The Winter of Our Discontent

Austria and Germany are putting their heads together in an effort to find a solution to the natural gas crisis that is looming for the coming winter. It reminds me of the Russian proverb cited by Walt Kelly: “The shortage will be divided among the peasants.”

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Die Welt. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

“Heat and supply problem, not a power problem. Nuclear power won’t help us at all.”

In the future, Germany and Austria want to work even more closely together on issues relating to security of the gas supply. However, according to Economics Minister Robert Habeck, true independence and an end to blackmail will only be achieved later.

Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) and Austria’s Energy Minister Leonore Gewessler (Greens) signed a solidarity agreement on energy supply after joint talks. “We only have autonomy when we are independent of Russian energy supplies,” Gewessler said on Tuesday in Vienna. “We can only achieve this goal if we do it together. Because when it comes to the energy supply, we in Europe are dependent on one another.”

The three focal points of the agreement include transit rights, so that both Austria and Germany can rely on mutual deliveries in times of gas shortages. Furthermore, the joint use of the natural gas storage facility is regulated. Austria has large storage facilities that can also serve as a buffer for Germany.

The third point of the agreement relates to the diversification of natural gas supplies. As a country with access to the sea, Germany could set up LNG terminals, which Austria is denied due to its geographical location. However, Gewessler encouraged Austrian companies to participate in corresponding tenders.

“No country is strong enough on its own” [Sounds like WEF/UN gibberish to me]

According to Economics Minister Habeck, in addition to agreements relating to the security of supply with natural gas, there will also have to be much more talk about renewable energy in the future. “We will only achieve true independence and an end to blackmail when we have expanded renewable energy,” said Habeck in Vienna. “We need it for stable prices and for a good and safe climate future.” [Yes, let’s chop down the last forests and build forests of bird- and insect-shredders and fields of wildlife solar fryers instead.]

Habeck doesn’t see nuclear power as a real alternative: “We have a heating problem and a supply problem, not an electricity problem. And nuclear power doesn’t help us at all.”

For far too long, society imagined itself in a world in which all questions were answered. “If we had started the measures of the last ten weeks ten years ago, we would be in a different situation.” It is only now that we are showing how dependent we are.

Private households must “pay their share” [Haven’t you impoverished them enough yet?]

During his visit to Vienna, Habeck also questioned the prioritization of consumers over industry in the event of a gas shortage. Private households would also have to “pay their share,” said Habeck on Tuesday. Because “a permanent or long-term interruption of industrial production” would have “massive consequences” for the supply situation.

“The European Emergency Gas Regulation stipulates that critical infrastructure and consumers are protected, and industry and business are not,” explained the Economics Minister. This makes sense for short-term and regional problems, such as when a power plant fails. “And then they say, well, we’ll bridge that with short-time work benefits for industry and we’ll repair them later, but nobody should freeze.”

“But that’s not the scenario we have at the moment,” said Habeck. “We’re possibly talking about a month-long interruption in gas flows.” That’s why we have to think again and work on this point. [And whose warmongering fault is that?]

However, one is not helpless in the current situation, said Habeck, “We can always take countermeasures. We are prepared for the scenarios.” European cooperation is now of central importance, because no country is strong enough on its own. [What are these countermeasures? More sanctions against Russia, or a massive reduction of the native population? My guess is that it will be both and in concert.]

Afterword from the translator:

Wrong: Germans have a huge problem with Green politicians who delight in tormenting Germans! Habeck’s eyes are already puffing up, he’s gotten so fat and it’s from the money of the German taxpayers (€25,000.00 a month) and only from them. Nevertheless, he is not ashamed to harass them. But what can one expect from a creed of people whose motto is “Party and ideology FIRST, and the Devil take the rest”?

And if I generate electricity via nuclear power plants, I don’t waste any gas for generating electricity, which is left over for heating in the end. How wrong must the French be that they are operating 56 reactors in 18 locations?

But trying your hardest for the people is probably taboo in government circles. After all, the peasantry is there for their pleasure only, and do with what they want.

8 thoughts on “The Winter of Our Discontent

  1. “No country is strong enough on its own” [Sounds like WEF/UN gibberish to me]

    It’s not a gibberish, it’s the stated goal of the European Economic Community, to make all countries dependent on each other and thus prevent another war in Europe.

  2. It’s a demonstration of natural selection.

    A society becomes wealthy to the point that there’s far too much leisure time and universities with no real purpose spew out over-educated individuals infected with toxic ideologies and green, woke garbage. Those individuals proceed to infect the institutions and organs of government to the point that they’re shutting down nuclear power plants and cutting themselves off from sources of fuel and heat. Eventually German and Western European society will collapse and those who emerge from the power vacuum won’t be so hesitant to use whatever energy sources are at hand.

    If I believed in prayer, I would pray that the fools that brought western civilization to this disaster would be put to death by whomever replaces them. It’s also a form of natural selection, ensuring their woke genes aren’t passed on, along with dog moms and auto-aborting leftist women.

    • I agree with you.
      That explains the last generations, the SUV tyre slashers etc.

      These are all problems of too much time.
      But when the jig is up then they will disappear faster than you can say Hello.

      And yes, those enablers and their willing helpers should not reproduce.

    • What you are saying, there a too many free loaders with university degrees that shouldn’t even be awarded. The “greens” are a fine example of that, and they’re not environmentalists.

  3. “… However, one is not helpless in the current situation, said Habeck, “We can always take countermeasures. We are prepared for the scenarios….”

    Indeed. One must just think practically. For a start, Germany can shut down for good, its chemical, metal and ceramics industries and redirect the saved energy and feed stock to vital uses, such as creating great forests of wind turbines and keeping essential government offices warm. Have faith. Western sanctions and blackmail are working – and with little to no action from Russia.

  4. “Private households must pay their share”

    — Sounds like the well-known “nugding” during the Corona scam. I bet teams of behavioral psychologists have kept on working in the background; only the theme has changed.

    “We are prepared for the scenarios!”

    — I am sure you are! Just for different ones than you let us know … And the word “scenario” is telling (the same word was used in the German article). It is the language of the Rockefeller strategies. A Freudian slip…

  5. Every day I read about the abject mendacity of Euro and American politicians who are all in it for one reason- THE MONEY.

    My greatest wish is that someday all these WAR CRIMINALS, including the Bidenistas, will be tried for crimes against humanity and dealt with accordingly.

    In particular, the murderous sadist, Fauci should be thrown naked into a pen filled with hungry wild boars and torn limb from limb for what he has done to innocent children and Beagles.

  6. “No country is strong enough on its own”
    What did all these countries do before the benevolence of the EU? TPTB want to make dependent children out of previously independent nations.

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