A Pandemic of the Vaccinated

In the following video an Italian pharmacist goes through a batch of swabs that tested positive for Covid, and separates them according to whether the testee was unvaccinated, jabbed twice, or jabbed three times. Only three of the tests were from people who were unvaxed — the rest were from those who had received two or three jabs.

There’s no indication of which type of test was used, but I assume they were all PCR tests.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Good morning. This is the situation.
00:03   This tested positive for Covid, got three doses of vaccine. Positive, one dose.
00:08   Positive, one dose.
00:11   Positive, two doses.
00:14   Positive, two doses… Two doses.
00:17   Next: Positive, two doses.
00:21   Two doses… Two doses.
00:28   Two doses… Positive, two doses.
00:33   Two doses… Two doses.
00:37   Two doses… Two doses.
00:41   Two doses… Positive, two doses.
00:46   Two doses.
00:51   Positive, two doses…
00:54   Positive, two doses. Sorry, three doses.
00:58   Positive, two doses… Positive, two doses.
01:01   Thank you so much. Thank you.
01:04   Positive, three doses… Positive, two doses.
01:09   Two doses… Sorry.
01:13   This tested positive, unvaccinated.
01:16   Positive, two doses.
01:22   Next,
01:25   Positive, unvaccinated… Positive, unvaccinated.
01:28   Positive, two doses… No comment.
01:34   I am just telling what I am seeing. Thank you.

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