A Naval Blockade to Keep the Invaders Out of Italy?

Giorgia Meloni — who may very well be the next Italian prime minister — has proposed a naval blockade of Italy to stop the migrants, thereby causing great consternation among the bien-pensants.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Fratelli d’Italia website:

Elections, Rauti: Naval Blockade is not an act of war; the EU proposed it in 2017

August 8, 2022

“The polemics of the past few days over the proposal from Giorgia Meloni for the introduction of a naval blockade to stop the flow of migrants is false and specious. In fact, we forget that it was the European Union itself that proposed it in 2017 with the clear intent to stop the arrivals from the coast of Libya. The naval blockade is not an act of war, rather the result of an agreement with coastal authorities from where the migrants come with the purpose of stopping the boats at departure, also a controlled management of the hotspots [high Covid areas].”

That is what deputy vice president of the Fratelli d’Italia [Brothers of Italy] Senate group Isabella Rauti stated during a Sky TV24 Start broadcast.

10 thoughts on “A Naval Blockade to Keep the Invaders Out of Italy?

  1. Very good , at least one road to importing this savages, parasites will be close , keep a fingers cross for Giorgia Meloni and Salvini , it will be very interesting..

  2. A Naval Blockade to Keep the Invaders Out of Italy?

    This must be a time for elections. This type of reasonable talk can only occur during elections. Muslims/invaders are not worried. By now they have discovered the game: Say the right thing during campaign and after election nothing changes.

    This happens at every election. Forgetfulness is innate to infidels. five minutes after elections they forget everything that was promised.

    Europeans are lions against Russia but hares when dealing with muslims.

    Don’t chew your words.


    No navy will be sent and no action will be taken until after Civil Wars.

    • This video is so disturbing, that’s what you have if bring this animals to own country , poor boy ..

  3. The Italians have every right do whatever they want within their territory to protect their country from invasion.

  4. The threat of the use of force – as unpalatable as that may seem – may be necessary to protect the borders and sovereignty of the nations of Europe. What has been termed the “most-important graph in the world,” charts European population trends versus those of Africa. Whereas the former is virtually flat and stable with only a very modest increase, the latter is exponential – climbing upward like a jet fighter with its afterburners on.

    The demographic fact that Africa’s population is exploding and that the nations therein cannot now feed all of the mouths alive today, means that immense pressure has and will continue to build to exit, in particular to the north and towards Southern Europe.

    Noted military strategists and thinkers Bill Lind and John Robb have stated that massed armies of “migrants” and “refugees” are more-dangerous than armies wearing uniforms and carrying weapons. Why? Because whereas an invading army must sooner or later depart for its homeland, the migrants & refugees are in their new “homes” to stay. That is, unless someone keeps them out.

    The plight of genuine refugees and migrants – and there are some – brings forth feelings of compassion and mercy, the desire to help. This is understandable, and compassion ought to be our first impulse toward fellow human beings in trouble, when appropriate.
    But like anything else, compassion can be taken too far.

    When a ship sinks and its lifeboats manage to launch before it goes down, some of the passengers and crew will probably be saved. But each lifeboat can hold only so many people before it risks floundering and sinking itself. This was in fact the moral dilemma of Alfred Hitckcock’s film, “Lifeboat,” done during the Second World War.

    Europe, as a lifeboat, cannot continue to take on the diaspora of the Third World and survive as a civilization. It has already taken in multitudes – tens of millions – of such people. Its fate may already be sealed, as the hour is late. Which is why her borders may have to be fortified and armed.

    Does this mean that humanity cannot help those in need in Africa? No, it does not. It simply means that those people will have to remain where they are, and get help there. And that is the key to unlocking the demographic crisis within Africa: To help those people build better lives there, instead of exporting them someplace else.

    All of this is complicated by the fact that the globalist oligarchs are cynically using the excess population of Africa as a club with which to beat Europeans over the head, as they strive to terra-form Old Europe.

    • Do you know how you help Africa? Quit bloody feeding them so they keep reproducing ten fold.

      • It has been said that the solution to Africa is to build a wall around it and then leave it to its fate. As harsh as it sounds, that may be the unalloyed truth. I wouldn’t go so far as to build a wall around it, but leaving them to sink or swim on their own may be the right path forward.

        Even some African leaders of repute have themselves said that western humanitarian aid to the continent – though well-intentioned – in the long run is not in the best interests of Africans and their nations.

        Instead of giving them fish, teach them to fish instead… as per the old proverb.

        In the age of sailing ships and before, what kept excess population in check was resource scarcity. Merchant shipping moved so slowly and could haul such modest loads that realistically, it was difficult to move large amounts of food from one place to another rapidly and without it spoiling.

        This was exacerbated by the lack of refrigeration and relatively primitive methods of food preservation. Even if one could get the required tonnage of foodstuffs to a country in need, in say French West Africa, there was no guarantee that the needed sustenance would be in any condition to consume when it arrived.

        All of this meant that apart from neighbors who wished to trade and conduct commerce, each region or nation, was left pretty much to its own devices when it came to feeding its population.

        Cruel though it may be, this is how nature – “red in tooth and claw” – has worked since before recorded human history. Disease and famine, along with the occasional war, were what kept population numbers more or less in line with the carry capacity of the local environment.

        In those rare cases when these did not, and a local population over-fished or over-hunted its local reservoirs or used up available water supplies, the resultant famine would then cull the excess people, unless they migrated to someplace else where the eating was better and easier and there was enough water.

        Given the productivity of the land in much of Africa, and the fecundity of her people, these corrective mechanisms served a purpose, and to the extent that human activity has put the system out of balance, it is an ongoing concern.

        The gravy-train to Africa and other hardship locations in the world is a well-established racket in the developed world for too many organizations and people now, for the tap to just be turned off, not withstanding the fate of Africans themselves. The UN and its components such as UNICEF, all of the religious charities, government bureaus, World Bank, etc.

        The plutocrats and various functionaries who run these all want their cut, and they are not at all inclined to be shut down. The great Eric Hoffer was right that all great causes begin as movements, becomes businesses and degenerate into rackets.

  5. Scorching sunshine UK. Feeemail has her head tightly wrapped in the Muslim slave chokehold formula. Heavy heavy heavy clothing locks long the rest of its body. Ali is naked by comparison. He pushes the pram with the twins. He’s naked with just a light T-shirt, shorts and slippers. It looks like he hasn’t had a shave for years. A non Muslim would be arrested without a second thought. What exactly is the plan?

    • @ Waea

      Re: “A non Muslim would be arrested without a second thought. What exactly is the plan?”

      Study the history of the Kalergi Plan and the man who first dreamed it up, namely Count Richard von Coudenhove Kalgeri, who is today the acknowledged founder of the pan-European movement and the European Union. Kalergi, who was of mixed race by virtue of an Austro-Hungarian father and a Japanese mother – believed that the “ideal European” of the future would be a racial “mongrel” or hybrid such as himself.

      In other words, Kalergi was a believer in eugenics. He claimed all of his life to be opposed to the eugenic ideas of the Nazis, but that claim does not stand up to scrutiny. He was just a slightly different variety of eugenicist than Herr Hitler, that is all. Same old wine in shiny new bottles….

      Long story short, Kalergi’s ideas now form the bedrock of the globalist plan for Old Europe. Which is to say that the natives of that continent and their respective homelands, traditions, languages, cultures and ways of life – are to be drowned in a sea of new arrivals from Africa, the Middle East and other points of the compass.

      The way the Cultural Marxists – which is to say the communists – frame this event is by stating that the only way Europeans can wash away the stain of the original sin of racism is by making themselves extinct.

      The Muslims? … now they’re the vanguard, the tip of the spear. Why? Because of the 1,400-year old hatred of European civilization, what was once Christendom, by the Mohammedans and their various leaders down through the centuries.

      Their hatred of Christianity and western civilization serve the globalist agenda perfectly. Like an old structure being demolished to make way for something else, the Muslims are – with each act of jihad – demolishing a bit more of Old Europe. A cathedral fire here, a priest beheaded there, young girls groomed, cars set alight on summer nights…. it all adds up to what amounts to a low-intensity guerilla war now being fought on European soil.

      You can clearly see the agenda of the globalists and their end-game in places like current-day Germany and Sweden. In Sweden, government-sponsored ads exhort young Swedish blonds to date and marry an immigrant instead of one of their own countrymen. And in Germany, elderly pensioners – ethnic Germans – are kicked out of their subsidized housing to make room for “refugees,” a disturbing number of whom seem to be young, military-age males from places like Turkey.

      If demography is destiny, then Old Europe – and much of European civilization along with it – is destined to disappear within the next fifty to one-hundred years. This is so because native Europeans decline to reproduce, whereas the newcomers are remarkably fecund and tend to sire large families. The believers know as well as anyone that the future belongs to those who show up.

  6. They need privateers with no hesitation to sink every 3rd world invader, since the governments of the EU are to squeamish and want these invaders here, perhaps and oligarch or two can contribute some fast attack boats to get the job done?

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