Does Poland Have Designs on Western Ukraine?

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Anti-Spiegel:

Poland’s president speaks openly about annexation of western Ukraine

It’s not reported in the West, but Poland’s president spoke openly in a speech about Poland’s ambitions to annex parts of western Ukraine.

I have already reported that in Russia it was reported that there are ambitions in Poland to occupy parts of western Ukraine that Poland considers to be its historical possessions. Poland wants to send “peacekeeping forces” to Ukraine for this purpose, but the US has clearly said that in the event of a clash with the Russian military, Poland need not hope for NATO protection, because it would not be a Russian attack on Poland if Poland invaded Ukraine.

This and many other interesting details were reported by Russian TV on Sunday in its weekly news review and I have translated the Russian report on the subject. Based on the pictures shown, I recommend that you also look at the report, because together with my translation it is understandable even without knowledge of Russian. You probably need a VPN to view the report, though.

Start of translation:

Who drives Ukraine to war the most

Poland has even stopped hiding plans to capture several regions of western Ukraine. There it is presented as “reunification” with historical Polish possessions. Polish President Andrzej Duda confirmed this on Friday: “There will no longer be a border between our countries, Poland and Ukraine. That we live together on this land, building our common happiness and a common strength that enables us to ward off any danger or threat that may arise.”

One more detail: In May, the large-scale military exercise Defender Europe 2022 will take place in Poland. 18,000 soldiers and several thousand pieces of weapons technology will be involved in the maneuvers. The Polish Ministry of Defense has warned citizens that military equipment will be on the move in the country during the month. It was requested that they not photograph the movement of the equipment and not post any photos on the web.

Does President Zelensky understand what the Poles are planning? Probably yes. But he can’t do anything. He will do what his Western Lords and Masters tell him to do. If the West tells him to give it to the Poles, he will. Ukrainians are becoming a national minority.

A report from Ukraine

The Ukrainian territorial defense was sent to the front; the decision was made by the Verkhovna Rada. Demonstrations of relatives immediately formed in front of the military recruiting offices. This is the Transcarpathian town of Hust, where most of the residents are of Hungarian descent, but for some reason they are the first to be drafted into the Ukrainian army. And after these spontaneous protests, Hungary found itself among the enemies of Ukraine. It is also against the anti-Russian sanctions. The Prime Minister of Hungary is listed on the Mirotvorets website. (Russian translator’s note: Mirotvorets is a website run by Ukrainian nationalists where they post the personal information of people they consider to be opponents of Ukraine, and many of the people listed there were murdered. The site is supported by the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, by the way .)

“Hungary is openly committed to its cooperation with the Russian Federation. Besides, it thought it could take part of our territory from us,” said Alexei Danilov, secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. The Hungarian Foreign Ministry replies that this is a lie.

Ukraine now divides all countries into reliable and not so reliable countries. Here President Zelensky expresses his dissatisfaction with Turkey and Greece: “Russian tourism has brought Greece a lot of money for a long time. The situation in Turkey is the same. On the one hand, Turkey acts as a mediator and supports Ukraine with important steps, on the other hand, we see tourist routes specially prepared for Russian tourism. And that is impossible if we want to have friendly relations.”

The Greeks are shocked; the Turks are outraged. Zelensky, on the other hand, is always happy when he sees representatives of the Baltic states — like Great Britain, they now come to Kyiv every week, almost as if to work. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has personally sold Zelensky’s army sweater at a charity auction in London for £90,000.

“If you want to buy Vladimir’s clothes, the starting price of £50,000 is still cheap, raise your bids, spend more,” Johnson said. Johnson addressed the Verkhovna Rada via video link: “Ukraine will win. Ukraine will be free,” he said.

And it becomes clear who is driving Ukraine to war the most. The Ukrainian ambassador to the UK, Vadym Pristayko, immediately raises the idea of no more peace talks at all: “We are already past the stage when it was possible to negotiate and look for points of contact.”

Zelensky’s environment fantasizes more and more often about a Russian capitulation. The president himself does so in a sweater that looks exactly like the one being auctioned: “Russia has to pay reparations. Russia has to pay for everything. I think the rest of Europe has to do the same and help us.”

Everyone owes Ukraine — Zelensky is demanding $600 billion to rebuild the economy. There is a fuel crisis in the country, endless queues at the petrol stations, only ten liters of petrol are sold per person, but for double the price.

They’re asking for more guns. Speaking on Good Morning Britain, President Zelensky’s wife, who left the country in the first hours after the start of the Russian military operation, addressed the Europeans: “We need arms. Yes, mothers, children and the elderly in Ukraine need guns. So we ask you not to stop, but to increase the pace of delivery of heavy weapons.”

Military equipment and ammunition are brought from abroad anyway, but apparently not everything arrives at the front, as the video recorded by soldiers from a rifle battalion from Vinnytsia shows. The nationalists of Azov and Aidar are much better equipped and know that the Russian troops are after them. That’s why they promise not to take any prisoners. (Russian translator’s note: Ukrainian journalists are shown here asking the fighters if they take prisoners. The answer is unanimous: “no way”.) For President Zelensky, however, this is nothing unusual: “We follow the calls for radicalism very closely. I think there is very little of that in our state compared to most countries in the world,” he said.

This is despite the fact that Odessa, for example, is now ruled by Marchenko, the former commander of the neo-Nazi Aydar Battalion, who consistently destroys any mention of Russia in the city. The most recent example is a memorial from the Crimean War.

“The plaque near the well-known monument to the Glory of Enemy Arms has been removed forever. The only Russian weapons that can be in Odessa are those that they will abandon on the battlefield,” says Marchenko.

On the anniversary of the tragedy in which nationalists burned alive more than 40 people at the Trade Union House in Odessa, the homes of those who could have attended the commemoration were searched. (Russian translator’s note: Full details on the 2014 Odessa tragedy may be found here.) St. George ribbons and red flags were confiscated and the owners arrested as subversives and traitors to the state. Residents of Odessa are not allowed to leave their homes for two days. (Russian translator’s note: The St. George ribbons are a symbol of victory over Nazi Germany.)

The same was decided for May 9, and a two-day curfew was again imposed in Odessa. Only the Ukrainian military are allowed to go outside, and that’s how they behave, especially when they see civilians. (Russian translator’s note: A video from Odessa, already known in Russia, is shown in which the military shoot at unarmed civilians for venturing out into the street.)

End of translation

Afterword from the translator:

Somehow, all of what has happened and is happening looks to me like the prelude to the “Thirty Years War” that devastated Europe and especially Germany during the 17th Century. That one also started off fairly small at first, until everyone joined in the ideological and greed-driven feeding frenzy and carved out extra territory for themselves and marched their marauding armies all over. In the meantime, the “little” people were almost wiped out in certain areas. I remember reading a census of my hometown that was conducted by the surviving Wilhelmite monks of the Gräfinthal Monastery, from the year 1650. I paraphrase here, since I cannot now remember the exact numbers, but they were very low; it was something like — 3 men, 5 women, 3 Children, 2 pigs, 1 cow, 2 goats, 3 geese, 5 ducks and 8 chickens in area of roughly 36,000 hectares. The winners, as always, were the elites and the arms dealers.

17 thoughts on “Does Poland Have Designs on Western Ukraine?

    • I wouldn’t call the consequences unintended. Those that start wars know perfectly well what kinds of results they are after.

  1. Ukrainians flaunt their “Europeanness”. But they built this very “Europeanness” on the Polish cultural heritage. They ousted the Poles and replaced them. Eastern cities were built by Russians during the Empire. And now they want to remove the statue of Catherine the Great, who built Odessa. Ukrainians were predominantly rural population.
    This is called cultural appropriation.
    It’s like the Turkic Uzbeks pass off the ancient civilization of Persian Bukhara and Samarkand as their own.

  2. Where exactly is this “Polish plan to annex Western Ukraine”?

    There’s no talk of it in Polish media, including opposition – and even those who criticised the plan for Polish troops to be in a Nato “peace mission” to Ukraine (as it could fuel Russian propaganda about Poland annexing Western Ukraine) aren’t saying anything about this one.

    And no Poles I ever heard of, even hardcore nationalists, expressed any interest in “annexation of western Ukraine”. At best, outrage about support for Bandera, Polish dead there not being properly buried, etc.

    About “no border between Poland and Ukraine” – well Poland is the biggest advocate of Ukraine in EU (probably also for strategic reasons, as an ally on many issues against Franco-German stance)… And “no border” is what the EU is about, isn’t it?

  3. “Somehow, all of what has happened and is happening looks to me like the prelude to the “Thirty Years War” that devastated Europe and especially Germany”

    — Spot on.

    What could be more galvanising late afternoon entertainment for the elite in their lavish but boring castles and bunkers than to hunt us down in the Hunger Games that have been pre-programmed into our despicable brains?

    What better and more satisfying way to greatreset (cull, bleed out, break, divide, subjugate, humiliate, buy off, wire up, enslave and possess) the flesh and soul of the stubborn and dangerous native livestock of Eurabia, and then be worshipped by the survivors as their glorious saviour overlord?

    See? There can be more to life for the mightiest than the boredom of riches.

    • Seems I remember reading somewhere about the advantages to population control/manipulation of a semi-permanent war against Eurasia, alternating with semi-permanents war with Eastasia, but I just can’t put my finger on where I read it.

      Orwell and Huxley were talented fiction writers but even better students of politics, human nature, and the ideology to which they ascribed. What they wrote was neither fantasy or a how to manual. It was prophesy concerning the inevitable if the world did not destroy that ideology root and branch.

      Socialism has always worked exactly as designed.

  4. Poland’s historical borders have shifted so many times, in all directions, it would be a wonder if anyone could determine what they should be today.

    One thing I do know is that I’d like the Poles on my side in a fight. The raising of the Ottomans’ siege of Vienna in 1683 (see the name of this blog), by the arrival of the Polish cavalry under King Jan Sobieski III, comes to mind. More recently, the highest-scoring RAF squadron in the Battle of Britain in 1940 was a Polish one, no. 303. Their radio discipline was poor (deliberately?); they just wanted to kill Germans. And then Churchill betrayed them (and the Czechs) at the end of the war.

    • The state of our current army isn’t great though. Probably weaker than Ukraine’s. And we just sent over 200 tanks to Ukraine…

    • If your ancestors were not Jews, then these are empty dreams. The whole world pays reparations to only one people. Moreover, even those who have not been guilty of anything before them are paying.

    • Yes, and the 45% of Israeli Jews, who were (mostly) driven from Muslim countries in north Africa and the Middle East, from 1941, may get theirs back, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  5. According to Wikipedia, the info on Anti-Spiegel is produced by a Thomas Röper .

    From Wikipedia:
    “Thomas Röper (* 26. November 1971 in Bremen) ist ein in Sankt Petersburg lebender deutscher Sachbuchautor und Blogger. Er gilt als „Kreml-treuer“ Verbreiter falscher Behauptungen, Desinformation, Verschwörungsideologien, Fake News und russischer Regierungspropaganda. Seit 2018 betreibt er dafür den Blog Anti-Spiegel.”

    So he is a pro-Kremlin/Putin blogger.


    There it also states that he has written: “Kriegspropaganda für den Russischen Einmarsch in die Ukraine”… in other words, war propaganda for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    As an historical and political source Anti-Spiegel and Thomas Röper sits squarely with Putin’s propaganda apparatus. In other words, the “information” about Polish intentions presented above in this article is pure fiction and aimed at sowing dissent between Poland and Ukraine..

    Source criticism, guys!

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