. We the people are paying the bill that is being presented by incompetent and treacherous politicians. Just think about whether we still even have enough Germans in the Bundestag to govern us — where it is already crawling with Islamic proxies up to the highest levels, who are focused solely on the well-being “of the German populace” as they come from their countries of origin.

This is a sign that we Germans have already “done away with ourselves” and it won’t be long before we have a Mehmet as chancellor.

Germany is not just doing away with itself, it is giving up, and if there are still people in this country who want to prevent that, they should declare themselves. There are already enough cities in this state where a German is barely tolerated and the immigrants have the upper hand. Look at Bad Godesberg, where the police have finally begun to intervene, and busted a gang of immigrants who have terrorized citizens for years and tried to rule Bad Godesberg.

This country belongs to the Germans and we want it to belong to them a hundred years from now. Unfortunately there are too many indifferent people in this country who do not see what is going on. Those are the same ones who whimper when it hurts their pocketbook. They just haven’t noticed that they can stop that. It is so simple for people who are aware of their political responsibility — put your check mark in the right place on the ballot and things will be looking up again for Germany.

The French, the English, the Belgians and the Dutch, to name a few, have a certain national pride. They stand up for their interests nationally and in the EU.

And what about the German?

National pride? That is interpreted as rightist, so it cannot be admitted.

National consciousness? Worse yet! Best to be European — it’s restful.

Dear compatriots, there is unfortunately only a small minority who are still proud to be German and still represent old German values without immediately slipping to the right. Let us commit ourselves to Germany and to Europe, for Germany is the heart of Europe, and we should be proud of that.

4 thoughts on “Lied to, Deceived, Excluded and Jerked Around

  1. Well written!.. let’s hope something will change soon. I wish people of Germany (and other Europeans) wake up before it’s too late.. there is no time to waste anymore.
    No surrender!

  2. “In the editorial are echoes of the discontent of the Tea Party with its own colleagues, the reasons for the rise of the UKIP in the face of the Tory regime, as well as the immigration debate in all three countries. Who knows which, if any, of these movements will bear fruit?

    And does anyone besides us care?”

    Not as many of us care as I would like, but our number is growing. But the problem is always seen by just a few at first – we are the precursors. Someone has to pave the way, and wasn’t Copernicus a lone voice* at first?

    *Or maybe one of a few voices.

  3. I’d like to see a fusion between DIE FREIHEIT and Partei der Vernunft. The former understands the problems of Islam and immigration, the latter of Big Government and fiat money.

  4. Have Germans ever considered studying the history of the Ottoman Empire in the Early Modern Era?
    Do they really think such study won’t be forbidden if the Turk gains power over Germans?
    In Germany, Austria or Turkey, the Turk remains terrible.
    In Britain or Pakistan, the Pakistani remains anti- British.

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