Poison in my Bloodstream

What’s in the vax? Short answer: You don’t want to know.

The following report from Austria discusses the poisonous substances that are acknowledged to be present in the Moderna and Pfizer jabs. If they were in any other product, it would not be allowed to injected into human beings.

My sympathies go out to those who succumbed to pressure and took the experimental mRNA treatment intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus. If I had taken the vax, I don’t know how I would cope with all this information. I would probably go into a different line of work, so I wouldn’t have to hear about it.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Austrian weekly Der Wochenblick. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Completely unsuitable for humans:

Toxic substances in Covid vaccines

Harmful substances were found in the Corona vaccines right from the start. Dr. Hannes Strasser looked at how toxic the substances are and found out that some of them are not permitted at all.

by Dr. Hannes Strasser

In the EMA [European Medicines Agency] product dossier for the vaccine from Moderna, Annex 1, the Summary of Product Characteristics, lists the “other ingredients” under point 6. It states that the vaccine contains SM-102, DSPC and DMG-PEG2000, among other things. The substances ALC-0135, ALC-0159 and DSPC are listed as ingredients in the corresponding documents from BioNTech-Pfizer. Both vaccines were conditionally approved while including these additives.

Toxic, carcinogenic, teratogenic

Some of these ingredients are toxic, carcinogenic and can cause birth defects in unborn children (teratogenic). It is all the more inexplicable that they are contained in vaccines that are administered to healthy people. According to the SM-102 Safety Data Sheet, this substance is not suitable for use on animals or humans because it is toxic. According to the manufacturer, other uses are “the responsibility of the purchaser” of the substance. SM-102 causes, among other things, as the most important toxic side effects: anemia, cough, depression, fatigue, headache, heart damage and exhaustion, liver damage and narcosis-like conditions. In addition, SM-102 is genetically damaging and teratogenic (promoting birth defects in the unborn child) and can cause cancer. The same applies to other substances listed in the mRNA vaccines. In the case of many, the manufacturer warns that they should not be used in or on humans and are only suitable for research purposes and laboratory tests (!). This applies to ALC-0315, ALC-0159, DSPC and DMG-PEG (2000), among others.

Poisonous substances

The fact that the two vaccines, together with the toxic ingredients, were conditionally approved by the EMA is actually unbelievable. But it is completely incomprehensible that these vaccines are recommended for everyone over the age of 12 in Austria, despite their teratogenic effect. And these potentially carcinogenic, disease-causing, and mutagenic chemicals were to be compulsorily administered to the entire population, under threat of punishment, as part of mandatory vaccination, without people being able to decide whether or not they wanted to take the risk at all. This fact is likely to play a role in the future in proceedings for damage caused by vaccination, in damage claims before courts and in various administrative proceedings relating to vaccinations. [Hang everyone that pushed this and is still pushing it, is my answer to that. NO MERCY.]

Security is secondary

The fact that all (!) pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, children and cancer patients are recommended to be vaccinated across the board for COVID-19, even though those vaccines clearly contain toxins, is another classic break with standard procedures in medicine that have been tried and tested over decades. We “vaccinate straightaway” and only determine afterwards what really happened. We are thus exposing our population, in this case our pregnant women, breastfeeding women and babies, to a risk worldwide that we cannot yet estimate. However, it is also unclear whether the many side effects and deaths after the COVID-19 vaccinations are caused by the mRNA, the other toxins, or possibly both. So far, this has not yet been investigated, and there is also a lack of data. In any case, the risk-benefit assessment of mRNA vaccines changes dramatically once you know what “stuff” is “floating” in the vaccines.

Dr. Hannes Strasser is co-author of the bestseller Raus aus dem Corona-Chaos [“Leave the Corona Chaos”], chamber councilor for the “Interessensgemeinschaft Freie Ärzte Tirol” [Interest Group Free Medical Doctors Tyrol] in the Tyrolean Medical Association and an expert for the parliamentary hearing on the subject of “mandatory vaccination”.

Afterword from the translator:

I’m pretty sure that “experts” like Klaboosterbach and others of his ilk, who signed those approvals, are just as expert as Habeck and Baerbock in their chosen field of incompetence! Also, were there any signatures on these approvals at all, or does it only say “machine-generated” blah blah? That way full liability comes from nobody, and if someone were to be held to account, it would only manifest in a resignation with FULL PENSION.

On the other hand, nobody can tell me that “experts like Klaboosterbach and others of his ilk” didn’t know about the harmful and therefore dangerous ingredients. I, for instance, knew about some of them from Moderna, MONTHS before the roll-outs even began. But what the heck, after the newest and latest TESTS at least six of the eight laboratory mice survived — so far as we know.

5 thoughts on “Poison in my Bloodstream

  1. The entire endeavor was an IQ test, if you failed you were injected with poison. It was never more important to read the fine print than on the MRNA product monograph, it was clearly experimental and depending on your participation to determine the long term results. The tests were poisoned as well, the masks were petri dishes for the face. Mask were dunce caps for those with bad math skills.

  2. I think that sometimes it is better not to know, because maybe you may think that the line of “work” that the character of Tom Cruise plays in the movie “Collateral” would be desirable – to say the least.

  3. I am almost alone in my circle of family and friends who did not take the poison poke. I am sad and worried about them. I tried to tell them the truth back then, but they did not listen. Sadly, the psy programming of the propaganda was stonger.

    • I, as well. My wife, grown children (3), mother, in-laws, neighbors, friends, acquaintances – virtually everyone I associate with took it. I often think about what I would do if…maybe the Baron would make a decent neighbor;)

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