Doc Nicked for Fake Vax Tix

As expected, there has been a brisk traffic in bogus “vaccination” certificates wherever vax passes and mandates have been imposed. In the following case from Germany, it’s not clear whether the doctor who was busted acted out of pecuniary motives, or because he believes that the mandates are morally and ethically wrong.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from T-Online. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Doctor is said to have barricaded himself in

False vaccination certificates: Police storm practice

Opponents of vaccination reportedly lined up for him because he distributed masses of false certificates. Now the police came to raid — and apparently had to break down the door.

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On Thursday afternoon, the police searched the practice of a doctor in Leverkusen who is said to have issued false certificates for exemption from a corona vaccination. The Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger reported about it first.

According to the newspaper, a reporter witnessed the raid: the doctor barricaded himself in, and the police then forcibly opened the door to the practice. In the last few days — according to the newspaper — there have been long queues in front of the practice.

Cologne public prosecutor’s office: Raid due to paragraph 278 of the Criminal Code

According to a spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office, the doctor is suspected of “issuing a certificate to various patients — without having previously examined them for their current state of health — for use by authorities — in which the patients are certified to have unspecified medical conditions as reasons not to be able to receive a Covid-19 vaccination.”

The raid took place on the basis of a decision by the district court in Cologne, it said. There was initial suspicion against the owner of the practice according to Section 278 of the Criminal Code: “Issuing incorrect health certificates”. In particularly serious cases, if the perpetrator acts commercially or as a member of a gang, there is a risk of up to five years in prison. [What would the penalty be for doctors who willingly and for serious financial reasons inject people with poison?]

The public prosecutor’s office declined to comment on the specific case. “In view of the ongoing investigation, and to protect the personal rights of those involved in the proceedings,” this is currently not possible, according to the public prosecutor.

Afterword from the translator:

Every doctor acts — or at least should act — out of good knowledge and conscience. Then he makes his decisions. The fact that a mask, for example, is harmful to health (CO2 rebreathing, germs, bacterial growth in the mouth, fungal infestation in the lungs, etc.) no longer needs to be discussed!

It is completely understandable that some doctors issued blank certificates at the time, because these facts cannot be refuted.

The same applies to experimental gene therapy, which has no effect — except side-effects — and is linked to a malicious criminal background.

4 thoughts on “Doc Nicked for Fake Vax Tix

  1. The same crackdowns are allegedly going on in several countries — so it is globally concerted. However, I have not seen any hard proof that such counterfeit passports really existed or there has been a real police raid anywhere. So it may all be just propaganda or at least inflated half-truths, or even false flags.

    That said, the point is not really if these events are real. The point is that the propaganda about them is real.

    And what is the purpose of this propaganda then? I think it is to cement the New Normal by conditioning the herd into accepting the inversion of the old norms and old legal system, and make it a crime to oppose THE crime of treason being committed by our now subverted institutions and systems that are functioning as the weaponized arms of the parasitic overclass.

    This will leave three options for us peasants in the face of the new electronic prison planet ID system: (1) submit to it (2) be criminalized if you resist it (3) become an actual outlaw.

  2. Here in Australia ( Queensland) we are all still crawling around with masks and SHUT OUT of pubs, clubs, restaurants, cinemas, coffee shops and any retail that exhibits a Warning Notice on the QR Code entry icon.
    My Family is vaccine free through conviction against medical apartheid and coercion. 14 days ago three of us (ages from 74, 38 and 19) contracted Omicron. Our recovery rate was 3 days, 8 days and 12 days respectively. Yes, it was physically unpleasant – reminiscent of the ‘Flu’ – (from those halcyon days when we were allowed to use that ‘F’ word ) – and now we are all bouncing with NATURAL ANTIBODIES and longing for a change in Givernment and Health Tsars!!!!

  3. Baron, your header is a riff on something I’ve seen before, but can’t remember what- maybe a newspaper headline, probably from the US? Please put me out of my misery.

    • The title is an hommage to the headlines in Variety, the weekly show biz magazine. I don’t know if they still do it, but they used to be famous for their clipped, monosyllabic, slangy titles. I always admired the form, and occasionally like to try and imitate it.

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