Ecotokens for Compliant Drones

It appears that parts of Europe are about to launch a Chinese-style social credit system. The first rollout will reportedly be in Italy, but based on the following article, the planning for the Bavarian version was first: it began back in 2019.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this article from Report24:

Social Credit System not only in Italy: such a system is also coming to Bavaria this year

The “Smart Citizen Wallet” pilot project in Bologna, Italy, is currently making headlines. This is to be launched in September and will focus on “the virtuous citizen: Those who are good and, for example, separate their trash, save energy and use public transport, are to be rewarded with points for which they can secure certain benefits. What many consider to be the first social credit system in Europe is, sadly, not a novelty: In Bavaria, a very similar system has long been planned in the form of the “Ökotoken.”

The Bavarian “sustainability token” appeared earlier in the long version of the “climate protection offensive” of 2019. The stated goal is to “promote sustainable behavior in everyday life by rewarding environmentally conscious actions.” The token is intended to have a “signal effect for companies and citizens” (in other words, it is an educational measure). The State Ministry for Digital Affairs is responsible.

The brief description reads as follows:

  • Development of a documentation system including an evaluation framework, in which users can collect plus points in the form of sustainability tokens according to their environmentally conscious behavior; these can then be used for discounts with partners (theaters, swimming pools, possibly organic markets).
  • Establishment of a state office, creation of a consortium for the operative business.
  • Integration of a financial service provider, e.g. Landesbank, for in-valuation and exchange for the partners, see below.
  • Networking of partners from business and the public sector

Implementation was originally planned for 2021 — however, a response to a question to the Bavarian State Parliament in August 2021 indicates that Covid initially put a spanner in the works:

The “ecotoken” (working title) has not yet been used. The measure has been suspended mainly due to the pandemic situation, especially because of the bonus benefits for environmentally friendly behavior, which should preferably concern analogous activities, such as visiting cultural institutions or the like.

However, the project was only temporarily put on hold. A summary of the package of measures in the “Climate Protection Offensive” dated November 15, 2021, indicates that the so-called “ecotoken” is to be implemented in 2022. Of course, this fits in perfectly with the current “freeze for peace” propaganda: the Ukraine war is currently being shamelessly abused for the sake of pushing through the “energy transition”, which is highly damaging for Germany.

4 thoughts on “Ecotokens for Compliant Drones

  1. Hmmm … they call it democracy (whilst copying the Chinese) … truly “Western” trait.
    The day this is implemented can be called the first step towards totalitarianism in the West. All it will take is a couple of decades.
    Till now the socialists (leftists) were not able to muzzle free speech (as they would have liked). These steps will ensure the end of freedom.

    The virtue signalling on the back of the Russian invasion (an unacceptable invasion but for NATO) is masking the fact that it was the Europeans that needed an umbrella organisation (the ever incompetent UNO) to stop themselves from creating/committing violence.
    So they found other ways of doing it (regime changes, NATO, democracy v/s. communism and more) whilst lecturing every one else on the planet about democracy and peace.

    The silent tolerance, and acceptance, of this behaviour by the world (as recent as the NATO triggered Russian invasion) is now morphing into totalitarianism, starting with the Europeans themselves, and lo and behold, it’s done as a virtue.
    Collective dumbness.

  2. Any bets that organized crime will not sell fake tokens?

    Just asking for a friend…

  3. Well, Austria is right in the midst of this madness:

    If you walk, take the bus or ride your bike, you get access to culture. Given that a good-sized chunk of Austria is mountaineous, I venture the guess that very few Austrians will be able to partake in this craziness. Or is this plan aimed at separating the urbanites from the farmers? Asking for a friend.

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