There Are No Stocks of COVID-19 Cultures

As far as I know, the Wuhan Coronavirus has never been successfully cultured to provide stocks of the virus for research. According to the following report, that is definitely true for Spain.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German-language site Corona Transition:

Spanish government officially admits that the virus has not been isolated

The Spanish Ministry of Health does not have SARS-CoV-2 cultures for testing and does not have a list of laboratories. The government confirms this to critical lawyers and organizations.

“The Spanish Ministry of Health does not have SARS-CoV-2 cultures for experiments and does not have a list of laboratories that have isolation cultures for experiments,” informed the government in response to a public request from critical citizens, including those from the organizations Asociación Liberum and Biólogos por la Verdad (Biologists for the Truth) of July 22, 2021. This was received by the authorities on August 10 and was registered under the number 001-059144.

Among other things, the lawyers and scientists were interested in whether the virus had been isolated. According to the Transparency Act 19/2013 of December 9, the Ministry of Health had one month from this point in time to formulate a corresponding statement.

Various critics of the measures report on the scandalous response of the Spanish government, which has transformed the country into a health dictatorship that is second to none since March 14, 2020. These include the lawyer Aitor Guisasola and the media portal El Diestro. But ultimately everyone can read this highly official statement for themselves.

El Diestro comments:

“The farce is starting to crumble and we don’t know what else the government, mainstream media and health professionals will come up with to keep selling us the story of a virus that seems even more false. Also, the baby is thrown out with the bathwater and all responsibility for diagnosis and treatment is shifted to the health care professional, recognizing that ‘tests alone are often not enough to diagnose the disease’… The tests used to make decisions about curfews, store closures, quarantine, patient treatment, vaccinations and absolutely justify dictatorial measures and revoking people’s freedoms, are usually insufficient to determine the disease.”

Finally, El Diestro sends a message to all those who have been vaccinated: “Take this document and go to your family doctor or your health center and ask for explanations. Because something has been injected into your body, which the person who administered it to you does not even know what it is for or what is contained in it. Will this wake people up or will they go back to sleep?”

2 thoughts on “There Are No Stocks of COVID-19 Cultures

  1. If those who administered fake vaxx to individuals who later developed severe adverse reactions up to and including death were also to spontaneously suffer severe adverse reactions up to and including death, and the details of their demise was widely disseminated, there would shortly be few who could be found who were willing to continue injecting fake vaxx.

    I seriously doubt that such vaxxholes are that committed to the cause that they would continue injecting fake vaxx if they knew it would make them and their loved ones targets for vigilante justice. Just a matter of time before someone who has lost a loved one to the fake vaxx decides to seek their own justice on those responsible who happen to be the most readily accessible as well as the proximate cause of their loved ones demise.

  2. The CDC said last year – uurrr, weez gotz noo sammplesss…lives or deads.
    Two weeks ago, some folks took Alberta ministry of death-formerly-health, and demanded the viral samples. Yew knows…basic medical diagnosis – where you stick a swab in the sick person, stick the swab in a petri dish of nutrient, shove it in an incubator, set it on ‘grow virus’, DING! shove the dish under a microscope and see what you got.
    Basic eighth grade biology.
    Nope. They don’t have a sample.
    Last year it was reported that they couldn’t make Wuhan Fauci Xi Jing Ping gook Covid2019 grow on surfaces. Or in nutrient. Or even find it.
    This dread, lethal pathogen that is causing this nodemic , is a Novid. It does not exist except as a Hamiltonian Numerical Model in the CDC’s database.
    It’s copyrighted, bty. Doc Death Fauci is a co owner of the ‘bug’.
    So. No news.
    It is, and has been, a program of murder and maiming, Aktion T-4 2020.
    There can never be any reconciliation with these cornazi’s. They must be stood in front a tribunal, and if found guilty, they must be executed forthwith.
    Nothing else will suffice, nothing else will stop these vermin.
    If we do not receive satisfaction, we must go to war against the entirety of our governments, with no exceptions. They are all complicit.
    If we do not, they will keep coming until we are all dead or enslaved.
    I guess that means a long guerrilla campaign, or we go right at the state enforcers, break their will to support the government, take their toys away, and eliminate them.
    Never leave a live enemy at your back, disarmed or not.
    Then we take the war to the elected class.
    The calculus is plain on this.
    It’s them or us.

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