Is April Fools’ Day White Supremacism?

Race hustlers have denounced a newly identified form of white supremacism. Here’s the story from Reuters:

New York, New York (April 1) — A racial justice advocacy group has denounced April Fools’ Day as a tool of white supremacy.

The Eastern League for Overturning Injustice, based in New York City, issued a press release today demanding that all observance of April Fools’ Day be cancelled by federal, state, and local government agencies, the mainstream media, and social media. It also asked ordinary Americans to use all lawful means at their disposal to put a stop to any pranks initiated by their family, friends, and acquaintances.

Mandy X. Antanaclasis (they/them), a spokesperson for the Eastern League for Overturning Injustice, said that April Fools’ Day has historically been used by the cis-male white patriarchy as a vehicle for the denigration and humiliation of women, the disabled, animals, people of color, and members of the LGBTQI+ community.

“The butt of the jokes and pranks on April 1 is typically a member of a despised minority,” they said. “People outside of the cis-male white ruling class are depicted as stupid, gullible, without a sense of humor, thin-skinned, and prone to react with exaggerated anger at perceived slights. Such stereotyping is a form of genocide, and we must use any and all means to put a stop to it.”

Citizen Antanaclasis added that the destructive effects of April Fools’ Day are so devastating that immediate forceful action by the federal government is required. “The forcible suppression of pranksters is a must, to the extent that such action doesn’t violate the First Amendment. However, to be blunt about it, so-called ‘civil liberties’ should take a back seat to the implementation of true social justice. If that requires a Constitutional amendment, then so be it! I expect Congress to get on the stick.

“Otherwise, those creatures who have historically been marginalized may have to take to the streets and implement true justice, by whatever means necessary. I leave the rest to your imagination.”

12 thoughts on “Is April Fools’ Day White Supremacism?

  1. In what way has April Fool’s Day caused the denigration and humiliation of animals? Cite about five examples, please. (Can animals experience humiliation?)

  2. True Justice.

    That will be different than what the racists in the ‘Woke” movement really want. They are modern day slavers. To them Justice is 100% of power over others. Especially the power of life or death.

    Pol Pot, Red Guards, NKVD, please use the white courtesy phone.

  3. I understand from my contacts (ex members of Hawke Division at BRNC Dartmouth) that the Sussexes have offered to become the ‘royal’ patrons of the Eastern League at a yearly salary yet to be agreed; the Duchess herself having been at the butt end of many of these foolish frolics and follies feels that the role would suit her and her consort.

  4. Hmm, maybe this whole thing is an April Fool’s Day prank. What would be the acronym derived from the name of the cited group? ELOI…

    • Yes, but there will always be some SOB who will read it, say “what a great idea!” and spread the word.
      There is nothing too stupid for the insane to embrace.

  5. Having peered into the lunacy of leftwingers, I say:

    Give them 5 seconds and they will find a “reason” that everything is literally white supremacism.

    • And just like the little boy who cried wolf, whala! The whites came out of the woodwork and Purged all that vexed him, thus no more SJW who cried social justice. Good riddance, let the Great Purge commence.

  6. A sexual degenerate MURDERED three children and three adults at my previous church, Covenant Presbyterian Church PCA in Nashville, Tennessee last Monday.
    These perverts should be destroyed.

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