What Would Happen If Stupidity Prevails in the West?

In the following video discussion, Judge Napolitano and Col. Douglas Macgregor talk about the situation in Eastern Europe, which is extremely volatile due to Russia’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine. Ukraine is basically on life support now, yet the general perception in the West is that Russia is weak, and in the process of losing the war. Polish troops have reportedly been stationed near the border with Belarus, and the possibility of a direct conflict between Russia and NATO (and therefore the United States) has never seemed closer.

Judge Napolitano asks Col. Macgregor an important question: “What would happen if stupidity prevails in the West?” Col. Macgregor’s extended answer is worth listening to:

Hat tip: WRSA.

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      • Knowledge of the author’s scientific background should be

        quite sufficient even for a sole Baron up there in the woods.

        • There are multiple search results for the professor’s name, but only references to the same video when searching with the “nordstream” qualifier. It is not clear who this person is and where his credentials come from.

          There were several reports suggesting that the amount of explosives must have been quite large to produce the damage seen on photos, but they were also contradicted by others saying it needs a smaller load when placed at the seams.

          Of course, search results can and probably do get manipulated since the whole story is one of the most heavily censored one in recent times. It is hard to come by anything trustworthy, and this cuts both ways. However, with a nuke theory I would submit that the radiation fallout and other traces might be next to impossible to prevent from getting noticed by the public.

          • A nuclear explosion creates a telltale seismic signature which is unmistakable for anything else. The Americans and undoubtedly the Russians have the capability to detect nuclear tests or explosions and it would have been far too obvious to make sense to destroy a target that could easily be destroyed by more conventional methods.

        • .

          The nuclear war has already started.
          Thank you President Biden.

          So what we are in now is a situation where there is evidence that is so unambiguous and crystal clear that it should hold up in court. But which court will try them? An act of war has been committed against several countries.

          Against Russia and its export of gas. Towards Germany and its interest in cheap energy. Towards all countries with coasts towards the Baltic Sea, where an environmental disaster of enormous proportions is waiting to be discovered.

          But we already knew all that, everyone who absorbed credible and well-substantiated information, not least from Semour Hirsh. What we didn’t know was the scale of this crime. A dimension that now makes it clear that the criminal clan that has taken over leadership in the United States does not shy away from anything.

          Not even a nuclear attack on allies in Europe. That this was hushed up was, of course, expected in every way, but that it would be possible to keep the truth away forever, surely even the most degenerate idiots that we somewhat pointlessly call neocons should not have expected.


      • Baron, I agree. We’ve just had three years of being told to defer to authority and to trust the science; Dr Faustus and many others involved in the injectables scandal have qualifications. The same with the climate scam. I wouldn’t trust any of them as far as I can spit.
        Corroboration from several credible sources is essential these days.

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      Hans-Benjamin Braun

      University College Dublin

      IEEE Region
      Region 08 (Africa, Europe, Middle East)


      Hans-Benjamin Braun is currently Associate Professor for Theoretical Physics at University College Dublin (Ireland). After studies in Physics and Mathematics he received his diploma degree from the Unversity of Basel (Switzerland) and in 1991 he earned his PhD in Theoretical Physics at ETH in Zurich. After postdoctoral research at the Physics Department and the Center for Magnetic Recording Research at the University of California at San Diego he was awarded a NSERC International Fellowship to work at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver (Canada). Subsequently he returned to Switzerland to take up a position as Senior Scientist at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI). He joined the Faculty of the School of Physics at University College Dublin (UCD) in 2004, where he founded and leads the group in Condensed Matter Theory supported by the Science Foundation of Ireland. Prof. Braun developed the theory for nonuniform thermally activated magnetization reversal in nanowires which now forms the basis for the design of perpendicular magnetic recording media. Well before it was recognized experimentally, he theoretically predicted quasi one-dimensional behavior in magnetic nanowires and he introduced the now widely used notion of domain wall chirality. His work led to the prediction of the spontaneous emergence of spin currents in quantum spin chains, an effect that he and his collaborators subsequently observed via spin polarized neutron scattering. Furthermore he proposed and interpreted a series of experiments on nanolithographic arrays that led to the discovery of emergent monopoles in artificial spin ice together with colleagues from PSI and UCD. In addition to numerous publications in top research journals he also authored popular articles for the French and German versions of Scientific American and he holds two patents.


  1. been there last 3 years..
    2-ce time wounded..
    There will be NOT Russia-Nato war..
    Russia state is cold and dead like cucumber in my salad..
    No money , no juce , no future..
    Don’t listen to this fear mongering ” experts “..
    ” war ” in Ukraine is run by CIA ( Deep State )..
    Pentagon has nothing to do inside Ukraine and with this war…
    NATO East flank borders is as far as will go..
    We in Poland are ready to employ historical Justice to this m.f..

    • “We in Poland are ready to employ historical Justice to this m.f..”

      And I reckon you can make a good case for it, too.

      However, I think you’re proving the point (that we’re just one Franz Ferdinand-style shot away from mayhem). Just sayin’..

      • There is no other solution to solve this s…t , created in Yalta , Potsdam..
        Will Not be a better historical opportunity to finish Empire of Evil once for all..
        Has to be done !
        Other ways we will be repeating cycles of wars again and again ..
        Islam and China will wait until we weaken and will lost our bearings based on Christianity ..than will attack..until we sees to exist as a White Race..

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