Deaths Among the “Unvaccinated”

It’s become clear over the past few months that one of the key strategies for hiding the deadly adverse effects of the COVID-19 “vaccines” is the use of the official definition of “unvaccinated”. A patient who is injected with the experimental mRNA treatment is considered “unvaccinated” until fifteen days have passed since his second jab. Some of the most severe reactions to the vax — including those resulting in death — occur within two weeks, so those serious adverse effects are conveniently being recorded as occurring among the “unvaccinated”. Those who experience adverse reactions to the vax often show symptoms that resemble those of Corona, so that deaths among the recently “vaccinated” are sometimes reported as “unvaccinated patients who died of Covid”.

The following report from Germany, using graphical data from the UK, makes it quite clear what is happening. Those sudden spikes in deaths are statistical anomalies for which the only reasonable explanation is that they are the result of the jab in each given age group.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   For a meeting with Prof. Dr. Christof Kuhbandner, we go to Munich in Bavaria.
00:04   He teaches psychology at the University of Regensburg. He also has published articles
00:08   in international journals on the methodological aspects of the Corona pandemic.
00:14   During an analysis of the Corona data, he came across an English study which alarmed him.
00:22   The cornerstone for the English statistics group was the mortality rate.
00:28   The blue curve represents the unvaccinated. Unvaccinated people.
00:33   The orange curve represents the vaccinated persons.
00:37   However, here in the English statistics, I noticed a very interesting thing — visually.
00:41   It is something I believe is very recognizable, even for a layperson.
00:45   The curve of the unvaccinated has a very peculiar peak.
00:49   You can see it running along and suddenly the mortality rate triples or quadruples.
00:56   It always happens at different times.
01:00   Then the English statisticians asked themselves what could be behind this?
01:06   They then realized that vaccination campaign was taking place in England at exactly these times.
01:11   At the beginning of 2021, the vaccination campaign began in England.
01:15   First, it was mainly the over 80-year-olds that would be vaccinated. In this age group,
01:20   the death curve reaches its peak at the end of January.
01:23   The 70-year-olds were vaccinated on average one month later.
01:26   Deaths reach maximum at the end of February. Finally, in March,
01:30   the 60-year-olds were vaccinated, and in parallel
01:33   there was a marked increase of deaths among the unvaccinated.
01:36   This effect appears completely absurd.
01:39   Why are the Covid vaccine campaigns affecting the unvaccinated?
01:43   They concluded that apparently in England, people who have received the first vaccination,
01:49   but had not passed the two-week mark following the first vaccination —
01:53   they were listed as unvaccinated.
01:57   Now we’re seeing something very troubling.
02:01   Presumably, this is the assumption of the English statisticians,
02:05   The tripling and quadrupling of the death rate actually comes from the deaths
02:10   that occurred in the vaccinated group, but they were not past the two-week mark post-vaccination.

6 thoughts on “Deaths Among the “Unvaccinated”

  1. Big Pharma …Big Tech and others knew exactly what was going on…Thats why they changed the definition of a vaccine and changed the rules on who to count and when to count someone as vaccinated.. These are crimes against humanity.. Crimes against humanity are horrible but never in history did the criminals target children….UNTIL NOW……NUREMBURG 2.0 and the gallows cant come soon enough…

  2. Believe me, I noticed this very fact, very early on.

    I am sensitive to changes in language by the ‘officials.’ When they used the term ‘fully vaccinated,” I wondered to whom it was significant? Asking around my group, I find that triage in hospitals hinged upon that very term.

    A person has to survive two doses, at least two weeks apart, and survive for two weeks past the second dose to be considered ‘fully vaccinated.’

    If determined to be ‘fully vaccinated,’ the hospital works hard to try to address the symptoms. If not, then the ‘unvaxxed’ is treated with “CDC Guidelines” which are not only liability free, but are also not sensible treatments against fluid filled lungs. A ventilator may sound OK, but, to me, forcing air into fluid just makes no sense. Otherwise, the treatment is resdemiver which causes kidney failure which results in filling the lungs with fluid. Which allows them to code the death as covid and get lots of money from the government for the death.

    Hospitals are now government killing fields.

    Since the ‘jabs’ produce the spike protein, how can the jab be even perceived as a preventative instead of an infecting agent? The jab itself, is a death threat to every living being while the wild covid we initially encountered has mutated into a miserable common cold.

  3. This is an indication as to how sophisticated socialists have become in their mass murder methods. They get rid of the old (who will oppose them), the middle as much as it is practicable, and to terrify them, and the young, to further thin out the herd, and teach them a lesson they’ll never forget. Instead of the midnight arrests, which cost a lot, and are messy, they gaslight the herd into getting the vaxx that will kill a lot of them, especially the older ones who know too much, and it all looks legal and proper. As the Jews standing around at the train station for the train to Auschwitz could not wrap their minds around the monstrous, insane notion that some one would do all this, and then murder them, people the world over cannot wrap their minds around the notion that a bunch of corrupt, evil, eugenicists are slowly enslaving and murdering them under the auspices of the law, and Fauci concern. Everyone working “within the system”, is going to become a murdered victim of it. If the reality of our current status were different, wouldn’t what we’re hearing and seeing be different too? Wake up. We’re being liquidated by our own government. War is terrible. Being murdered quietly a few at a time is worse.

  4. If I remember correctly here in Finland person is UN-vaccinated in statistics if he/she/him/her/they/them is/are/were:
    – Less than 2 weeks from 1. and 2. vaccination
    – Less than 1 week from 3. vaccination

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