Setback for the Great Reset

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Death threats: WEF cancels public meetings in Davos

At the next World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland) in January 2022, the public sessions will be canceled due to death threats. These may have come from the scene of Conspiracy Believers, Conspiracy Ideologues, Conspiracy Theorists and Querdenker [lateral thinkers] who not only deny the coronavirus, but also fantasize about a New World Order. Are these death threats actually coming from all of these conspiracy fanatics, or is it just an allegation to defame an entire movement and the unvaccinated?

Conspiracy theories? So some have been uncovered in recent times in reality and through facts, time and again, because the virus has sprung from a laboratory (bred?) in Wuhan.

“The New World Order” —former US President George Herbert Walker Bush spoke about it in 1991, and saw this as a great idea.

The web pages of the WEF hold a multitude of visions of horror that are sold as progressiveness. And too often they come true, if one only thinks of Event 201, the joint simulation game run by the WEF and the Gates Foundation, in which “the pandemic” was war-gamed before it broke out. One such vision is the transhuman human being — “The Internet of the Body” will change our lives, explains the WEF. Body data are supposed to be collected via “implanted, swallowed or worn” devices. For this, data protection should be “overcome”.

Mirror Online:

There will be no public meetings at the next World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January. The decision was made because there have recently been repeated death threats from conspiracy ideologues against employees of the World Economic Forum, report several Swiss media.

“Death threats are the order of the day; it became uncomfortable,” says WEF Director Alois Zwinggi. “We couldn’t imagine that we would end up in the crosshairs of conspiracy theorists.” There are several dozens of such cases every day.

In “lateral thinker” circles and among other conspiracy believers, a story about the World Economic Forum has been widespread since the beginning of the pandemic. Accordingly, the coronavirus is either not real at all or has only been bred so that supposedly secret societies and elites can strive for an authoritarian world government — the “New World Order”. The name of the alleged new world order is closely linked to the World Economic Forum: The forum announced the “Great Reset” initiative to encourage the community of states to cooperate more closely and to improve climate protection after the pandemic.

4 thoughts on “Setback for the Great Reset

  1. I rather doubt that there are credible “death threats” by anyone against the WEF. I assume that this was announced ahead of their plan to keep their meetings secret. Exercising and maintaining power over people particularly in the West is their singular goal. It’s the only thing that animates these fascists.

  2. It may be a false flag aiming to eventually brand dissenters ‘terrorists’. Part of the agenda, actually.

    A ‘coincidence’: Hungarian Corona Minister (Health Minister) Miklós Kásler and his family allegedly got death threats recently and therefore his security detail was strengthened.

  3. Death to communism and the hangman for the putrid ugly faced killer and satanic klaus schwab along with all the mass murderers of their wef fourth reich

  4. I am totally serious about the imperative to fry the self-anointed monsters who wallow in Champaign, coke, caviar and 12 year old Estonian hookers at Davos. Plug up every airfield for 500 nm around Davos with G.V’s and luxury 747’s while telling the zeks to shiver in the dark because climate, while they party on.
    If I had a Louis Vuitton 220kt thermonuclear warhead on a luxuriously appointed Gucci ICBM, well…I WOULD LAUNCH. Let me into the capsule! I will gleefully, with out a moments remorse, twist the keys, and laugh as cleansing nuclear fire consumed every last one of Schwab’s Legion of Doom.
    Enjoy your party, moloch worshipers. But, be aware; the serfs are angry, and we out number you, millions to one. I am pushing hard for retribution, judicial, or otherwise.

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