Don’t Talk About Ter Apel

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands, recently visited Ter Apel asylum center. Mr. Wilders was subsequently thwarted in his attempt to bring up the issue of Ter Apel in the Dutch parliament.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from De Dagelijkse Standaard:

Geert Wilders angry at D66 parliamentary leader who does not allow parliamentary questions on Ter Apel: “Unbelievable”

by Bart Reijmerink
November 2, 2021

Recently PVV leader Geert Wilders paid a visit to Ter Apel. This was after the local asylum center was full of asylum seekers and the mayor had sounded the alarm several times. Wilders wanted to encourage the residents, and after his visit submitted a few oral questions [in Parliament]. These questions were rejected by the D-66 Parliamentary chairperson, Vera Bergkamp.

Wilders is not pleased with the fact that his oral questions were rejected by the chairperson of the Tweede Kamer. He intended to confront caretaker premier Mark Rutte with his ill-advised open-border policy. The result of this policy Wilders saw for himself last week in Ter Apel.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t gotten a chance from the parliamentary chairperson to critically test Rutte.

Wilders’ tweet:

“The D-66 Parliamentary chairperson will not allow my oral questions to Premier Rutte on the very relevant topic of asylum violence against bus drivers and the disastrous results of the asylum tsunami for the people in Ter Apel and the rest of the Netherlands. Cannot (be asked). Unbelievable!”

So Wilders doesn’t get the chance to point out the “asylum tsunami”, while the Central Organ for the Reception of Asylum-Seekers (COA) is once again ringing the bell. Despite the fact that the communities have jumped in with rules for additional reception places, people in the Netherlands will again be hit with considerable problems at the end of this month, as reported by NOS [News].

Since August, almost 7,000 spaces have been added, but more than three quarters of these are temporary. In other words, the existing problem is never solved. Which makes it incomprehensible that the PVV-leader cannot pose his questions in the Tweede Kamer. The problem gets bigger by the week, but in this manner remains practically unaddressed in Parliament. People in The Hague cannot wait much longer because then the “turnips are again cooked” at the COA.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Talk About Ter Apel

  1. Prior to being elected Speaker in the house of Representatives, Mrs. Vera Bergkamp, who is openly lesbian herself, worked for a gay activist group that successfully managed to put “sexual diversity education” on the curriculum of both elementary and secondary schools. She also won all kinds of “prestigious” awards for her efforts to “improve the visibility of lesbian, bisexual and transgender women” all of which implies this lady is well traversed in woke / identity politics territory.
    It is worth noting that Mrs. Bergkamp possesses dual citizenship, and is in fact a Moroccan national, just like her predecessor House Speaker, Mrs. Khadija Arib.

  2. Hmmmph. Reminds me of a story from Britain:

    Mohammed and Hassan are two Pakistani immigrants who’ve fallen on hard times, so they go out and beg. Mohammed brings home about two or three pounds; Hassan brings home a new care packed with money which, when counted, amounts to about 500,000.
    Mohammed: What is the secret to your succes, brother?
    Hassan: Simple. Show me your sign.
    Mohammed holds up a sign saying, “Sick, jobless, and with 6 kids to support.”
    Hassan: Now, look at mine.

    Hassan holds up a sign saying, “Help me raise the last ten pounds to get home to Karachi.”

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