Bill Gates is Ready for the Next Pandemic

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German-language service of the Epoch Times. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Bill Gates: After the pandemic is before the pandemic

Hardly anyone else is discussed more controversially in connection with the pandemic than Bill Gates.

Bill Gates proposes further ways to the WHO for it to be prepared for future pandemics. At the moment it is not known whether there are other Corona variants somewhere, according to the Microsoft founder: “In my opinion, the probability of a new, very dangerous variant is low, but there is no guarantee of that.” [I guess that the destruction of those labs in Ukraine threw a spanner into the works.]

But not only Corona. Another pandemic could also come along. [I’m pretty sure one will, especially when Bill predicts them. He has a greatly proven track record in the “Pandemic Prediction Business”.] Gates sees this scenario coming in the next twenty years. Then one must be ready, explained the billionaire in an interview with Die Welt about his views on the state of affairs. “How fast are we able to make diagnoses? If people have to be quarantined, where do we put them?” [Is that why all those crematoria are being build next to shower facilities?]

Gates also proposes practical exercises, organized in concert with the WHO. “A brigade of full-time pandemic experts would need to help states prepare, especially in lower-income countries.” [I wonder why that might be? Is it because the people in these countries are more sceptical than the brainwashed Westerners?]

A billion as a budget is very small, given the loss of thousands of billions due to the Corona crisis. [Can’t he read his own bank statements? Because quite a large share of that loot (our “lost” money) ended up in his pocket, and if he really is a philanthropist he would give it back.] The billionaire explained that two years ago he was still quite optimistic about antibodies and therapies against COVID-19. In the meantime, however, there have been several mutations of the virus, including beta from South Africa, delta from the Indian Ocean area and finally the omicron variant, whose exact origin is unknown. [Why, did they lose track of that one somehow after the release?]

Paradoxical and bizarre

Gates praised the rapid availability of vaccines made possible by the pharmaceutical industry, but he was surprised by the “massive political rejection of the vaccine and the wearing of masks” in several countries. Something else surprised him: “I donate billions of dollars to save millions of lives, but according to the conspiracy theories I make billions with a vaccine that destroys lives” — for Bill Gates, “one of those paradoxes” in the pandemic. [Didn’t he say in a CNBC Interview that he makes around 2,000% profit from vaccines? And how many lives has he destroyed over the years, this so called “philanthropist”, with his poisons? Ask the Indians and Africans, they’ll tell you.]

Back in February, Gates expressed his astonishment to the Süddeutsche Zeitung that he had been criticized above all by critics of the Corona measures and vaccine skeptics: “The idea is bizarre that I had started it, benefited from it or could be keen on knowing people’s whereabouts, which is why I put 5G monitors in the vaccine. Such claims led to people not getting vaccinated,” Gates said. [ How many times in the past has this man stated that the world’s population would be reduced through vaccination? Plenty of times. Also, people didn’t get vaccinated because they don’t trust something that hasn’t been studied and tested for safety and they refuse to be guinea pigs in an open-air laboratory run by the criminally insane. And everyone who refused has been proven RIGHT millions of times over since then.]

Afterword from the translator:

I’m not surprised that this sociopath believes that he is doing good, as do many who presume to speak for the good of humanity and are actually wedded to EVIL. And, as usual, this “Grand Cause” of his is no more than a device by which he and the rest of these “elites” try to persuade the gullible to die and degrade themselves in enormous numbers, and for the benefit and advantage of the former. Also, what I’ve seen of him, and his utterances over the years, made me come to the conclusion — quite some time ago — that his reasoning has more gaps than a beggar’s smile.

“A man who fears suffering is already suffering from what he fears.” — Michel de Montaigne

3 thoughts on “Bill Gates is Ready for the Next Pandemic

  1. Ordinarily I am against government interference in the business of private citizens or in breaking up fortunes just because… However, multi-billionaires such as Gates, Soros, Fink, Schwab, etc who use their vast fortunes to interfere in areas of public policy no longer are entitled to being treated as private individuals. The incredible amount of damage that their fortunes can do long after they are gone via endowments and trusts, etc should necessitate the confiscation of assets upon their deaths and put towards the funding of something useful like colonizing Mars, or just put in a pile and burned.

  2. @ The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

    Re: “Ordinarily I am against government interference in the business of private citizens or in breaking up fortunes just because… However, multi-billionaires such as Gates, Soros, Fink, Schwab, etc who use their vast fortunes to interfere in areas of public policy no longer are entitled to being treated as private individuals.”

    In principle, most traditional conservatives and libertarians regard personnel wealth as inviolate, but there are exceptions to most rules, and this may be one of those times.

    “In the past, winning meant having the largest army. That isn’t true anymore. Now, with new forms of warfare, any small group can successfully wage war. With simpler and more appealing goals, almost any cause can raise an army. And they will.”
    ― John Robb, Brave New War: The Next Stage of Terrorism and the End of Globalization

    Robb is a former USAF officer & fighter pilot, strategic analyst and author, as well as one of the acolytes of the late Colonel John Boyd, who was perhaps the finest military theorist the U.S. has produced.

    Robb also said, “The most disturbing aspect of the rise of global guerrillas is that they have found a way to fight nation-states strategically without the use of weapons of mass destruction. This method, collectively called systems disruption, uses sabotage of critical systems to inflict economic costs on the target state.”

    In simpler terms, it is now possible for one man or a small group of men – to declare war upon the world – and perhaps even to win.

    Is this not what we are witnessing with the revolt of the elites, the Great Reset and globalization? I believe that is precisely what is happening: A small group of extremely wealthy and powerful individuals – Gates, Soros, Buffett, and the other oligarchs and billionaires – are now waging war upon the rest of humanity, trying to bring it under their control.

    This is where my objections, as a traditional conservative, begin. I seldom agree with the political left, but they occasionally stumble onto something useful by chance. One such idea being that no extremely wealthy person – no billionaire – makes his/her fortune in a vacuum. All use the infrastructure of society which was in place when they born. Indeed, which was created over centuries before that individual was born.

    Therefore, the fortunes Gates, et al. have made do not, strictly speaking, belong only to them. Moreover, they are privileged by society in being allowed to amass such wealth.
    If those individuals used their wealth for the betterment of society and humanity, then many people would have no problem with them, but that’s not what they are doing, is it?

    The Robber Barons of the Gilded Age – the Rockefellers, Morgans, the Carnegie family, Warburgs, Vanderbilt family, et al. may have been ruthless and hard men, but since they lacked the technological infrastructure for declaring war on the whole world, they were “safe” in that respect. Which is partly how John D. Rockefeller ended up building libraries and hospitals than trying to take over the world.

    Forgive me for sounding flippant, but if globalism is so gosh-darned wonderful, how come it is being imposed by force? The answer is that the billionaire oligarchs know full-well that what they want to do is widely unpopular and will be resisted by much of humankind. That is why they have gone to such enormous lengths to camouflage what they are doing with such causes as environmentalism, climate change, social justice, and all the rest of it.

    The recent confab at Davos revealed the actual level of concern these oligarchs hold for things like one’s carbon footprint. There were some 1,500 private jets in local airspace and on the ground in the region at the time of the get-together. Carbon footprint? What carbon footprint?!

    This is about wealth and power, nothing more. The rest is window-dressing.

    Getting back to the fortunes these individuals possess, it seems reasonable that if they use their fortunes as weapons against the rest of humanity, then they should be disarmed of those weapons.

    Or, as the grunts say, “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!”

    • My fondest daydream is of a kinetic strike from orbit upon the Davos elites; swat all the flies at once as they swarm over a ball of dung.

      I think Putin had the right idea in this regard. One of the first objectives he pursued upon gaining power was breaking the power of the oligarchs. Specifically those who were harmful to his goal of restoring the power and prestige of the Russian state. There are plenty of oligarchs now but they are akin to feudal lords in that they are allowed their fortunes only so long as they are obedient to the goals of the king.

      Contrast this to the West, where our oligarchs have grown so powerful they sneer at the king, replace him at will, and subvert the allegiance of his advisors and agents. Also, they run roughshod over the peasants whom they freely extort, extracting every penny of value from them while simultaneously indebting them through their rentier capitalism.

      Governments are really the only way to challenge their power, clip their wings, and confiscate their immense fortunes which are the source of their power. Yet governments have been completely captured by the ultra wealthy elites. This leaves a bottom up revolution as the only way to possibly go after them but this process is very messy and is easily subverted by the same elites it might have started against. I think the Soviets came the closest to achieving this goal but it required a very hard, ruthless, cruel, and ascetic man in the person of Stalin who simply did not care about accumulating wealth or living the life of an immensely wealthy tsar, preferring instead to simply kill anyone who might possibly be a threat to his power or whose death might be useful to increase the terror and fear of the state amongst the rest of his subjects.

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