The Smuggling of Migrants Through Belarus

In previous years it was Lampedusa, the Italian island not far from the coast of North Africa, that was the preferred destination for “refugees” who wanted access to the European Union, especially Germany. In 2021, however, the focus has been on Belarus, which has been encouraging migrants to come to Minsk and cross the border into Poland or Lithuania as a geopolitical move against the EU.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

To count the illegals?

Belarus-Poland route: police union calls for border controls

The Federal Police Union warns of a “collapse” on the German-Polish border, and calls for the introduction of temporary border controls with Poland. Why controls? Controls to count the illegal arrivals and then to drive them to the initial reception center? With the magic word “asylum” the admission ticket is legitimized, as a rule, he is allowed to stay and is not deported, despite missing or incomplete papers.

Epoch Times:

The Federal Police Union demands the introduction of “temporary border controls with Poland”. This is what Bild wrote in its Monday edition, citing a letter from the deputy union leader Heinz Teggert to Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU). It deals with illegal migration via Belarus and Poland to Germany.

In the letter of October 15, it says: “For several months the number of apprehensions has been increasing almost explosively.” The number of findings of unauthorized entries at the border with Poland corresponds “currently to the number of findings from 2013 on the Austrian border.”

Only with the introduction of temporary border controls could the federal government “prevent” a “collapse” at the borders, as happened in 2015. According to this, Polish authorities may literally “wave through” migrants, since they consider it “better” if asylum applications are submitted in Germany or Western Europe than in Lithuania or Poland.

According to Bild in the letter, Teggert also admitted that the “overall problem” could not be solved even through temporary border controls. The fact was that the Belarusian “dictator Alexander Lukashenko was reacting to EU sanctions with state-organized smuggling.” Europe should not get involved in such “games”, warned Teggert.

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  1. I suppose land mines along the border would make a little too much sense.

    I suppose that if I was a Pole I would find the irony delicious; after being invaded and overrun by Germans seventy years earlier they are finally returning the favor.

  2. Europe should not get involved in such “games”, warned Teggert.

    …funny that, I always thought Europe is involved in such games since at least Enoch Powell’s days 🙂

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