Let Them Wear Sweaters

Wolfgang Schäuble is member of the Bundestag for the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), and a former President of the Bundestag. In the following interview Dr. Schäuble addresses questions about the coming period of icy darkness in Germany brought on by electricity blackouts and a gas shortage.

When Vlad and I were discussing this video, we speculated about who and what might provide the best fuel for burning this winter in Europe. We agreed that corpulent politicians might supply the most efficient source of heat and light for Build Back Better.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   How do you feel about the fact that now, after the decades of prosperity we’ve had,
00:04   we’re talking about blackouts and cold apartments? —That’s not a given. It’s good.
00:09   Just wear a sweater and maybe a second sweater, then everything’s fine.
00:14   Having electricity is no longer a reasonable expectation, or having light?
00:18   Having electricity is already a matter of course, but there can also be an interruption, right?
00:22   That’s why, just in case, it’s good to have a few candles and matches at home.
00:26   Of course it’s important that you know where they are, so when it gets dark,
00:30   because it’s difficult to find things in the dark. I just think we need to say,
00:34   “Yes, sorry, I really understand you don’t want to pay more for energy,
00:40   but instead you could give up a vacation trip,
00:45   or perhaps vacation in Germany somewhere,
00:50   and not travel to the Galapagos Islands or wherever the heck else.”

8 thoughts on “Let Them Wear Sweaters

  1. Business opportunities for the next few years;
    Hot water bottles
    Wood chopping
    Manure bricks, make burnable blocks out of animal dung
    44 gallon drum heaters
    Catching rabbits to eat, or anything else you can catch lol
    Just like the Great Depression or nineteenth century

    This is the Great Reset to preindustrial revolution? Now I understand.

  2. Building it back to the stone ages!
    Sweaters are a construct of the white male patriarchy and the comrades should freeze equally in the spirit of equity.
    Historic wood czars will make sure those who are a little more equal get first dibs on ay firewood and fire is a construct of Prometheus so no warmth for you EU!
    This Clown World is like a great big chicken just waiting to get plucked.

  3. Well they could always render them into oil for lamps.

    Germans are supposedly past masters at industrial chemical and gas processes. Almost all of the gasoline used for the Nazi war machine came from coal gasification, and they have plenty of experience converting human fat into soap. I bet Klaus Schwab boiled down would yield enough heating oil to keep a refugee center warmed to 30 Celsius for a day or two. Unfortunately the main gadfly of the de-energization of Europa, one Greta Thunberg, wouldn’t provide more than a few minutes of heat except as a toy for the new germans to molest.

  4. What do you think would be the best clothes he could wear?
    Maybe a piece of rope?

    He has sworn to serve Germany and now this.
    (Yes, I know that all politicians betray their voters for money, but can they please do it more discrete? Or do I ask too much?)

  5. This creep is basically spitting in the faces of the Germans and daring them to do something about it.

    I couldn’t help but notice that not one word was said about saving the planet from phony, man made climate change.

    The ghouls are not even pretending that having no light and heat will be for the greater good of mankind.

    Instead, they are freely admitting that we are to own nothing, freeze our [posteriors] off, eat bugs and be happy that our masters are letting us live at all.

    Except for all the guns it is not so different here in the USA.

  6. Perhaps we should not have been overly dependent on fossil fuels whose price is controlled by Russians and Arabs ???

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