14 thoughts on “Comrade Citizens, Keep Your Family Safe!

  1. WHO issued a statement saying that “all the residents of East Palestine must be considered vaccinated and are eligible for an international vaccine passport”.

    “The freedom to choose your poison is part and parcel of the universal human right to depopulation”, health officials added.

  2. I can’t believe it this is happening, !!, just unbelievable what kind of world We are living.:

  3. Continue with this, and the Amish will inherit the earth. Not necessarily a bad thing, given the world state today.

    • The Amish don’t believe in violence or self defense.

      Either they get religion ricky-tick or someone else who does believe in violence will be inheriting the earth in their stead.

      Which is a shame since there is a lot that is admirable about the Amish.

  4. ALL you women..YOU HAVE DESTROYED YOUR MEN,I haven’t met a real man in years in america,and NOW your HERO”S in the police gangs and military have a plan to SELL you into SLAVERY…HAHAHA kiss your [fundament] goodby Girls,that good life you lived is coming to an end,YOU will now live like animals in some foreign country,sleeping on a dirt floor like their dogs….OH and the good news, all you [sodomites] who claim to be men,THE RUSSIANS AND CHINESE are going to blow your head off..good riddence…HEY maybe a few of you Girlymen be be used as SLAVES too..your children will make good dog food in the FEMA DEATH CAMPS…

  5. WELL you didn’t warn your commenters their post would be deletcd if you didn’t like it,..ITS OK,ALL MODERATORS have a date with their new daddy LUCIFER,you’ve screwed everyone,your payday is coming,and YES you will be wishing you had NEVER been a moderator…You will cursing your mothers name for having given birth to you….YOU”VE BEEN WARNED…

    • I didn’t delete anything. I redacted two words, replacing them with acceptable synonyms, and then approved your comment.

      What in the world are you talking about?

  6. I don’t take advice, nor orders from lifelong grifters who also are incontinent senile pedophiles. Fjb.

  7. There are real men, and women ,we are the ones, that will be pushed to the point that when we commence the fury, we will not stop, we will not look back, we will until our last breathe remove the cancer. We won’t stop and ask questions, because we already know the answers, we will not care your gender, age religion, evil comes in all packages. We have warned that you do not know what you are about to unleash.

    • The western man is one of the long game and patience, until that patience runs out and the civilized thin veneer of western civilization can be ripped off to unleash the conquer and killer in all of us. For nobody does war better than we do once the gloves come off and the rules go out the window. It is past time for a civilizational correction. Let it rain.

  8. Anyone see the “commercial” with Pink, Jean Smart, Michael Phelps, and Questlove? Yeah, Shilling for Pfizer. It is disgusting and disingenuous, not to mention dangerous. Pink terms it a “paid promotion”. “Hi @Pink @questlove and @MichaelPhelps just wondering how much @pfizer paid you for this campaign to push their poison on the American people?” Twitter user Skistimas said. “What’s it feel like to sell out for big pharma money? Hope it was worth all the ‘sudden and unexpected’ deaths you’re enabling!”
    If you aren’t over Hollywood and Celebrities, you should be.

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