The Hard Land of the Winter

The energy crisis in Poland and Germany has reached the point that citizens are basically grabbing anything that’s combustible they can get their hands on, and burning it to heat their houses.

It makes me wonder how readily Extinction Rebellion activists burn…

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24:

Already everyday life in Poland: When will the Germans start burning garbage for heating?

In Poland, more and more people are starting to burn garbage to heat their homes because of the energy crisis. It is reported from Warsaw that the smell of burning garbage hangs over the city every day. How long will it be before the Germans put everything they can find in the oven that can be burned?

Winter hasn’t even started yet and there are already first reports that people in Poland are increasingly beginning to heat their homes with combustible waste. Not only in the rural areas, but also in the cities, many houses still have stoves that can be fueled with wood or coal. But if this becomes too expensive, combustible waste such as packaging, cardboard and paper is also burned.

As Bloomberg quotes a resident of the Polish capital Warsaw, this now seems to be becoming a sad part of everyday life. “It’s so bad at this time of year that you can smell burned garbage every day, which is completely new. You rarely smell normal fuel. It’s scary when you think about what will happen when it gets really cold,” Paulina Mroczkowska told the US media portal. A mayor told Polish media that garbage collectors actually collect significantly less waste. Combustible materials are apparently outright hoarded by the citizens.

People in Poland Are Burning Trash to Stay Warm This Winter

In Poland, some households are hoarding garbage to replace their coal.

This development has raised the question of how long it will be before people scour the forests and perhaps even the landfills to find enough fuel before a thick blanket of snow blankets the country. And one can ask oneself even more whether such a development will soon have to be expected in Germany, Austria and other European countries, because people simply can no longer afford the high prices for gas, coal, pellets or regular firewood.

According to the report, the authorities in Poland have already significantly relaxed environmental regulations. It can be assumed that other countries will follow this example and thus enable people to save at least some money and not have to constantly freeze. Is “burning garbage to thwart Putin” the new winter motto? What do Greta’s disciples say about that?

Afterword from the translator:

But the situation in the “CCC” (Climate Change Country) must then be so desolate that the “authority obsessive-submissive” Germans — insofar as they still have a tiled stove or fire-place in their apartment/house — can no longer hold themselves back and use garbage (collection of recyclables) for heating. And then you can bet your retirement fund that some busybody will call the authorities down on you.

Also, how are they are going to handle those authority-dismissive culture-enrichers when they start making campfires inside their apartments? Now, that will be fun to watch.

15 thoughts on “The Hard Land of the Winter

  1. A plastic bottle filled with saw dust, and topped up with old motor oil, works really well.

    For those who are interested.

    Anyhow, in the winter of 1979, when all coal mining stopped because of long sustained arctic temperatures in central Europe, the “smog situation” in Czechoslovakia had been terrific. Back then, they didn’t have plastic bottles, but cut out pieces of old tires work just as well.

  2. Yes, I said this would come. They may have to burn their floorboards and homes and will regret putting in vinyl flooring as it doesn’t burn very well and toxic fumes. PVC creates chlorine type fumes, very bad.
    As I say many old homes still had combustion stoves in rooms, very big and tempting to remove but handy when there is no gas.

  3. I guess things will get worse.
    Perhaps there will be “accidents” on gas pipelines from Norway and others. All this will look like a response to the Nord Stream and the Crimean Bridge.

    • Especially after today, many are ready to get colder, if it means not buying anything from Russia.

      And Russia now exporting much less gas to Europe, with hardly any pipelines to anywhere else… Enjoy.

      • “…many are ready to get colder….”

        I guess that’s why there were mass anti-NATO demonstration in Germany, France, and several other EU satraps this week-end; because it isn’t getting cold enough fast enough.

      • Meanwhile, irrational things happen. For example, in a nearby grocery store, SUDDENLY many products from Germany and Belgium appeared. Not well-known brands, as before, but some small manufacturers. There is no inscription in Russian on the packaging about the composition and labeling – they are pasted on top. I bought this chocolate yesterday – it was cheaper than the one produced in Russia.

        Gone is Henkel, the glue that I use for my professional work. But on the other hand, some Japanese glue was brought to one of the stores. Even better in quality. Marvelous.

  4. The smell of burning trash was a constant during my time in Iraq. It was the first thing that greeted my nostrils upon lowering the cargo ramp of the C-17, and I’ll never forget the smell as long as I live.

    Considering that Europe is now infested with orcs including many from the Middle East, I am sure the stench will bring back fond memories and make them feel like they are at home. And it’s hard to feel much pity considering how Europeans welcomed these changes every step of the way even if they were being led by evil elites manipulating them like marionettes. Anti-energy enviro-wackiness, rapefugee madness, covid craziness, and now anti-russia stampeding over the cliffs. Its as if Europe is completely incapable of the smallest shred of rational thought. Now they get to gorge on their banquet of consequences.

  5. It is going to fun to watch on a below zero day the smoke coming from chimneys everywhere as the price of fuel and electricity make the great depression look like a warm up to what is coming. The burst water pipes this winter is going to overwhelm the public works depts everywhere. I for one have a wood heater backup that I do use with firewood and I have forests of whatever I need to burn, including acres of available black ash to cut and burn. The sauna is also a wood burner and everything gets thrown in there to get rid of all the junk mail and the like.

  6. Hundreds of years from now, whoever is left on this earth will look back at the folly that enveloped the globe.

    Here we have an inexhaustible supply of carbon/fossil fuel that until recent days has been supplying us with all the energy that we need. Thanks to the techno wizards who figured out how to tap these vast natural resources, our countries and our lives have been enriched immeasurably for generations.

    All of a sudden, we are told that to keep our homes well heated and lit is to engage in a criminal act, that we are destroying the earth itself.

    This is a total crock of bulls**t as anyone who reads this blog knows and has known.

    There is no such thing as man made climate change. Period. End of story. The earth’s temperature is controlled by the sun and forces outside of our control. It has nothing to do with what kind of car we drive or whether or not we use plastic bags.

    Now winter is coming and all this nonsense will be put to the test. Let’s see how many of these stupid green fools are willing to die of cold to save the planet.

    By the way: #FJB too.

  7. In Poland, people burn trash every winter… I remember one time in Zakopane, when temperature went down to -10 Celsius, smog appeared, and the smell became unbearable.

    I accept, this winter may be more trash than the usual. But right now, here in central Poland I’ve seen no smells or smog, in spite of a cold last 2 weeks… Been busy insulating as much as I can though, and buying warm clothing for the winter.

  8. It may be possible that at some point, the people with burn the homes of their leaders in order to keep warm. The ones who got them into this.

    • Yes, I can see that happening, Civil unrest, if not civil war. I for one saw this coming;
      1990 Thatcher ousted, along with common sense
      Thatcher out, the Grey man in
      1994 The Grey man signed up to Maastrict, and the EU
      The EU in, me out
      Tasmania, and Australia have been good to me, Nevertheless my power bill for the last quarter ( winter in the Southern Hemisphere ) was up by nearly 200%. Groceries have risen out of sight, Quality has plummeted. All this in a largely, heavily forested, mainly Agricultural state. Gouging? World wide phenomenon, here too, I suspect.

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