Viktor Orbán: The Red Line is the Energy Embargo

In the following video Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán talks about where he draws the line on sanctions against Russia. He makes it clear that an energy embargo is off-limits because of the damage it would do to the Hungarian economy.

This clip was translated from its Italian subtitles. Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the English subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   There is a problem. The president of the European Commission [Ursula von der Leyen],
00:07   more or less willfully, has been threatening Europe’s unity,
00:10   which was something very hard to establish.
00:13   I had said yes to the first five packages of sanctions,
00:17   but we have made it clear from the start that there would be a red line
00:22   that we could never cross: that is, the energy embargo.
00:27   This proposal, made in such a form,
00:30   would be equivalent to an atomic bomb dropped on the Hungarian economy.
00:34   We know exactly what we need; we need five years to carry out the entire process.
00:40   We are not going anywhere with a year and a half exemption.

4 thoughts on “Viktor Orbán: The Red Line is the Energy Embargo

  1. No wonder he’s on the Ukranian “Governments” Hit-list for Assassination.

  2. Really too bad that there are no US politicians on either side of the aisle who will speak out against this insanity like Orban. He is a true hero.

    All of these sanctions against Russia are doing more to hurt the American people than the Russian oligarchs. We know that none of our rulers really cares about the human beings whose lives are being destroyed by this war. Where are the peacemakers?

    We are now living in a feudal society. The king is Pedo Joe Biden, the nobles are the oligarchs and congressmen and we are the serfs. That is the truth about our situation.

    The king of the USA is a senile, demented buffoon who can’t even read the teleprompter anymore. He is still Hussein’s puppet.

    Nobody is talking about what’s really happening in the USA, especially the pols and the king:

    1. Inflation that’s devalued our money.
    2. Starving infants who don’t have enough formula to eat.
    3. Heating oil and diesel over $6 a gallon. Thank god we are going into summer.
    4. Our southern border is non-existent. Everyone from all over just walks right in and gets more benefits than American citizens.

    I am praying that the November elections will make a difference. We cannot survive until 2024 at this rate.

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