Corona, Flu — Same Thing

Most of us Coronaskeptics assumed early on in the “pandemic” that the Wuhan Coronavirus did not differ significantly from the seasonal flu. The following article reports on a study from Spain that confirms the widely-held intuition.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German-language news outlet Report24:

Corona and flu: study sees no difference — Facebook censors immediately

Is Corona nothing more than the flu?

New studies bring something interesting to light. Since the beginning of the Corona “pandemic”, the assumption has been repeatedly expressed that it is de facto nothing more than a flu-like infection. As of last week this assumption has now been scientifically substantiated by a study led by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (IsGlobal).

When analyzing the number of infections in 162 countries on five continents (before changes were made to the respective health policy or health behavior), there was no connection between COVID-19 infections and the respective climate. Instead, the number of infections dropped significantly in summer only to rise again in cooler seasons, similar to the seasonal flu.

Study leader Xavier Rodó stated: “Overall, our results support the view that COVID-19 is a real seasonal low-temperature infection, similar to influenza and the more harmless circulating coronaviruses.” There is therefore no year-round threat. Compulsory masking, contact restrictions and lockdowns are once again exposed as completely disproportionate.

Deletion orgies by the censorship agency Facebook

This information could be kept on Facebook for barely 24 hours. The company, which is regularly criticized (and in court) for its bizarre erasure and censorship policy (see here and here), removed the message from a German-language portal for news from Spain after defaming it as a “false report”.

Apparently, Zuckerberg’s “meta” sufferer once again saw the “danger” of promoting the dissemination of unpleasant Corona truths on their own platform as so urgent that this time they deleted it directly — that is, without first having put the now notorious “Fact checker” to use. Although these rarely check the facts, they serve as a pseudo-journalistic fig leaf for the company’s planned deletion orgies. With this information suppression, Facebook is once again doing credit to its increasingly miserable reputation as a global censorship agency serving the leading circles of power.

5 thoughts on “Corona, Flu — Same Thing

  1. You have here a case in point as to why the Freedom of the Press is necessary for the continued proper function of a representative government. A press that is not free but is slave to the governmental masters will only promulgate the lies the government supplies to it.
    Imagine, if you will, what Germany during the late 1930s would have been like if the press had been allowed to report the illegal and incompetent goings-on of the Hitler et al, or for that matter, what occurred in this country during the same period when FDR had a national security chokehold on the printed media.

  2. “Corona, Flu — Same Thing”

    I consider this the most disingenuous post I have seen on GoV. Flu and SARS-CoV-2 are different families of virus. I believe the two viruses enter cells through different receptors. I think the influenza virus can rightfully be called a “respiratory virus” insofar as it preferentially attacks the respiratory system.

    Although they spread in a similar fashion, the two viruses largely attack some different tissues. I believe CoVID is as much a vascular disease as it is a respiratory disease. Flu rarely causes organ failure, stroke, heart attacks, or heart & brain inflammation, whereas CoVID does with frightening regularly (this is a result of its ability to attack a wider variety of tissues).

    Are there similarity between the two viruses? Certainly- but don’t try to disguise the difference or conflate the two.

    • The similarities lie in their seasonality and the lack of danger that they present to most individuals who are not elderly, obese, or immunocompromised. You are correct in the differences in how they attack various tissues; but the response from governments around the world is entirely disproportionate to the degree of risk from a seasonal malady with extremely low mortality.

      • Can’t disagree with a thing you say, and believe this pandemic has been a boon for those of a totalitarian stripe. I do think this bug is more lethal than any flu in the past century, and I recoil at calling them the same.

        LS … a fellow Heinlein fan

  3. We’ve come full circle, the Berlin Wall opened after huge protests in October 1989, I was there in September 1989, it looked like we were going have a new United Europe! United Germany, fir while it looked like A new bright dawn! But after the 90s, things started heading downwards once more, our institutions had by this time been infiltrated y many of these east Germany Marxists, still intent on spreading communism, and here we are now full circle.

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