The Vax is Harmless Because the Court Says So

In the following report on the upholding of a vax mandate in Germany, note this excerpt from the judges’ statement: “The very low probability of serious consequences of a vaccination…”

This is a simple assertion by the court, and is not supported by empirical data. Even official government statistics show the manifold detrimental side-effects of the “vaccine”, which include disability and death. It is widely thought that such adverse effects are under-reported, which means that the vax is more dangerous than the disease.

Through simple assertions such as this one, the law is made. No science is involved. No actuaries are consulted by the court. The reality is what the court says it is.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Die Welt:

Federal Constitutional Court approves institution-related Corona vaccination

Vaccination for nursing and medical staff is constitutional. The Federal Constitutional Court dismissed a constitutional complaint. The protection of vulnerable groups carries more weight than the restriction of fundamental rights.

The Federal Constitutional Court has confirmed the institution-related vaccination requirement. According to information on Thursday, the highest German court rejected a constitutional complaint against corresponding parts of the Infection Protection Act. “The very low probability of serious consequences of a vaccination is offset by the significantly higher probability of damage to the life and limb of vulnerable people,” the Karlsruhe judges justified their decision. The further development of the Corona pandemic with the Omicron variant does not justify a different assessment. (AZ: 1 BvR 2649/21)

The so-called facility-related compulsory vaccination was decided in December 2021 in order to better protect particularly vulnerable people, for example in nursing homes. Since mid-March 2022, employees in clinics, nursing homes or medical practices have had to provide proof of full Corona vaccination or recovery. Anyone who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons must also prove this. However, there are problems with the implementation of compulsory vaccination. After the failure of a general Corona vaccination requirement in April, calls to abolish facility-related vaccination requirements became louder.

More than 50 people came to Karlsruhe, many of whom are themselves employed in healthcare professions. The court rejected their urgent application for the temporary suspension of compulsory vaccination in February.

Afterword from the translator:

After Karl Lauterbach received a further €830 million for the vaccination mess and Karlsruhe had already waved all other Corona measures through, the verdict is not surprising. If politics hides the medical facts and the data that speak against “vaccination”, then why should the highest court deal with it in detail? Roland Freisler sends his regards from Hell, it would seem.

8 thoughts on “The Vax is Harmless Because the Court Says So

  1. If China really is their great play/test ground, then they really do want “vaccination squads” going door to door, breaking in doors, and injecting people by force. It’s for the public good!

    • A nice lunch with Merkel would be my guess, since she placed those judges.

    • Thirty pieces of silver.

      Although I wouldn’t be surprised if they were bought for even less. Fifty euros for a Ukrainian woman trafficked by Africans and a hidden video camera would probably suffice to buy all but the most prudish judge.

      • I think their price is something else.
        Money is secondary.
        They want power. But the dark side.
        Forbidden desires, evil desires.

  2. I am living in Karlsruhe. From my kitchen I look across the street into the house of a young family. The annual marathon goes down our street. The young fit marathon body build father from across the street ran it every year. There is a children’s shrine around the corner where he died whilst jogging shortly after being vaccinated. If he had been hit by a car there would be an investigation, but young fit heart attack after injection is no cause for concern. His surviving wife is in no state to challenge anything as the people around her urge her to get the next booster. The young teenager boys just want to distract themselves with sport but they must have the injection to do so. State is God and das folk must submit. The outrage and sadness that I had from looking across the street passed into despondency. I take the Christmas cards that they gave us on the Monday walks against tyranny, and to the recent Lawyers for Enlightenment protest in front of the Court where lawyers who personally know those responsible for this decision spoke against them. Once again The State survives middle-class outrage. The morally good lawyers were sure to speak against the AfD and so provided no effective alternative to The Uniparty. The politzi made occasional demands for distancing and masks as their contribution to the Theatre. My German wife has plenty more stories from her contacts but the neighbour across the street is stand alone adequate.

  3. The notavax is harmless ‘cuz the court says so, but if it injures you, you have no recourse because the court says you took it voluntarily.

    • There is always something you can do.
      You just need the willpower or anger to let go.

      But if you step on that path it is over.
      But at least you will see that they no longer have that smirk (you peasant!) on their face anymore.

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