Culture-Enriching Vehicular Marauder in Berlin

According to the following report, the man in Berlin who deliberately drove his car into pedestrians at high speed, killing at least one of them, is an Armenian-German. His ethnicity makes it unlikely that the motive for his crime was jihad, although we’ll need to wait for definitive information on that issue.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German-language service of the Epoch Times:

Car drives into crowd — one dead and several injured, some seriously

A 29-year-old man drove his small car onto a sidewalk in Berlin on Wednesday morning, apparently at excessive speed. His car came to a stop in a store. There was one dead and several injured. The background is currently unclear. In the meantime, there have already been reactions from politicians to the tragedy.

In Berlin on Wednesday morning at around 10:30 a.m., a car (silver Renault Clio) drove at high speed into a crowd on the sidewalk near Breitscheidplatz in the Charlottenburg district until it came to a stop in a shop. According to the fire brigade and police, one woman was killed and several others injured, some seriously. Among the victims are said to be students from Hesse who were apparently on a class trip to Berlin.

According to the fire brigade, there were eight seriously injured in addition to the dead woman, five of whose injuries were life-threatening. In addition, there was an initially unspecified number of possibly slightly injured people. The police meanwhile spoke of more than twelve injured. The first reports even spoke of 30 injuries, but according to the fire brigade this was not confirmed.

According to the police, it was initially unclear whether it was a deliberate act or an accident. The alleged driver was arrested. The driver of the small car first caught a group of people on a sidewalk and continued on a street corner, then into the shop.

The driver

The driver is a 29-year-old Armenian- German living in Berlin. This was announced by the Berlin police in the early afternoon. He probably wanted to run away at first, but was held by passersby and handed over to the emergency services. According to reports from Die Welt, the man gave confused statements in conversation with the police. [I bet he did. After all, it’s the “get out of jail free” card]

The man is said to have had political posters with him. There are “posters where he talks about Turkey,” said Berlin’s Interior Senator Iris Spranger (SPD) in the afternoon. The driver of the vehicle has since been taken to a hospital.

As police spokesman Thilo Cablitz said at the scene, police accident experts are reconstructing the events. The background is still open.

Afterword from the translator:

If that was an act to highlight the Armenian Genocide by Turkey, then I’m afraid he used the wrong country, or more likely the wrong neighbourhood in Germany. According to Bild , the Armenian-German is known to the police — it is about property crimes. An eyewitness: “He drove at full throttle. At no point did he slow down.”

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  1. Consequences, consequences of barbaric invasions, !! Merkel&CO and now this freaking idiots !!, SPD , Greens , innocent people dying o. The streets in Germany, how wonderful, you can’t be safe anymore in here, all this criminals, they importing are huge threat to society, but Who cares this traitors in Bundestag they don’t have to pay the bill after all, besides Berlin have the biggest population of Turks outside Turkey, make you wonder..

    • There are no innocents any longer, you are either a sheep, or Wolf, victims and killers, that is it, only you can decide which one you are going to be.

  2. Unusual act for an Armenian. Were the victims meant to be Turkish? (In Berlin, big chance they were)

  3. There is no such bloody thing as a Armenian-German, there are Armenians and Germans, never both.

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