Woman-on-the-Street Interview in Russia

The German tabloid Bild sent a reporter to Russia to interview people on the street about the war in Ukraine. In the following clip, a Russian woman gives the interviewer an earful.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Putin resorts to Plan B — Street Survey with Peter Tiede in Russia. —Do you recognize this?
00:04   That’s Kiev, this is what’s happening right now in Ukraine. Right now.
00:16   You don’t need to show me that. Those are all fakes.
00:21   No. No. —You don’t need to tell me no either. —No fake. No fake.
00:27   Why haven’t you been paying attention to what’s been going on the last eight years in Donbas?
00:32   While you were murdering! —It’s Kiev! Thousands of people in Kiev!
00:38   Kiev, Kiev, what’s that anyway? Those ultra-nationalists should scram.
00:45   Nationalists? It’s women and children! —Whose fault is that?
00:49   The Americans, of course. So! Go show that to the Americans!
00:53   We’re freeing the Ukrainians from these ultra-nationalists! Do you understand?
00:58   You should’ve been reporting on what was going on in Donbas for eight years,
01:01   and now you only show this kind of thing?

12 thoughts on “Woman-on-the-Street Interview in Russia

  1. This is not an indicator. The people are a rabble that obediently follows the tyrant (Firdousi).
    This is a special category of illiterate women who are used by Putin to spread his propaganda.
    If you meet someone more or less educated and civilized looking on the street, the answer will be quite different. If he doesn’t get scared.
    The level of repression as in 1938.
    Previously, they were sent to the Gulag, now those who disagree are given unrealistically huge fines if they dare to express their disagreement. And then bailiffs arrive, take away property, cars and block bank accounts.

    • Kind of sounds like the sam methods of repression used by little Fidelito or our own allegedly elected pResident Poopy Pants.

      • I used to have a friend in livejournal (disappeared somewhere), he commented in your noir style, but in Russian. He often referred to the film Brazil with actor De Niro.

    • It’s crazy how we arrived at this situation, which for most people, including me, was unthinkable just 10 days ago.

      I can only admire the bravery of the Russians protesting against the war, ready to get arrested in their thousands from the first day of this madness.

      Hopefully the anti-war movement can spread and, even more importantly, someone can remove the psychopath dictator asap.

  2. People in Russia are so brainwashed, that parents there don’t even believe their own children in Ukraine, when they call them and say what’s happening:


    And then there are all the videos of Russian soldiers, shocked and crying, when they find that the Ukrainian people greet them not with flowers, but insults. The Russian soldiers who into Ukrainian police stations to politely ask for petrol, only to get arrested. And the Russian POWs calling their mothers crying, asking them to tell others that they’ve been fed a lack of lies…

    And now Russian gov blocked Twitter and Facebook, and have an even bigger stranglehold on information.

    It’s like the Western MSM and “cancel culture”, but on steroids.

  3. This is Melitopol again. The city with a “significant ethnic Russian population” that this lady believes the Russians are coming to “liberate”…

    And time and again, its citizens make a heroic stand against Russian soldiers who fire their guns into the air.


    Meanwhile Russian artillery is obliterating a major Russian-speaking city, Kharkov, for several days…

    Putin’s regime doesn’t care about ethnic Russians. Nor the “ultra-nationalists” or “neo-nazis” in Ukraine (when they also have plenty of their own).

    They don’t even care about countering the “globalists”, when they deliberately flood the EU with masses of Muslim migrants through Putin’s puppet neighbour state, Belarus.

    Yes this lady in Russia, miles away from it all, is taking in all the lies broadcast by her TV.

    If this interview is anything to go by, there is not much hope…

    • Putin does an excellent job of dividing the peoples: to make the Russians of the south of Ukraine hate the Russians of Russia.

      • Tragic situation all round…

        Plenty lose – but who wins from this madness, started by Putin? That’s what I don’t get.

  4. I don’t agree. What you have never heard from the Western press is how Ukraine did things like shell the separatist regions for 8 years or block the water supply to Crimea. Here is one of the better more balanced looks at the situation. Hmm…I guess diversity is not a countries strength.


    Since you’re a GoV reader, I would think you should have a more skeptical view of the western press by now (or should I say propaganda). I don’t think there are any “good guys” in this whole mess, but I do feel for the average Ukrainian that is caught up in this conflict.

    • These separatist that have been shelled for eight years, are they the ones that are rebelling against kiev’s authority, and wanting to replace kiev’s authority with moscow’s authority. The same regions that wanted to be recognized as independent sovereign nations by putin, which were recognized as such by putin? I fail to see diversity in aligning with moscow, it is sameness of ideology, diworsity.

  5. What’s the point of discussing a stupid, brainwashed woman.
    The opinion of well-known rulers of thoughts does not decide anything, the opinion of the military with big stars does not decide anything, even the oligarchs do not decide anything. Even the crowds of people who took to the streets cannot change anything.

    By the way, Russia is completely unprepared for war. This is some kind of endless shame, even from the point of view of a militarist. I think it’s a massacre. This is a sacrifice of Ukrainian and Russian men arranged by Putin.

  6. I haven’t been able to move on from COVID coverage. Every time nationalist or ultranationalist was mentioned I thought unvaccinated.

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