Everybody Gets to Stay!

The German government is planning to legalize thousands of illegal migrants, while promising for sure that it will deport criminal migrants, cross its heart and hope to die!

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Die Welt. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Interior Minister Faeser is planning a permanent right to stay for those who have been tolerated

A draft law by Interior Minister Nancy Faeser gives rejected but well-integrated asylum seekers the chance to remain in Germany permanently. The policy for handling criminal migrants is to be tightened. [Hahahahahahaha]

Rejected but well-integrated asylum seekers should be able to stay in Germany in the future. This emerges from a draft law reported on by Der Spiegel. Accordingly, the government wants to deport criminals more consistently at the same time. According to the report, Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser (SPD) intends to present the draft law for a “right of residence” shortly.

This is intended to give migrants who have been living in Germany for five years or more only with a “Duldung” [toleration] the opportunity to stay legally in Germany permanently. More than 100,000 people may benefit from the new regulation. Specifically, those affected should be given a one-year residence permit on a trial basis. If they prove during this time that they have mastered the German language and can secure their livelihood, they will be given a long-term right to stay. Criminals are to be excluded from this option, as are men and women who have given false information about their identity and have thus prevented their deportation.

The SPD, Greens and FDP had committed themselves to the project in the coalition agreement. “We are countering the previous practice of chain toleration with an opportunity for right of residence,” it said. Some of the opposition had criticized the plans. It was wrong to grant people the right to stay who had come to Germany without a legal basis, said Ralph Brinkhaus, the leader of the Union faction in the Bundestag at the time.

Possibly also as a reaction to this, Interior Minister Faeser has now committed herself to a stricter course in the deportation of rejected asylum seekers who have not behaved according to the law. “In particular, the departure of criminals and dangerous people must be carried out more consistently,” quotes Der Spiegel from the draft law. Among other things, the rules on detention pending deportation are to be tightened. The traffic light coalition had also announced this in its coalition agreement.

Afterword from the translator:

Rejected means rejected. These people presumably entered the country illegally. The application for asylum was made on flimsy grounds, which was rejected, then filed a lawsuit at the expense of the taxpayer and ultimately received a toleration.

What does well-integrated mean? Well-integrated into the parallel society? Master the German language? Is gibberish enough? “Ich brauche mehr Geld” and “Willst Du ficken?” should be more than enough to get by in Faeserland.

Also, for how many years has the empty phrase of consistent deportation been spread?

Hundreds of thousands of people who are obliged to leave Germany, and Faeser takes care of the right to stay for those who have been tolerated. After all, she doesn’t need to pay the bill or the ferryman when it comes down to it.

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  1. It’s never too late for her to pay the ferryman.

    I’ll donate a couple of pennies for her toll.

  2. Gute Nacht Deutschland , stupid naive Germans, they tough they change the government for better, hahaha, das beste Deutschland in alle Zeiten , NOT…

    • Yes, we are the first – maybe.

      But dont forget: all of Europes governments are the same: Open borders and import the not-wanted.

      So, you will all follow us into hell.

        For the third time Germany IS destroyer of Europe

        Germany should go to hell forever
        And never come back

        • Jan dear, blame the bloody allies after WW2 for indoctrinating the Germans to feel guilty about everything, so if you want someone to blame? Blame the US, France, Bloody Britain and the effing Ruskies. The regular German is looking for someone to finally give them the order to Purge.

  3. Spineless capitulation dressed up as humanitarian compassion.

    If nutrition is available life forms arrive to absorb it.

  4. I can’t wait until this whole sordid bloody mess blows up in everyone’s faces and the shock and horror of it all finally seeps into everyone’s pores at what they allowed. When the militaries of Europe finally take over, don’t cry because you beloved so called democracy got destroyed, blame yourselves because it is your fault. As for Bilderburg,WEF and the hangers on, none of them are going to survive the Great Purge once it begins. Let it rain!

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