9 thoughts on “Saves a Thousand Words

  1. Some good old Ukranian faces there. They should fit in well on this St Patrick’s day.

  2. The original news article doesn’t make it clear whether the Nigerian Ukrainians are citizens of Ukraine or simply used Ukraine to enter the EU and Ireland.

    If they used Ukraine to enter Ireland then they should have been sent back to Nigeria just like all the foreign students arriving in Poland from Ukraine.

    If they have Ukrainian citizenship, why is the obviously 18-60yo man not back in Ukraine fighting for his country? I’ve seen fatter men leaving their families to go back and fight. Or are they “Nigerians” now, once being “Ukrainian” opened all the doors?

  3. The cities,Odessa,Marioupole,Melitopole,Herson and Crimea(Taurida) were greek colonies,so we were lucky that our own people arrived here and very few Ukrainians who are Orthodox and do not cause any trouble.
    I prefer europeans than the islsmic scum.

  4. Well…global warming seems to be escalating fast, when even white Ukrainians get such a dark brown suntan even in winter…oh, wait…

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