Three Corona Tales From Italy

The following three videos are all related to the Wuhan Coronavirus crisis in Italy, and more specifically to the “vaccines” that are being marketed to fight the bug.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

In the first video from a TV talk show, an Italian professor named Andrea Crisanti explains that the vax is ineffective against the Omicron variant. Nevertheless, he thinks it’s a good idea for everybody to get jabbed:

The second video featuring an Italian virologist also highlights the ineffectiveness of the vax, although that’s not his point. He’s triple-jabbed, but he caught Covid anyway, and he thinks the vax saved his life:

The final video concerns the sudden death of Dr. Domenico Biscardi, a researcher who was investigating the contents of the Corona “vaccines”. We live in paranoia-inducing times, so there is no shortage of speculation about the cause of Dr. Biscardi’s death:

Video transcript #1:

00:01   Specific vaccines against the variants are needed, for example a vaccine against Omicron,
00:07   because it is not that sensible to keep up with booster shots.
00:12   Yesterday Pfizer said that next March a specific anti-Omicron vaccine will be available.
00:19   Does it mean we will all have to get a fourth dose? What do you think the scenario will be?
00:24   Look, I believe that this war on the variants is intrinsically linked
00:30   to the limited effectiveness of these vaccines, over time.
00:35   If we had had a different type of vaccine, one that is capable of granting immunity
00:39   for two or three years, we would not be in this situation.
00:43   The real issue is the structure of these vaccines.
00:47   In my opinion our priority is to fund the research into creating new vaccines,
00:52   which are more lasting, and somehow less expensive.
00:56   And so affordable by low income countries, too.
00:59   Because we cannot solve this problem, if we are alone…
01:02   But don’t you think they are already researching, in order to create such a vaccine?
01:08   Yes, they are but I don’t think that the problem can be solved by Pfizer or Moderna,
01:14   who are creating mRNA vaccines against Omicron.
01:19   The problem is more structural, in my opinion.
01:22   That is, it is due to the nature of these vaccines that grant immunity
01:26   for just four or five months at most, as we have seen.
01:29   And we cannot vaccinate 50 million people every four months.
01:32   If I may say, it is not something doable.
01:36   So, all right, we may also create an “updated” vaccine
01:39   that is `against this variant, it is a tactical choice,
01:42   but from a strategic point of view, our priority is to invest into a different kind of vaccine.
01:48   For example, the anti-hepatitis B vaccine has a twenty years effectiveness!
01:52   There are vaccines that grant an impressive kind of immunity.
01:56   This mRNA vaccine, compared to the others, is not one of the best vaccines available, objectively.
02:01   It is the only one we have. It protects us.
02:04   This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get this vaccine. Nevertheless, I see that
02:08   there will be problems in the long run, which are based to the strategy of this vaccine.
02:13   Thank you, Professor Crisanti.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Today I am quite better, but I have been so sick.
00:06   I come out: apparently on December 31 or some days before someone passed the Omicron variant to me.
00:11   Even though I lived a retired life, meeting very few people.
00:17   That’s how M. Galli, chief of the infectious diseases unit of the Sacco Hospital of Milan,
00:23   revealed that he tested positive for Covid-19 to Mattino5 TV show
00:28   During the time between Christmas and New Year’s Day
00:32   I talked to my patients only by email or by phone.
00:35   I have talked to some people without wearing a masks, but not altogether.
00:40   This tells a lots about how contagious this variant is.
00:46   The variant I caught was certainly Omicron; it was sequenced by my laboratory team.
00:52   For the elderly like me, it is definitely not something pleasant.
00:58   Galli also added:
01:03   If I hadn’t got the three shots of vaccine, this would have been definitely worse,
01:09   taking into account my age and my story.
01:14   So, without ifs or buts, we need to get vaccinated. At least we won’t die. This is a given.

Video transcript #3:

00:02   Domenico Biscardi was a Campanian PhD who was investigating the content of the anti-Covid vaccines.
00:08   He was found dead in his home while he was conducting research on something very important.
00:16   He was a scientist from Campania and his important research concerned the content of vaccines.
00:22   He had been trying to figure out what lay behind the pandemic for two years.
00:26   The PhD was found dead in his home. The news of his death
00:30   has disrupted all those who were following and supporting him for a long time.
00:35   A PhD and a researcher who, thanks to his skills, had been busy investigating
00:39   what lies behind the narrative of this pandemic, for the last two years.
00:43   His death is still shrouded in mystery, for the moment.
00:47   It is rumored that Dr. Biscardi had been visited by the NAS [Health Inspections Police]
00:50   some days before his death,
00:53   because of the very important and significant researches he was conducting.
00:58   The scientist was investigating the content of the anti-Covid vaccines.
01:02   He had revealed it in several social media, through audio files which had been shared by everyone.
01:08   The hypotheses about his death, shrouded in mystery, are spreading.
01:13   The main hypotheses are two. According to the first, the physician apparently died of heart attack.
01:17   People claim his sudden death might have been caused by the excessive stress
01:23   due to the his researches and the accusations during the NAS inspections.
01:29   The second is surely much more alarming.
01:32   Some have insinuated that he might have been murdered
01:36   because he was about to discover the truth and reveal it to everyone.
01:40   It deals with hypotheses widespread on the net. Investigations are still underway.
01:45   That is why we don’t know the actual cause of death yet.

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  1. It seems none of the world’s leaders nor health experts can put together a basic Risk-Based Cost-Benefit Analysis. The mRNA Covid shots are not a vaccine, they do not give you immunity. The mRNA Covid shots are a human experiment to game the immune system to react to programed contagions. It would be absolutely great if it worked, but it does not and BigPharma and our governments knew they would not work prior to releasing and mandating them.

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