Alice Weidel: “Compulsory Vaccination is an Act of Disenfranchisement”

Alice Weidel is the co-leader of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). In the following speech from the floor of the Bundestag, Ms. Weidel argues the case against mandatory injections with the experimental mRNA treatment that is intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Now Alice Weidel speaks for the AfD party.
00:16   Madame President, ladies and gentlemen,
00:20   the present motions for compulsory vaccinations, in their various forms,
00:24   are the product of stubborn obsession and ignorant denial of the facts.
00:31   This absurd and anachronistic debate, once again,
00:36   makes Germany look like a European oddity. Even our neighbors in Austria
00:40   have suspended the compulsory vaccination project for the time being.
00:44   Compulsory vaccination is based on false factual claims.
00:49   The claim that this vaccination effectively protects others from infection
00:55   and curbs the spread of the virus — is fake news. These claims are false.
01:01   Even the Robert Koch Institute had to admit this. The promised protection from
01:06   developing severe infection from the virus is also questionable in light of the growing proportion
01:10   of vaccinated and boosted patients in intensive care units.
01:15   There was never an overload of hospitals that would endanger the health system.
01:20   There isn’t an overload and there is no imminent threat of that. Incidentally,
01:24   the health minister had to unwillingly admit this.
01:28   Compulsory vaccination is also not necessary to prevent lockdowns in the autumn.
01:33   Lockdowns are prevented by the government’s not imposing any. It’s as simple as that.
01:39   The uselessness and harmfulness of lockdowns must be common knowledge by now.
01:45   However, the potential side effects of the mRNA and vector vaccines
01:52   are far more serious and widespread than originally claimed.
01:57   When will that actually be discussed in this chamber of parliament?
02:02   The arguments for compulsory vaccination were weak from the outset
02:06   and they have since collapsed like a house of cards. There is no legitimate
02:11   or constitutionally permissible justification for introducing
02:15   compulsory vaccination against Covid-19. Regardless of whether it’s compulsory
02:19   vaccination for everyone from age 18 or 50, compulsory vaccination for future Covid waves
02:24   or only for medical facilities. Compulsory vaccination violates central fundamental rights,
02:30   human dignity, the right to life and physical integrity,
02:36   and the right to freedom of belief and conscience.
02:40   There is no proportionality to legitimize such a serious encroachment on fundamental rights.
02:48   Compulsory vaccination is not suitable for achieving the desired goals.
02:52   It’s not even necessary. There are other and much milder therapies and measures.
02:57   It’s not even appropriate. The government is not allowed
03:03   to endanger the lives and health of some its citizens in order to protect other citizens.
03:09   The justification that compulsory vaccination is necessary to prevent overloading of hospitals
03:15   is not only wrong, it is dangerous.
03:19   Following this pseudo-logic, in the future people could be forced to undergo
03:24   all kinds of treatments, from compulsory medication for people at risk
03:28   for high blood pressure to compulsory diets for overweight people.
03:33   A politically self-created capacity bottleneck is enough to justify this.
03:38   I hope you realize how absurd this is.
03:42   Compulsory vaccination is an act of disenfranchisement.
03:46   It degrades millions of people from sovereign individuals,
03:50   endowed with rights of freedom and defense
03:54   to recipients of orders and objects of state arbitrariness.
03:59   It forces millions of people, millions of people into conflicts of conscience
04:05   and existential desperation. Dear colleagues from CDU party,
04:11   you support one of the compulsory vaccination motions.
04:15   You are riding a dead horse. Please get off.
04:19   Withdraw these motions and together we can end this wrongheaded path toward
04:24   mandatory vaccination for medical care facilities as soon as possible. As soon as possible.
04:31   Colleague, reach a conclusion, please. —In these difficult times, we cannot afford to divide
04:35   society further with compulsory vaccination based on stubbornness and dogmatism.
04:41   Ms… —For which there is no medical or legal justification. Thank you.

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  1. I just love Her , she is so intelligent and going right to the point !!, She will be good Bundeskanzler for Germany, but no Germans want to vote this idiots, traitors:SPD with this psychopath Lauterbach , and this crazy Useless Greens and traitors Lindner) FPD !!, what a bunch of destroyers to the country..

  2. I do not find that it is strange the Germany, Austria and Italy wanted compulsory ‘covid vaccination’. The love of State control must be in their genes.

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