What Will You Do When the Lights Go Out?

The following video is a German public service announcement for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It addresses current anxiety about the availability of electrical power in Northern Europe as winter sets in. The failure of wind and solar sources to provide sufficient electricity, coupled with uncertainty about the availability of natural gas from Belarus and Russia, have led to fears of electrical blackouts in Germany.

This clip advises German citizens not to worry — candles, oil heaters, and the help of African migrants will enable elderly German citizens to make it through this difficult season.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:11   What works when the heating doesn’t work?
00:32   What to do when nothing is working? Catastrophe Protection Day NRW

21 thoughts on “What Will You Do When the Lights Go Out?

  1. All those medieval cathedrals dotting Germany… No doubt the orcs will find plenty to burn to stay warm. And when they run out of German cultural heritage to toss onto the bonfires there will be plenty of Germans who have been there longer than other Germans to keep the flames going.

  2. I seriously believe that there is a real possibility this winter that something like this will happen, and I also believe that Germany is not well prepared, because Germany is not self sufficient in power, and they are being held “above the water” by Czech nuclear and Polish coal, which is also something that may not be all that reliable…

    There was a thing which I believe was a Warsaw Pact weather weapon’s test. It happened on January 1st 1979.

    On 31st of December 1978, the average temperature in Czechoslovakia was 20 degrees celsius, with the heights reaching 30 degrees (!).

    On January 1st, the temperature dropped to -25 Celsius.

    And it paralyzed Czechoslovakia for 3 months… Coal could not be mined, Locomotives could not be started, water froze in places it shouldn’t… It was a real “emergency”.

    Now imagine something like that happens to Germany today!

    I mean: Czechoslovakia in 1979 was a coal and steel powerhouse, and even like that the winter was severe. But “wind and solar” will be utterly useless should such scenario come to pass.

    • Was that what it was…..
      I remember that, on New Years Eve it was warm and rainy, we all were inside the house and nobody noticed that it started to snow and at midnight when we went outside to let our Fireworks off there was already 2 feet of snow.
      In the morning the snow was piled up so high that the cars of our visitors had disappeared.
      Nobody could leave, we were snowed in for a week.
      We kids were naturally thrilled, and if I remember correctly our School-holidays had a weeks extention too.

      • I cannot be sure of course but I know that the Warsaw Pact was no stranger to “cloud seeding” weather control experiments, and I believe that they can do certain stuff, like microwave heating of the atmosphere or “chemical cooling” of the atmosphere. But let’s say they succeeded – The Soviets would invade Europe in the winter, utilising their “arctic preparedness” as a major advantage.

  3. Hasn’t Germany got lots of coal reserves?
    There’s the solution, ignore the hysteria of the climate cultists and build more coal fired power stations.

    • They have plenty of coal fired plants that are in mothballs, it won’t take much to get them up and running again. If this winter is colder than usual, Germany is in deep trouble and no amount to propaganda will change the facts on the ground, nothing motivates people more than when they are cold and hungry.


    Note that the power-shortages have not yet hit Germany — so the theme of this video is only happening in the collective mind. Therefore this German campaign, for the moment, is just another psy-op that accompanies the various means of the ongoing controlled demolition of the society, mainly the West.

    The primary goal of this Power psy-op is not to prepare the German population for the hard times (hence the absurd techical heating solutions): its purpose is to make them accept unacceptable circumstances (of the electricity- and other shortages) when they are eventually hit with them; and even to make them take the blame for causing it, and thus make them ‘voluntarily’ submit to the tyranny that is introduced under the guise of ’emergency’. While the shortages have obviously been deliberately caused by the (deep)state, making the (nation)states fail to perform their duties, ‘They’ skillfully deflect the blame on the victims. How economically psychopathic!

    The re-education motive of the video becomes obvious when you see the black neighbour coming over. I think the intention is to use the openness created by the shock caused by the disaster-video to inject some more diversity into the German psyché. How devilishly opportunistic!

    It is also important that it is a deliberately induced mass-hostage situation because the very authorites that are supposedly there to protect the population are now psychologically terrorizing them — this way breaking the social contract as Santa Klaus Schwab predicted it; essentially acting as an enemy organization. It is easy to see that it is all designed to induce mass Stockholm-syndrome where the people believe the psy-op on one hand, and something what I call Societal Autoimmune Disorder (modern civil war) in cases when they see through it on the other hand. Both are planned and favourable outcomes for the PTB.

    So in its core this Power psy-op is the same as the Corona psy-op.

    Actually the above one could be the extended definition of ANY war — the somewhat new feature is the upgraded and globally used psychological warfare methods that have turned the entire population into obedient sleepwalkers.

    Probably this is the reason why many of us find it so hard to “wake people up” one-by-one in personal encounters: these people think they are awake, because the Potemkin-Village illusion of the old world has been deliberately kept in place in order to deceive them. You cannot wake those up who think they are awake. Very few people see the world as it is, with its intrinsic connections and cause-effect chains; most people see only the facade. (In this sense the ongoing psy-ops are like the neutron bombs: they have left the outer material reality intact so far. No wonder: leaving the inanimate infrastructure intact is a tactic of the ‘Great Reset’.)

    Therefore the people themselves have already become parts in the clockwork of the new reality without knowing it; this way also becoming psychologically invested in the Reset World — which makes it very hard for them to admit even the fact they have made a mistake in perceiving something.

    Because is not even that they misperceive SOMETHING, it is that they misperceive EVERYTHING; but it is even more than that: this mass misperception PROJECTS a new collective reality into the material reality, thereby creating a new world. Therefore the world, they way we knew it, does not exist any more; so in this regard the disgusting ‘Great Reset’ has already happened in the collective mind. We like to think that it is yet to come but the first part, the mind-part, has already taken place.

    The rest, that is reorganizing the material part of the world, Building it Back Better, will be easy like a lego-game for a child. But this does not mean that the coming second, more material part of demolition within the Great Satanic Reset may not turn out to be much bloodier and materially more devastating.

    Or is this expectation just the product of another psy-op? No way to tell: the artificially created psy-world and the material world has become one, like a computer-simulation. But is has only been possible because they have always been one — thus ‘They’ are just utilizing this inherent quality of the world in order to highjack it by reshaping it as they are playing God. This is why it is a spiritual war. Therefore they do want to destroy the created material world too and cause as much suffering as possible, and build their world on the smoking ashes of the old one. This is why it is also a material war.

    • I remember something from the end of WWII.
      Because the Allies had leveled a lot of german cities first the Nazis, then the Allies and then the government of the FRG and GDR forced people to live with strangers.
      It was something like one person needs only x squaremeters and you live an 3 times x, so we can put two additional people in your flat.

      On the one hand you would reduce the used flats to (I assume) onethird and that means Germany uses less energy and on the other hand the germans would be prepared for Mr Schwabs Agenda “In 2030 you will own nothing” and be prepared to live in tiny houses / flats.

      • I could certainly envision a 2030 where Dr Evil (aka Klaus Schwab) owns nothing and inhabits a small box six feet underground; two meters for you non-US types.

        • I hope the box is big enough for his compatriots to join him, you know Soros, Gates, Fauci etc

          • It is if you mulch them first.

            Vote Morbark Whole Tree Chipper for Congress 2022!

    • I believe they want us trained into the “scarcity mindset”, which is really the mindset of a slave, who has “no right to demand 100% reliable energy supply”

      The power outages have already happened in Germany, but the media keep it silent. It usually takes a couple of hours for the backup powerplants to fire up and fix it. And the problem we have today is that the whole German power grid is operating at the edge of its potential, and does not have much backup for real winter emergencies.

  5. Hahaha, I love you comment and is true , it’s plenty of churches to burn , to keep this parasites warm ..

  6. Seal the windows, light fires. That is not going to end well even if they don’t manage to burn the buildings down.

  7. November 12 in Austria there was supposedly a planned blackout exercise to prepare the cits:
    The authorities are training for a scenario in which cold weather and increased electricity consumption leads to power shortages and outages. Authorities do believe the risk of blackouts will increase in the coming years.

    In fact, blackouts have already affected Austria and nearby countries. The Styria region was hit by a hacker attack in April this year, which paralysed the internal systems. Other possible causes of a blackout include poor weather, like in the scenario being rehearsed by authorities next week, technical failures or human error.

    The general advice for the public is to keep supplies at home such as a flashlight, first aid kit and tinned food, and to look into the emergency plans for the local area .

    But hey! Let’s go Green! Plug in your electric powered cars! Let solar and wind solve our problems. Idiots. I’m just waiting for the day when people will be prohibited from using tile stoves and wood burning stoves and fireplaces.

    • To try an ban wood fired anything that will be the only source for heat and warm food will get the sheep moving.

      • It has already has happened in California. Burning wood in fireplaces is illegal in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Mateo Counties insofar as I know

        • Illegal to burn wood? I suppose one could always burn orcs or leftists to keep warm, both of which The People’s Republik of Kalifornia has in abundance.

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