Culture-Enriching World Cup Riots in the Netherlands

The Moroccan team lost last night’s match with France in the semifinals of the World Cup. As expected, “youths” became frisky afterwards in various Dutch cities, but the ructions were relatively mild, and may even have been less violent than they would have been if Morocco had won.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from RTL Nieuws:

After Morocco loses, unrest here and there. Police intervene.

December 15, 2022

Yesterday evening, it remained much quieter in Dutch cities than in recent weeks after Morocco matches. But after the defeat against France, the Mobile Unit (ME) intervened in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. That happened after many fireworks were set off.

Morocco lost the semifinal match of the World Cup against France last night. In recent weeks, victories by the Moroccan team often led to riots in which the police had to intervene.

In several Dutch cities disappointed fans went onto the streets and set off fireworks. In most places, it remained peaceful, but around midnight the police had to intervene here and there.

Confrontation with police

In the Amsterdam neighborhood of Osdorp, more than 100 persons sought confrontations with the police, reported a spokesperson to the ANP Press Bureau. That is why an emergency order was issued in the area around Tussen Meer.

In local media images, it can be seen how police drove through the streets calling on fans to go home.

When that did not happen, the ME had to intervene. See images here of the heavy fireworks that were set off before police attempted to clear the streets.

The fire hit the pan also in Rotterdam. That happened at the West-Kruiskade and on the Kruisplein [Square] in the city center, where groups of youths were chased by the riot police. Youths set off fireworks, blocked the street, and threw stones at police. A bystander was also beaten.

The police called on people to leave. Neighborhood fathers and mothers spoke to the group that remained behind, but without results. Therefore the riot police proceeded on foot in a line. There were no charges filed, the police report.

Quiet in the Hague and Utrecht

In the Hague it has remained quiet in the streets after Morocco’s defeat in the World Cup, reports a police spokesperson. Two persons were arrested, including for setting off of heavy fireworks. But otherwise it was a bit calmer “than with the past matches”.

In front of the RTL Nieuws camera, Moroccan fans said they were “disappointed”, but above all, proud.

After the losing match, hundreds of people came to Schilderswijk in the Hague. In a speech, youths thanked the police and neighborhood fathers. There were some hundred people present to express their appreciation for their team, said an ANP reporter.

Here and there, groups roamed through the streets, but by about 11:30pm the Hague streets were as good as empty.

Also in Utrecht, except for some firework bombs, it remained quiet, RTV Utrecht reports. In the Lombok neighborhood, which had been designated by the community as a security risk area, there were many fans gathered, but it remained peaceful.

Unrest in French Cities

Meanwhile, there was unrest in various French cities. In Lyon, a group of extreme right hooligans in the center of the city threw stones and fireworks at the police. They harassed people waving Moroccan flags.

In Montpelier, pro-Moroccan hooligans caused problems. They threw fireworks and attacked several people walking or driving through the streets with French flags.

Also in Paris, the festive atmosphere of earlier in the evening changed. On the Champs- Élysées, rioters attacked police with fireworks.

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