Don’t Bug Me

Rob Roos is a Dutch politician who represents the party JA21 (Right Answer 21) in the EU Parliament. In the following video Mr. Roos speaks out against the stealth introduction of insects into European foods. He demands that food products derived from bugs be clearly marked and have the insect-based ingredients listed in plain language.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Eat insects? I’ll pass.
00:03   Naturally, everyone has to know himself what he wants to eat.
00:08   But it must be clear what is in your food!
00:12   In the European Union since 2020, there are four different
00:16   types of insects allowed as ingredients in food.
00:21   But if you see it on a package,
00:25   that it contains “tene-brio-molitor”,
00:28   then you probably don’t know that it is a yellow mealworm.
00:32   If you see “locusta migratoria” on it,
00:35   I don’t think you’ll know that it means
00:38   the so-called European migratory locusts.
00:41   And with “acheta domesticus”, It doesn’t immediately dawn on you that is a house cricket.
00:47   That has to change. I am definitely not a proponent
00:50   of eating insects. There are enough other sources of protein
00:54   that we have consumed for centuries. It is nowhere near necessary.
00:58   Moreover, there are some people who are perhaps allergic to insects
01:02   or cannot eat insects due to their beliefs.
01:06   I thought it was good when these products were not allowed on the market.
01:10   But now that it has happened anyway,
01:13   it must be clear for everyone
01:16   where insects are among the ingredients.
01:19   Therefore, I want that the packages of insect food henceforth, contain the normal term
01:24   in place of the Latin names,
01:27   because nobody knows those. And to make it even clearer that there are insects,
01:31   in addition, I want there to be an icon on the package with a visible insect.
01:37   So people will be warned, and nobody, against their will,
01:41   will need to eat insects by accident.
01:44   I asked the European Commission about that.
01:47   What do you think about my proposal? Let me know in the comments and share this video!

6 thoughts on “Don’t Bug Me

  1. The only real cure for this is to give the illegitimates behind these plans to force us to eat bugs a taste of their own medicine.

    Perhaps some of these politicians and the elites pulling their strings could be accosted, a feeding tube shoved down their gullets like a foie-gras goose and forcibly fed several kilos of crickets, cockroaches, meal worms, and maggots before being turned loose.

    I can see their plans changing after several of their number suffer this treatment. Even if it didn’t modify their plans it would still be hilarious. Klaus Schwab could probably be forcibly fed about five kilos of insects without any discernable effect!

    • Perhaps the food chain should be reversed in their case. Maybe just a bot fly or guinea worm infection. We don’t need to go to extremes. I think there is some DEI in my proposal if you want to see it.

      • That is the problem right there, you won’t go to extremes but they will and you in good faith will claim some sort of high moral ground, history is rife with your kind, they are called mass graves.

    • Perhaps to humiliate us? These people are sadistic psychopats, so they like us to suffer, and to show their power and domination over us.

  2. For an insight into our current dystopia, including eating of insects, watch the movie Snowpiercer. I have an allergy to crustaceans, but the WEF would be happy if it were lethal for me. I am not opposed to insect protein in principal, but the new normal is that we are blatantly not given the information required to make informed consent. Naturally my trust in the institutions that we are required to trust has plummeted to zero. I can easily extrapolate my experience within the scientific > community < to our current state, but anyone with any desire for autonomous thought and responsibility could have seen where our trajectory was headed.

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