Rough Justice in the Forest

The following article was published by the Conservative Fighters website. The post contained no source links, so I was unable to authenticate it with original Swedish texts. However, Gary Fouse did some digging, and found the original at Fria Tider.

Sweden: 14-Year-Old Girl Hanged Her Rapist in the Forest

A 26-year-old taxi driver from the Middle East was reported for raping a 14-year-old girl in Sweden – then he was found hanged in a nature reserve. Now the girl, her boyfriend and three of his brothers are suspected of the very painful murder, which according to the prosecutor had the character of “an execution,” Fria tider reported.

The events began in February this year when the then 15-year-old girl reported that the taxi driver had raped her when she was 14.

On March 26, a taxi was found abandoned, covered in snow and with the taximeter running in a parking lot at the Hjälstaviken nature reserve in Enköping municipality north of Stockholm.

On April 1, the taxi driver was found – hanging from a tree 500 meters from the car.

The police quickly turned their attention to the now accused young people. All the young people deny the crime except for the girl, who admits that she lured the man to the place – but only so that he would be beaten.

According to the indictment, the girl lured the taxi driver to the scene of the murder on March 24 and kept him there until the four boys arrived.

The boys had previously bought rope, masking and clothes that were used as aids in the murder, which took place by strangulation and hanging.

According to the indictment, the approach involved a painful death for the taxi driver and the murder had, according to the prosecutor, “the character of an execution”.

The day before the murder, the police have found plans to take revenge on the taxi driver in a chat where the girl mentioned that the boyfriend’s brothers would meet the rapist.

“They are going to meet my rapist. THIHIHI”, the girl writes, among other things, in internal messages.

The night before the murder, the girl sent a message to the taxi driver asking him to get vodka and arranged to meet him at the desolate place.

According to the indictment, he was hanged the same day in the solitary nature reserve by the five young people.

After the murder, the girl took a picture of her boyfriend while he was celebrating with a flatbread roll. Later, she sent a message to an acquaintance that her rapist was dead.

All the defendants deny wrongdoing, but the evidence includes cell phone cell phone lines and DNA traces.

DNA from both the taxi driver and one of the brothers was found on a jacket.

The girl is now 16 years old, as is her boyfriend. Two of his brothers are 17 years old and one is 18 years old.

Hat tip: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

29 thoughts on “Rough Justice in the Forest

  1. The young generations righting wrongs older generations created, and doing what their elders haven’t the stomach for.

    Let’s hope this is only the beginning of the Reconquista.

    • I am seeing this youngest generation getting more militant of the right wing sort by the day, they are told everyday in schools, government and other entities that they are the cause for the minorities and women’s troubles, we now see that they will be. They are becoming more vocal about it as things are beginning to boil.

  2. In my opinion because the girl (victim) took part in the punishment handed out on her attacker would for her be therapy being able to appease her anger and the violation that she must have suffered through her ordeal and knowing that justice was served.
    I really hope she is able to move on with her life now and the courts are lenient with her.
    If this were my child I would kill him myself slowly

  3. A classic case of how not to commit a crime.
    – Planning it using digital medium
    – Failing to clean up afterward.
    – Bragging about it to friends.
    – Admitting to half the crime to the police (you may as well admit to all of it).
    The only thing left is to put a video of it on social media.

    • Yes, OPSEC is not their strong suit.

      But they did something.

      Wasnt it 1850 or 1852 when the law failed in San Francisco that the same happened?
      After some examples the law was kicked where it hurt and got their act together, e.g. getting back at protecting the innocent and punishing the criminals.

    • Know your Law..
      She is 14..Law for Adults can’t be apply to her in Sweden :-))
      Friends are also underage..
      Smart young people live in Sweden !

    • Granted, if their goal was to get away with murder then they did a poor of it.

      This wasn’t murder though; it was vigilante justice, and perhaps if there was an error made by the girl and her fellow vigilantes it was that they didn’t openly proclaim what they had done and why.

      If the hanging had been live-streamed along with an explanation of why it was being done they would find a huge amount of sympathy and support, and likely would inspire similar actions from others wronged by the legal justice system.

      The police thugs would of course arrest them and likely the legal system would throw the book at them. But they would be rock stars and an inspiration, and their persecution would be of far more value politically. Perhaps they would get off lightly on appeal, or the judges and prosecutors would be forced to go lightly or release them on technicalities for fear of also being subject to vigilante justice.

  4. I’m surprised this isn’t happening more often.
    Or is it but it’s not being reported?
    If they are found guilty I hope they are kept separate from the muslim prisoners.

    • It does happen, mostly in smaller towns and villages and covered up by authorities because they fear publicity will encourage more vigilante justice and they just can’t have that, since the state thinks they are the final voice on violence.

    • the whole story is so absurd, lot of details missing from the press. the killers could have simply invented and made it all up just to justify their murder (such many cases), also teenagers have usually lesser penalties in case of murder, so they coupd even just cover some adults.

  5. To be expected when the system does nothing and all blame should go to the elites. Unfortunately, it is like opening Pandora’s box. Barbarism is our new future and only the rich elites will be immune living in their bunkers and compounds.

    • Bunkers and compounds are easily compromised, the parasite class are not as safe as they think they are, in fact they are far more vulnerable than can be imagined.

  6. And how they made fun of Trump in 2017 when Trump noted how bad things have gotten in Sweden. Can’t fix stupid……..especially in Sweden.

  7. It’s a thorny question… what to do when there’s no justice whatsoever left in the court/judicial system, and in fact when rape and murder are exactly what the luciferian traitors and criminal class running the world want for us. What to do…

    • It is not a thorny question at all, ask yourself, what would you do if that was your daughter/wife/sister if the system fails you on purpose? I know for a fact of what I would do, get downright medieval so it would be profound and absolute, but then again, I am used to doing very violent things to bad people.

  8. Can you lure that Swede b…ch , Ylva Johansson , EU Commissioner for Migration to the forest and apply sweet justice for her crimes against Humanity ?
    After all she is directly responsible for that rape..
    She brought to Sweden a rapist..

    • Thats easy.

      Just tell her you have a few virile young bucks from the Congo who would love to show her a good time. It would save her the trouble of trying to hide her travel to Africa for sex tourism.

      Perhaps the part about virile young bucks wouldn’t be a ruse except that instead of a couple you have a couple dozen. Afterwards she could still be hung for her crimes or just handed over to the africans to eat.

  9. Millions and millions of innocent mens lives have been ruined by fake rape claims.

    Reading the comments here baron, shows whilst everybody has heard of Misogyny, very free have heard, nor care, about Misandry….

    What if that man was innocent?
    And was just murdered because a 14 year old promiscuous drunk, decided to have a laugh at his expense?

    He was afforded no trial…
    No defence.
    Not even a VOICE!

    And yet like blood thirsty lepers, watch as every one here celebrates the killing like it was ordained from up high.

    What a sick society.

    When a 14 year old, becomes the judge, jury and execution, and what should have been his peers, celebrate like vultures upon a fresh carcass, at his untimely passing.

    I hope she suffers for what she has done.
    And all those that aided her too.

    What evil creatures “white” women have become.

    God save us

    • There are two sides of this which are not good. Justice is letting down both genuine rape victims as well as victims of false accusations. In the former, sentences are handed down which offer no protection against repetition and are now openly biased against natives. In the latter, the most fundamental principles of justice, like guilt has to be proven, not innocence, are upended. Both lead to consequences such as the above.

    • Sweden is now the rape Capitol of Europe. This is as a result of their government. When the government ignores the written law the law of the jungle takes hold and civilization dies. In colonial America, there were no prisons only jails. If someone was arrested for anything, they were held until a judge arrived to try the case. There were only two verdicts – guilty punishable by hanging or not guilty by mercy where an “m” was branded on the right hand. If a second offense occurred, and mercy had previously been given, then the verdict was guilty followed by hanging.

      Crime destroys the productivity of a nation. Punishment is some restoration of the damage done.

  10. “Stripped and forced to bark”: in the Urals, teenagers took a migrant into the forest and severely beat him

    In the Chelyabinsk region, young people mocked a visitor. They took the native of Tajikistan into the forest and severely beat him. The execution was filmed on a phone camera. On social networks, footage of the abuse was accompanied by a post that he allegedly kidnapped two 15-year-old girls, one of whom he raped. However, information about the kidnapping and abuse of the girl has not yet been confirmed. As 74ru writes, four guys wrote to the Asian man from a fake account on social networks on behalf of the girl. The hormones did their job, the man went on a date. However, instead of the lady, strong guys came to the meeting. They pushed the poor fellow into a car and took him to the forest near Kopeisk.

  11. They may have been inspired by a pretty gory rape revenge movie titled “I spit on your grave”. I don’t remember where I picked that one up some years ago but it did gain some attraction, not good reviews (obviously nobody wants to expose themselves and rather virtue signal instead) but interesting remarks about serving two different crowds, both those who delect in the rape scenes and in the ensuing violence against the perpetrators.

    If governments keep letting their own people down like that, even deliberately flooding them with predators and suppressing any protest against it, then this will become more popular. In Sweden, out of all — I said already a while ago in defence of my choice to move there, that since they are the furthest down the road of this madness, they have a chance of coming out of it first.

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