“Enough With the Fascism Story”

The following video clip is from a rally in support of Giorgia Meloni. In it you can hear supporters of Ms. Meloni arguing with leftist demonstrators who disrupted the event.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   There are always ways. —What about the Left? The Left, who have betrayed workers?
00:04   There are always other ways. —What happened to the Left? — I don’t vote for the Left.
00:07   I am not saying either is better or worse.
00:10   I am saying we can always do better. There are already civil rights, like civil unions.
00:14   We can always do better. —That’s for sure.
00:18   Civil unions are not enough. —What will you do? Will you kill those who [disagree]…?
00:23   No, I won’t. —What, then? Civil unions are not enough
00:26   to feel free. Free to be… —You are super free!
00:29   No, I am not. I am not free. —Italy is the most beautiful country in the world.
00:32   You are in a free state. Do whatever you like to do.
00:35   I need to not feel discriminated against, to be free, madam. —Who discriminates against you, dear?
00:38   No, look… —Nobody discriminates against you.
00:42   I assure you someone does. —But those are mean people, and mean people exist anywhere.
00:47   No, it’s the fascists. Fascists and right-wing are synonyms, madam.
00:51   Enough with the fascism story. —But if we don’t recognize discrimination, are we complicit in that?
00:54   No, you are not. —No, discrimination is violence,
00:58   and it’s the government that has to punish it, not the parties.
01:02   My grandfather was a partisan and fought for real freedoms, not for this.
01:05   Let me decide what freedoms really are. —No, the real freedoms are…
01:09   Let me decide what freedoms really are. My grandfather fought the war to give you guys freedoms.
01:14   Which doesn’t include preventing others from listening to something you don’t like.
01:19   Something they want to listen to. —Nobody prevented anything. You did. You sang so loud
01:22   that we couldn’t hear anything. —So? This is our square too.
01:25   No. Do you have a permit? —I don’t need a permit.
01:29   You do need it; this rally has been authorized by the police.
01:32   Excuse me, did you enter with a permit?
01:35   I mean a permit to hold a demonstration.
01:38   This is not a demonstration, it’s dissent.
01:41   It’s freedom, it’s disagreement. We didn’t get on stage, we had no speakers, no microphone.
01:47   I won’t discuss your political ideas. —I won’t discuss yours either.
01:50   Or rather yes, I will, but not here. —But you are supposed to let others be free to listen.
01:54   As we’re free to stay here? You have been here and sang freely, nobody chased you away.
02:00   Nobody objected. I am trying to make you see the point.
02:03   Those who fought WW2, fought to give you real freedoms, not for all this.
02:08   I don’t need you to make me see the point.
02:11   Thank you anyway. You are very kind.

2 thoughts on ““Enough With the Fascism Story”

  1. “I have made up my mind; please do not confuse me with facts”.

    The old saying is so true today.

  2. It is so bizarre even R.Crumb would make a comic about it with fascist Nuremberg balcony rallies and snappy black uniforms in a air raid spotlight ice cathedral, oh wait.
    Meloni? So hot!
    No one does politics like the Italians.

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