The Next Fortuyn Will Be Baudet

Thierry Baudet is a popular Dutch politician who has alarmed the mandarins of the Deep State. H. Numan’s latest essay discusses Mr. Baudet’s possible demise.

Foreword by H. Numan

I was asked to translate my latest Dutch essay for you folks. So here we go.

Before we start, a bit of groundwork. I’ll be referring a lot to ‘regents’. Who are they? You call them the ruling elites. Remember your Civil War? Less than 10% owned nearly all the slaves. They didn’t fight themselves, but made the 90% who were not slave owners fight for them*. They weren’t punished after the war, and only disappeared in the 1960s, when the South demographically changed. At the same time, the South also changed from staunchly Democratic into staunchly Republican. Not a coincidence.

In the Republic of the United Netherlands, regents were the elite families that ruled the country. Which they still do. Officially, most of those families died out or otherwise disappeared. However, in reality they are still there. At the very least as an institution. The powerful and very rich have their own ideas and interests, very different from yours and mine.

A good example is the murder of Pim Fortuyn. Who did it? Officially, Volkert van de Graaf, acting alone. He served a remarkably short sentence (12 years), and was rewarded with bought an expensive villa after his release. The hourly wage in prison is €0.76. If he saved all his earnings, and didn’t spend any of it, he wouldn’t be able to make the first down-payment. Let alone the total. At the same time, princess Beatrix bought a new stallion. She named him… Volkert. I wonder why.

The reason why Fortuyn was murdered is that he wanted to change the system. In his case, the abolition of the monarchy, or at least that it be much restricted, and a full stop on muslim migration. We regents (here we go!) didn’t want that. The regents in the past had a nice investment scheme running. Not all of them participated, but many did. Today most of them share similar political preferences and highly progressive ideas. Not all of them are progressives, but most are. The population (everybody else) mostly does not.

Their latest victim is a new party, Forum for Democracy, led by Thierry Baudet. This is a true liberal party, in the official and real meaning of the word. I know — and resent — that you Americans nowadays call left-wing loonies liberals. I find that highly offensive. The mortal enemy of socialism is liberalism. Unfortunately, the feelings aren’t mutual. Otherwise we wouldn’t be in this mess.

The next Fortuyn will be Baudet

by H. Numan

The list of charges against the Forum for Democracy (FvD), and in particular Thierry Baudet, is endless. Each one more irrational and plain bats**t crazy than the last. The accusers no longer imply that Baudet is the next Hitler. They state outright that he is. Based on the flimsiest of evidence, if one can call it evidence. It’s Fortuyn all over again. Before his death, Pim Fortuyn was vilified by the left-wing parties and all media in exactly the same way. They await a new Volkert anxiously. Why is Baudet so hated? Why not Pieter Omtzigt? Why is Wilders more or less out of the picture?

Let’s begin with Pieter Omtzigt. He was the no. 2 man in the Christian Democrat Party. Lost the leadership only because they (everybody else in the CDA top) didn’t want him there. After that, Omtzigt was made to resign from his party. God was on the side of the CDA leadership, as that happened following the elections. They got 15 seats. Immediately after Omtzigt’s resignation they dropped to 9 in the polls. Currently they are polling at 5 seats. And… the end is not near!

It’s very likely Omtzigt will start his own party. He’s by far the most conservative and outspoken (by Dutch standards, that is) Roman Catholic in the CDA. He’s highly popular, and if he forms his own party, he’ll get more than 20 seats immediately. He doesn’t get any threats from the left, simply because he’s not dangerous to them. He never sought an alliance with conservative (PVV, FvD, etc.) parties. The boycott against the PVV was OK by him. Pieter has no problems at all handing over full sovereignty to Brussels. Controlling muslim migration is not on his agenda. It’s possible Omtzigt will cooperate with conservative parties, for want of anything better, but not likely. He is an honest man and a hard worker. But through-and-through a CDA politician, even though his party kicked him out. Don’t expect any changes from him. At best he would resurrect the CDA into a kind of Lazarus Party. That’s why the left doesn’t bother with him.

Now it’s Geert Wilders’ turn. Why is he (sort of) left alone? That’s because Wilders too is no threat to the left. Wilders has been made powerless. The usual method is by making someone ridiculous. That worked well on Hendrik ‘Boer’ Koekoek. He was a farmer who became a politician with a grudge. Boer means farmer, and his family name is Cuckoo. That method didn’t work on drs. Hans Janmaat. He used to be a CDA politician, but set up his own party. Somewhat out of the system. He couldn’t be ridiculed, so another tried and tested method was used. He was nazified. All media and political parties painted him as a neo-Nazi. So much so that only neo-Nazis supported him.

The sad part of the story is that had we followed his advice, almost all of the problems we face today would have been avoided. Not only that, but completely painlessly. Many years after his death some regents — grudgingly — admit he was right. Mass migration began in the 50-60s, not on Lampedusa after 9/11.

Both methods were applied to Wilders, without any success. Far from it; he only became more popular. The regents haven’t been in power continuously since 1572 by being stupid, so they tried something else. They sued him into the poorhouse. You see, only parties with members are subsidized. Wilders set up his party without any members. With good reason, because it makes a coup from within impossible. Something both mohammedans and left-wing parties have lots of experience with.

Next, Wilders and the PVV are out of the news. Completely. Not a peep. Only when Wilders visits Ter Apel (to visit the asylum center) or Volendam, it will be casually mentioned in the news. Otherwise you wouldn’t even know he exists. That’s not one broadcasting station, it is all media. Radio, TV, papers, print, everything. There are no major independent media in The Netherlands. Yes, plenty of media. But all are government-controlled. Just like during the 17th century, by controlling their purses. You can set up a TV or radio station, with government subsidy. Provided you follow some guidelines. Or you find the money yourself, and be independent. Very few independent broadcasters exist. It’s a tough business with many risks and few rewards.

The story that the Republic was a haven for freedom of expression is a myth. The regents only allowed freedom of expression and press outside the Republic, not inside. Spinoza and Descartes could write anything they wanted about religion and the king of France. Provided they didn’t mention the Republic and certainly not Calvinism. When they did, they were in deep trouble. Public opinion in the Republic was much more tightly controlled than in France at that time. So little has changed…

Another very effective method is demanding accountancy for donations. Donate as little as a postage stamp over the limit, and a thorough investigation will be demanded. What if other party bigwigs get a villa donated? We simply don’t talk about it. That’s swept under the rug.

There is another method, very effectively used by the left: claiming the moral high ground. It’s simply a continuation of Christian morality, but applied differently. Your opponents have to work twice as hard to win a debate.

For example: “Refugees must be taken care of. We aren’t barbarians!” That’s a statement everybody has to agree with. That way you control the debate. Of course refugee-peddlers never ever say openly: we want as many mohammedan men as we can get, and house them as luxuriously as possible. Instead they say they only want to receive them with hospitality, and offer them a dignified future. Not much you can argue against.

The same method is used in the climate debate. “The climate is changing. 97% of all scientists agree about that.” That’s true, but doesn’t mean anything. Science isn’t made by voting, but by peer review research. Something progressive atheists proclaim ad nauseam in religious debates. Besides, 50 trillion flies munch on manure. That doesn’t make it taste any better.

Next, a dogma is declared. Climate change caused by humans is a fact. You are not allowed to debate that “fact”. If you do, you are ignorant, don’t know the facts, are a right wing extremist, and so on. That perfectly distracts from the real issue, which is a left-wing takeover by using the environment.

Finally we come to Baudet being nazified. Just about every day someone spills the beans about him on radio or TV. When he appeared on the political scene, the left idolized him. He set up another conservative party, one that took seats away from Wilders. Marvelous! That ambitious nincompoop will rid us of the blond terror.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way. The regents didn’t mind at all Baudet entered their turf. Most new parties and politicians disappear after the next election. Only Baudet didn’t. He stayed. What’s more, his party grew in size. Baudet was here to stay. Even worse, he was busy filling a niche created by the regents themselves. They know very well that when one large party disappears, another party will fill that spot.

The PVV party began as a split-off from the liberal VVD party. Yes, the VVD was originally a conservative liberal party. Wilders very quickly focused on the common folk in the electorate. Joe the Plumber has no business voting for the VVD, at best for want of anything better. The same goes for the Labour Party (PvdA) which has already committed suicide. That’s why the PVV remains a large and growing party.

Enter Thierry Baudet. He saw an opportunity to set up his own party, slightly higher in the electoral market than the PVV. He has a very similar program, only more focused on middle-class income and much better phrased. I don’t like him, because I find it very cheap to steal the labors of others. But that’s just me. The PVV and FvD can cooperate well together in a coalition, an almost seamless match. A much better match than VVD-PvdA coalitions, where the differences (used to be) huge.

That really scares the regents. The PVV is steadily growing, and is a major party that wants out of the system. “Our” parties (VVD, PvdA, CDA, D66) are evaporating. As long as there is no choice for voters, who cares? That is the single reason why the VVD still is the biggest party.

However, those formerly big parties left gaps that are currently being filled. The PVV is a new — and this time real — people’s party. Without a shred of socialism in it. FvD is beginning to replace the VVD as a real middle-class liberal party. Again, without any socialism. The CDA collapsed, and will be replaced by yet another new party, BBB. Their leader is Caroline van der Plas. Hugely popular, and not a fan of socialism. Folks, this is becoming a disaster! The people don’t need us regents anymore!

So they look for the easiest victim, which happens to be Thierry Baudet. Caroline is too new. Attacking her wouldn’t work. Loads of irate farmers would immediately start riots. Attacking Wilders simply doesn’t work and he is harmless at the moment. So Baudet it has to be.

Baudet is a young inexperienced politician. When his party began to grow, it attracted a lot of wannabes. For example, Joost Eerdmans. An everlasting political failure fluttering from one party to another. He never succeeds, and never gives up. And Annabel Nanninga, a journalist with huge ambitions. As soon as they could they tried to take over his party from within and failed. (That’s the reason why Wilders doesn’t want a member party.) So they took their seats and set up a new party, JA21. The J stands for Joost and the A for Annabel. 21 is the founding year. Clearly a party that caters to a large electorate!

Now, what is interesting is that the left only attacks FvD, not JA21. Even though JA21 is bigger at the moment and is represented in Amsterdam. Which has at the moment a communist (GL) mayor and city council. JA21 pretends to have a “decent” conservative program (in reality it’s exactly the same program the FvD has). Well, that better be a “politically correct” conservative program, if they don’t want to be tarred and feathered. Knowing Eerdmans and Nanninga, that won’t be a problem.

The regents are getting really scared now. This is getting out of control in a hurry! You can see that in the accusations against Thierry Baudet. Apart from the usual embezzlement charges by the absconded treasurer, they get preposterous.

Thierry is forming his own Leibstandarte Thierry Baudet! Yeah, no other party has security. Least of all the PvdA, GL and the Socialist party. Come on, get real.

Thierry is forming his own Baudet Jugend! They train with weapons! As proof a guy is shown wearing a pocketknife on his belt.

Call Yasser Feras (Jesse Klaver). Ask him about the explosives that army ordnance removal found on his very own desk, when he led DWARS, the Hitler Jugend from Green Left. Or Femke Halsema, the communist mayor of Amsterdam. Her husband and son know all there is to know about illegal firearms. You know who really like camping? Muslim youths, where they are trained with AK… Ah, korans! 47 times daily.

What really irritates the left is the breaking of their monopoly on WW2 slander by Baudet. Until now you could without punishment call everyone you don’t like a Nazi. Provided that you are progressive. Baudet had the audacity to call for tribunals. A tribunal = Nuremberg = WW2 = their monopoly! Never mind the context. He was talking about injustices that need to be put on trial. That is irrelevant. He said tribunal, that means he must be a Nazi!

Freedom of speech is, for the left, freedom of their speech. Not of anyone else. Look at how they described Trump for four years. Hitler, the Antichrist, or the devil himself. “That’s freedom of speech.” Now the slogan ‘let’s go Brandon!’ pops up. Biden looks like what he is, a fool. All of a sudden no more freedom of speech. That slogan is racist, slanderous, discriminatory and a danger to the state.

This rather lengthy essay is much longer in order to give you a proper perspective. America got rid of her Southern regents a century after the Civil War. I doubt if we can ever rid ourselves of our regents. What happened with Pim Fortuyn was his death followed by the demise of his party. First he was vilified. Soon after that, murdered. He was elected from the grave, a first time ever in a democratic country. His party won by a landslide. The regents didn’t mind. There was only one man that mattered, and he was dead. His party collapsed soon afterwards. It was the shortest cabinet in history.

The main reason why our regents are so worried about Baudet is his membership rate. He doesn’t hold that many seats in parliament, but his party has the most members already of any party. In membership they are bigger than the VVD conservative party. That means in the next elections there is a real chance Wilders and Baudet will win. And that we can’t tolerate.

— H. Numan

*   Note from the Baron: This is not entirely true. My great-great-grandfather owned slaves, and also fought in the war. Many other Southern landowners did the same. They generally became officers. The wealthier ones were colonels, but my ancestor was only a second lieutenant. It would have been considered shameful for a gentleman not to enlist. It may be that some of the wealthiest scamped their duty, but many landowners fought, and some of them died.

Key to Dutch parties:

FvD   Forum for Democracy
    Forum voor Democratie
    Conservative, populist, Euroskeptic
VVD   People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy
    Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie
PvdA   Labour Party
    Partij van de Arbeid
    Social democrats
PVV   Party for Freedom
    Partij voor de Vrijheid
    Classical liberal, Islam-critical
SP   Socialist Party
    Socialistische Partij
    Left-wing populists, former Maoists, to the left of communists
CDA   Christian Democratic Appeal
    Christen-Democratisch Appèl
    Christian democrats, center-right
D66   Democrats 66
    Politieke Partij Democraten 66
    Centrist social liberals
CU   ChristianUnion
    Christian Democrats, left-wing, only “conservative” in being ostensibly religious
GL   GreenLeft
    Environmentalism plus hard left
SGP   Reformed Political Party
    Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij
    Christian right, advocates a Christian theocracy
PvdD   Party for Animals
    Partij voor de Dieren
    Animal rights
Denk   Denk
50+   50PLUS
    Pensioners’ party
VNL   VoorNederland
    For The Netherlands
    Classical liberal party
PPNL   Pirate Party of the Netherlands
    Piratenpartij Nederland
    Anti-copyright, transparent governance
JA21   Right Answer 21
    Juiste Antwoord 21

6 thoughts on “The Next Fortuyn Will Be Baudet

  1. Big fan of Numan’s essays here. But sorry to say, this one is terrible. I begins with a gratuitous and misleading attack at American South. Then it continues at a galloping pace not possible for an outsider to follow.

  2. This just goes to show you that you ain’t voting your way out of this mess. So called democracy doesn’t exist in the west except on paper. If you want this to change you have to do things that will scare the living daylights out of these so called rulers, being unpredictable as to places, times and people strains the security forces to their limits, and that is where they make their mistakes, for they have to get it right every single time, you only have to get it right once. Once these so called powers that be are sufficiently scared out of their minds at every shadow, they will become more and more authoritarian and make many mistakes that can be exploited for great propaganda purposes. In holland their electrical grid is as more vulnerable than the US due to everything being in close proximity to each other. Those bloody windmills are not hard to deal with either, nothing a little imagination and some determination can’t fix. Heck these politicians and powers that be have homes they go to at night, many different things you can do to throw a monkey wrench into the system. Get bloody busy!

  3. Of course, the obvious reason that anno 2022 no longer Wilders and the PVV, but Baudet and the FvD have become the first target of the establishment in the Netherlands, is that the official discourse changed globally since early 2020.
    For decades, the elite has tried to undermine Western societies by mass-immigration, a lethal development that’s still being perpetuated today, but which the MSM deliberately placed under the radar of this corona hysteria.
    In addition, there is the continuous underlying policy of undermining the core of society, the family, by ridiculing Christianity and promoting radical feminism, lgbt-cults and gender-madness.
    When the elite saw that the demise of the West still didn’t go fast enough for them, they opened the floodgates of migrants in 2015 and thought out a way to set up the young generations against the middle-aged and old ones, by promoting climate hysteria and the Greta-cult and the even worse X-Rebellion, and subsidizing the old hardcore Antifa.
    At the same time, on a pan-European scale, the EU was transformed in a negative direction, to become a destroyer of nations and democracies, instead of the cooperation between autonomous democracies, which it originally proclaimed to promote.
    Wilders’ party always took and still takes a consequent clear stance on most of these highly problematic “old” issues, but especially on the islamic threat, while the party of Baudet until then mainly focused on the EU as the main issue, which was also popular but definitely not issue Nr 1. While also acknowledging immigration and multi-culti as a problem, the FvD never really dared to mention Islam itself. It focused rather on the vague term “Dutch culture”, while avoiding to mention the name of its perceived predator. Whether this was out of (understandable) fear for terror attacks, opportunism (keeping coalition options open to the centre parties) or profiling (to show that they were in fact different from the PVV), or all three of them, is open for debate.
    However, because the FvD managed to present itself in a more “sophisticated” and “intellectual” way than the PVV ever could, and (at that time) seemed to be able to navigate the debates with a staunchly conservative stance on many issues, but without ever crashing into explosive areas that the PVV touched upon, many sensible Dutch citizens (and also foreign residents) started to regard the FvD as the best alternative.
    However, then there was a rather painful article written by the FvD’s second man of the time, Theo Hiddema, that integration of “culture enrichers” could take place “between the sheets” (meaning in practice of course only islamic men with white women). After reading this article, many members of the FvD left the party in painful disappointment, concluding that the PVV was in fact maybe still the only choice. Then followed scandals of anti-semitic remarks in social media by some members of the youth department, of whom Baudet was accused to not distance himself from quickly enough. It turned out to be an incident of only a few immature youth members, who were dismissed from the party. However, due to the topic itself, with the memories of Auschwitz very much alive in the Netherlands, it was a very unpleasant event, which the left and the establishment also sought to exploit and perpetuate, so it almost led to the implosion of the party. Many members left, and some of them started a new party, the rather opportunistic JA21, while others, who could have been very competent party members, f.ex. Professor Paul Cliteur, left politics all together. For a moment it seemed the FvD was dead and the PVV would make a revival, collecting back all the lost souls.
    Then came corona. Although initially both the PVV and the FvD supported the lockdowns implemented by the government, after a few months, when it turned out that this corona was not at all the threat it was presented to be, Baudet and his party made a brave move, and became the first party to openly oppose these destructive lockdowns. The PVV was much slower to act against the lockdowns, still focusing on islamisation as the main problem, which is, in fact, also necessary.
    When mandatory vaccinations entered the debate, the FvD no longer stands alone, and gets support from the the independent ex-member van Haga, the PVV, the newly formed Farmers’ Party, and also, ironically, from old Communists (SP), the crazy Animals Party and, yes, the Islamic party DENK (not so strange if one thinks this through), so basically everyone in opposition to the power.
    However, it’s the FvD that has been driving the debate, with Baudet, van Haga (formerly a member), and some young clever members van Meieren and van Houwelingen. All initiatives to debate the issue and to present real, true scientific figures on the matter come from the members of the FvD, while the others either follow (those mentioned above, including the PVV), sleep (some minor parties) or violently try to block the debate (establishment parties).
    So, it’s clear. The modus operandi of the elite, through which they try deceive and suppress the population, has drastically changed since 2020.
    And anyone daring to open the debate about is, is in risk of being ostracized, cancelled and de-platformed, if not worse.

    • It no longer matters, you ain’t voting your way out of this mess, what part of that do you not bloody understand? You will have to fight your way out of it, or be sheep for the slaughter.

    • I don’t get it. Why do the “regents” want to keep ruining their own countries? Why keep allowing so much illegal immigration. I would think the wealthy would want to protect their own society.

      • Because those regents actually think they will be able to rule the 3rd worlders in their country, they too will be slaughtered for their feckless stupidity.

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