Paying for the Invasion

It’s well-known that the German government provides funding for “anti-fascist” groups. Now we learn that the migrant-ferry NGOs in the Mediterranean also receive funding from the Bundesregierung. To add insult to injury, Germany is refusing to receive any of the immigrants that arrive in Italy. In other words, it funds the invasion, and then declines to help the Italians deal with it.

The video below is an Italian report on the German government’s actions. Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The tension on the immigration front between the Italian and the German governments is increasing,
00:09   after Germany declared not only that they will not welcome any immigrant who landed in Italy,
00:15   but also that they financed, with 790,000 euros, an NGO, a non-governmental German
00:20   organization, the SOS Humanity.
00:25   But the SOS Humanity is not the only case here in Germany. Thanks to this document,
00:30   we have discovered that in the next four years the German government will finance, with €8 million,
00:36   two more NGOs, the Sea Eye and the Sea Watch.
00:39   It deals with a document from the German parliament in which the opposition party AfD
00:46   denounces the allocation of public funds in favor of NGOs, with these words.
00:51   The Association “United for Rescue” will obtain, as of 2026, over 8 €million of taxpayers’ money
00:58   to smuggle asylum seekers on the European coasts.
01:02   We are on Graefestraße, a central area of Berlin, and here is the headquarters of SOS Humanity.
01:10   Here it is. We wrote to you but you did not answer these questions.
01:15   Why do you keep rescuing immigrants by taking them to Italy but actually leaving Italy alone?
01:20   I’m sorry, I can’t answer, we have already sent you a statement.
01:24   Another NGO that takes immigrants from the Mediterranean and leaves them on the
01:31   Italian coasts without welcoming them here in Germany, is Sea Watch. We are going there.
01:36   How much money will you get from the German government, exactly?
01:41   I’m sorry, for this kind of questions you need to send an email.
01:44   But we have sent it to you, already.
01:47   In short, the German NGOs will not answer. So let’s try to contact an Italian one.
01:52   I find it normal that Germany finances NGOs, but Italy should also finance NGOs.
01:59   I repeat, it is a government that considers itself Catholic, Christian,
02:02   so I don’t see what’s wrong with financing these NGOs that save lives.
02:06   Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni wrote a letter to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, this one,
02:14   in which she asks him for the reasons for this choice, which risks increasing the landings,
02:19   the departures of smugglers, with consequent tragedies at sea.
02:22   But why does Germany seem to want to leave Italy alone in this moment of emergency?
02:27   How did it come to be that you give money to NGOs that bring immigrants only to Italy?
02:36   Because, among other things, the German government does not accept immigrants from Italy.
02:42   We temporarily stopped welcoming them, because it is time for Italy to do its part.
02:47   But Italy is doing its part on its own, if you’ll allow me.
02:51   Did you read the letter from Giorgia Meloni to Scholz?
02:54   Yes, I read it. We Germans spend billions on migrants.
02:59   Frankly, we expected a thank-you for our cooperation, from Mrs. Meloni, in that letter.
03:04   The Italian government should thank you for what?
03:08   For not taking them in and for financing the NGOs that bring them to us?
03:12   Because we, as allies in Europe, with this money to the NGOs, we have decided
03:16   to help Italy in not letting them die.
03:19   Today, Minister Tajani has met the German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Annalena Baerbock.
03:25   The goal is to understand why the German government rejects immigrants and finances NGOs.
03:30   Mr. Minister, could you tell us how Baerbock responded to your…?
03:35   I am the one who posed the problem to her. I told her that we will hold onto our position.
03:39   We do not agree and we were surprised by the German position.
03:45   Because at this time, we considered it inopportune.
03:49   There was a letter from the Prime Minister, they have taken a decision.
03:52   The funding was given to them, anyway.

3 thoughts on “Paying for the Invasion

  1. Trying to force the Fourth Reich to take in its orcs is the wrong way to approach the problem.

    Making your neighbor who leaves out garbage to attract rats take the rats that wind up in your apartment ends with everyone’s apartments being full of rats.

    If the Italian government was serious about solving this, and from the looks of it they aren’t, they would impound the ships and any subsequent ones the Fourth Reich finances that arrive at Italian ports.

    As for the orcs, ordering the governments of the countries from which they originated to take them back immediately or see them tossed back into the Mediterranean to swim home would be the the ultimate solution to them trying to reach Europe in the first place.

  2. I call Germany, Pedomany…

    They always revert to being such.
    It would be nice to say that I am kidding.
    But alas, since they converted their country into a brothel, that is what they have become…..

    The country of Pedomany

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