Urgent: More Housing for Culture-Enrichers!

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

The tax money sits loose in the pockets of German municipalities: the community is looking for apartments/houses for “refugees”

In Germany, not only is the demand for living space increasing, rents are also rising exorbitantly. Although the welcome-screamers trumpet the hollow phrase “We have space” like a mantelpiece, space seems to be a scarce commodity, or the Jubel-Aufnahme-Hüpfer [cheering admission-hoppers] meant the social hammocks (free for all non-white, non-Germans).

The uncontrolled admission and immigration of “refugees” is worsening the situation on the housing market immensely, also in many communities, such as in Uetze (Lower Saxony):

More and more refugees from the crisis areas of the world are seeking refuge in Germany. At present, this mainly affects refugees from Syria and Afghanistan.

Due to the allocations that have already been made in recent months and years, the housing capacities of the municipality of Uetze are now almost completely exhausted.

For this reason, the municipality of Uetze is now looking for apartments and/or houses to rent to accommodate refugees.

For this community it’s a mere trifle; tax money is squandered away for the accommodation of “refugees” in apartments/houses, even for those who should not actually be here, but of which “those who have lived here for a long time” can only dream of.

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  1. Interesting speculation if the import of orcs and subsequent unavailability of housing serving to drive up the rents and thus the values of what houses are in the municipality is resulting in higher property taxes where this is being most aggressively implemented. This would go a long way towards explaining the almost universal city government support for unceasing orc importation regardless of the high costs and increased crime that come with them.

    That almost every local government imbecile might actually believe the [effluvium] it spouts without any financial motive is incomprehensible as well as deeply disturbing if it is closer to the truth than simple greed and powerlust.

    • I don’t know if world wide, property tax collection is the norm but where it is, it impacts differently. In Florida, when you purchase property that assessment determines the tax you pay from then on. In Indiana, you have annual assessments. In the Dominican Republic, I don’t think they have property taxes. Do I appreciate a company like Black Rock going around driving up real estate costs? I do not.

      What I have to wonder in regard to all of these people who freely come in, here they will do a some kind of credit/rental history background check on you and if you missed past rental payments, too bad for you. Where do people with no credit history and basically nothing stay? In an apartment someone else is already renting?

  2. A civilised society is 2 weeks away from anarchy, if they are cut off from food and energy, and as far as I am concerned, this is the scenario which I am preparing for:

    Dark winter comes with lots of snow and temperatures below 20C.
    Russia cuts the EU from gas supplies, Czech Republic and Poland cuts Germany off from Electricity supplies, France cuts Britain off from electricity supplies…
    The food supply lines in the EU get severed.

    People start starving, and dying.

    And then – just like the Bible says: Ethnic groups will rise against other ethnic groups, because that is the logical conclusion of every ethnic mixing excercise, when it hits food shortage.

    (Wehrmacht was on the brink of Starvation when they occupied Czechoslovakia, for example. Hunger gave Hitler’s speeches Power.)

    Here, in the Czech Republic, we are kind of bracing for the coming unrest in Germany. Once food and energy shortages come, the unrest is certain, and stories like this one – about the disrespect against native germans by giving foreigners that which should rightfully belong to native Germans… Stories like this one are just fuel for that fire.

    But of course – I would love to be wrong. In fact, current crisis means that I have to postpone my plans to build an airship, dang, Let’s go Brandon et al.

    • The Nazis had an additional incentive to occupy Czechoslovakia: the Skoda works (forget the inferior cars they churned out under Communism, one of which nearly killed my present partner and her son).

      They made cars, trucks, tanks, railway locomotives and aircraft; after the takeover they continued, often with slave labour.

      • Yes I know, it could even be argued that the take over of Czechoslovakia was in fact the moment when the Nazis became really “armed”.

        But the average Wehrmacht soldier was hungry. If Germans were properly fed, they would probably never fall for the Nazi propaganda machine, as they did.

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