Audit the Vax!

Virginie Joron is a French member of the European Parliament for Rassemblement National (National Rally). In the following video from the floor of the EP, Ms. Joron calls out the European Commission for the non-transparency of the EU’s purchases of doses of the COVID-19 “vaccine”. Billions of doses of the vax were bought and paid for by the EU, and a large proportion of them will have to be destroyed because they will remain unused after their expiration date.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I have one minute to talk about billions of euros being thrown out of the windows in Brussels,
00:03   so every second is very expensive. In this place, everyone is congratulating themselves
00:06   on the good management of the commission and its agencies. The European Medicines Agency
00:10   has a budget of €3,170 million.
00:13   84% of that revenue comes from Big Pharma. Should we congratulate them, too?
00:18   The commission was given the responsibility to purchase vaccines,
00:21   and has reserved, via text message, four billion doses
00:24   of Covid vaccine. Today there are still two billion doses waiting to be injected.
00:29   How many of these are already past their expiration date? Most of these doses are made by Pfizer.
00:35   This is a waste of at least 240 million doses. This same waste is responsible
00:39   for 77% of the increase in Pfizer’s sales.
00:43   Stocks are exploding. Twelve billion were manufactured in 2021
00:46   and double that number are expected in 2022.
00:49   Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland have been warning about this forced over-ordering
00:52   and want to suspend their orders from the commission.
00:55   When will the mismanagement that burdens European taxpayers come to an end?
00:59   When will there be an audit of the commission’s vaccine orders? And when will there be
01:02   an investigation concerning conflict of interest?
01:06   With Virginie Joron, Defending France and the French in the European Parliament.

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  1. let’s review all the paperwork to see if the manager of the European Medicines Agency shared the sales commission of the vaccine with Pfizer’s sales rep. Should be interesting.

  2. Send the bad batches to those deplorable kulak untermenschen infested places!
    We must keep the kulak scum out as they are shirkers in the New Man utopia.
    We are all in this golden workers paradise together and erbody poda hep or everybody is supposed to help.

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