Let Them Take the Bus!

One of the favorite tactics adopted by climate protesters in the last few years has been to block busy traffic arteries during rush hour, thereby angering commuters and causing gridlock in major cities. The UK has been the most notable location for such antics, but they have also occurred in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, the USA, and other Western countries.

The following report from Germany discusses the acquittal of a radical climate protester for blockading a road. The judges in the case were of the opinion that the blocked motorists could have used other modes of transportation, and were therefore not inconvenienced all that much.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Freedom of assembly more important [if the ideology is narrative-correct]

Berlin court: Blocked drivers should take the bus and train

The Berlin district court has acquitted a radical climate ideologist of the charge of coercion. According to the court, drivers stuck in traffic could have switched to buses and trains instead.


The Berlin district court has acquitted a member of the radical climate group “Last Generation” of the charge of coercion. The blocked car drivers could have switched to bus and train at the end of June 2022, the court argued in an individual decision on May 31, which has been made available to Junge Freiheit. The “Last Generation” had not previously made specific locations for the blockades public. But “a switch to local public transport or planning more time would have been generally possible for the road users concerned,” the judges noted. [Does that mean that someone has to schedule his or her health emergency and ensuing transport by ambulance with these climate freaks from now on, or should one move closer to a hospital — i.e. walking distance?]

The court heard the allegation of coercion and resistance against law enforcement officials and overturned the previous order of the Tiergarten district court in October 2022. Back in October of 2022 the subordinate district court had refused to issue a penalty order against the climate radicals.

The higher-level regional court followed the arguments of the district court and acquitted the accused of the charge of joint coercion. However, there is sufficient suspicion of resistance against law enforcement officials, for which a main hearing should be scheduled. For this it is not the “gluing themselves to the road” that is decisive, which according to the court is “no violence”, but the defendant’s attempt to actively sit down on the road again and again despite the police breaking up the gathering.

35-minute traffic jam due to road blockades

In this specific case, a member of the “Last Generation” and other comrades-in-arms glued themselves to the road on July 30, 2022 during morning rush hour traffic at the A100 motorway exit on Tempelhofer Damm in Berlin. The regional court argued that the road blockade, which lasted around 35 minutes, “only affected the freedom of movement to a manageable extent”, which was “moderate” because of the usual traffic jams in the capital.

The restricted freedom of movement of road users as a result of the road blockade is “to be accepted as a socially adequate (side) consequence of the lawfully-conducted assembly.” In this individual situation, the right to freedom of assembly prevailed.

Afterword from the translator:

I guess from now on people will probably have to leave their car there on the road and step onto the next bus. So simple, isn’t it? Oops, and what “medium” does the bus use to go from A to B, please? Or do these useless ideological retards just let the bus, which might be 100 cars away since there’s no designated Bus-lane, simply pass? Who knows? Maybe the buses in Berlin can levitate over each and every obstacle…?

Apparently a court is independent and the judges are bound only by their conscience, as are our ministers (who take their oath for the good of the people). Well, aren’t we seeing the “positive” results of these “oaths” every day, all over the world?

15 thoughts on “Let Them Take the Bus!

  1. I am curious if those Epsilon-minus semi-morons glued or otherwise secured themselves to the roadway?

    If they were that foolish then perhaps a drone could be used to deliver a hornets nest into their midst. Of course it would require a supply of such nests conveniently ready to go within drone range of the areas these fools target. A drone that could deploy such a payload could also be modified to deliver mace or something stronger, but the amusement value of a swarm of hornets released amongst these fools would priceless.

    • I can give you one hornet’s nest, if you can attach it to a drone, I would gladly fly it over 🙂

    • Just imagine someone would drop a couple of muslims on top of them.
      Muslims who want to have their 72 virgins without dying…

      On the other hand:
      Sooner or later someone will no longer be able to control himself / loose control and go medievil on those idiots.

    • Why go through all the trouble? All it will take is someone to walk up to them with a Glock and put an end to this nonsense.

  2. Compare how politely the climate terrorists are treated to the behaviour the critics of covid measures had to sufffer by German police. Says it all, actually.

    • Climate Agenda is the official agenda of the party!

      The Covid Measures are the official agenda of the party!

      How dare you oppose the one true word of the party?

  3. Eco-nuts _Blockading_ traffic in England, delaying commuters?

    Give ’em the Trudeau Treatment : Freeze their bank accounts, cancel their insurance, charge them with ‘mischief’ and jail them for 49 days before granting bail.

    If that’s good enough for Canadian truckers, it should serve these limey tree-hugging wankers just as well !

  4. Put them in orange jump suits and have them in a chain gang cleaning the sides on highways of trash for a year every day . A win win they could help the environment ,service the community they claim they love , and get some much needed exercise. People who have too much time on their hands keeping people who have to work for a living getting to work.

    • You are too nice.

      Turn them into traffic wardens and let them ticket cars in certain parts of the city.
      Muslim parts of the city.
      You know Berlin-Kreuzberg, Duisburg-Marxloh, Frankfurt main trainstation area.

      I give them less then 5 minutes after they have ticketed the first car.

      • They would not issue any tickets to Moslem or “Refugees” if they were given a quota something every traffic “agent” “warden” has from NYC, London ,Parts of China , to tim-buck too even if they the people running those agencies deny they have one. They would stick to ticketing only native white middle age German natives to meet the quota . I rather have them under direct guarded correction officers picking up used condoms, candy wrappers, car parts ,and other fun things from the highways they block.

        • The problem is that ALL cars in these areas belong to muslims.
          Cars of Germans are stolen unless they are “protected” by guards or you pay some money to the muslims.

          • I prefer to put the fear of me and mine into them, steal my stuff, we find you and do some very unspeakable things.

  5. I read some years ago, that car ownership per capita was higher in Germany than the UK, but fewer Germans commute by car.

    Maybe it depends on the provision, and cost, of public transport, but that’s another can of worms!

  6. Put them on a plane, fly them to the middle of the Amazon rainforest, then strip them down to their birthday suits and let them be one with nature. Leave them with no modern implements, no modern convenience etc. If they then somehow manage to make it back to civilisation, I think their tunes will change and they will finally realise that nature doesn’t care about them, and that civilisation is a good thing. The same civilisation that they are currently trying to destroy.

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