The Corona Hoax in Germany

It will come as no surprise to most readers of this blog to learn that deaths from the Wuhan Coronavirus have been over-counted in Germany by approximately 400%. However, I wonder how the average German normie would take this news, assuming that it could ever pass through all the filters to get to him. Nevertheless, it did appear in Die Welt, which means it has broken through to the MSM. I wonder if Facebook and Twitter are deleting all posts that link to this interview.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this article from Die Welt:

Corona Probably Not the Cause of Death in 80 Percent of Official Covid Deaths

According to calculations by the physician Bertram Häussler, for the majority of deaths reported due to Corona by the RKI [Robert Koch Institute] it is still unclear what the actual cause of death was, because the death statistics are increasingly distorted. Despite rising infection figures, he rules out “massive mortality” in the future.

WELT: Mr. Häussler, how seriously should we take the Covid deaths reported daily by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI)?

Bertram Häussler: The numbers speak for themselves. At the moment, the RKI reports about eight people a day who are likely to have died directly from Corona. That’s a slight increase; six to eight weeks ago, there were only two a day. In contrast, at the peak of the second wave, up to 1200 deaths were reported daily. So let’s keep it in mind: death rates are very low, although sadly, even that number is still too high. More deaths are being reported as Corona deaths than have actually died from Corona.

Bertram Häussler is a medical doctor and director of the independent health research institute IGES in Berlin. He and his team created the “Pandemic Monitor” in August of 2020. Now the institute has determined that for a large portion of the deaths attributed to Covid by the RKI, it is unclear what people actually died of.

In an interview with Die Welt, Häussler explains that in about 80 percent of the official Covid deaths reported by the RKI since July, the Corona infection had actually occurred more than five weeks earlier. Therefore, it can be assumed that Corona was not the real cause of death.

Fault lies in reporting system and counting method

In an interview with Die Welt, the head of the IGES Institute explains how this high number of falsely reported Covid deaths came about. Currently about 3.8 million people in Germany have survived an infection with the coronavirus. In purely mathematical terms, of these 3.8 million people who have recovered, about 100 die each day from other causes of death.

These deaths are then attributed to a Corona infection, although the infection had been registered with the health department months ago. Nevertheless, these people are then included in the statistics of Corona deaths. This could also be a very old person who had been infected in 2020 but has now died of heart failure, he said.

The RKI is aware of the problem and confirmed this was the case, but they want to make sure there that no Corona death go missing from the statistics, Häussler explains.

Other countries work with deadlines

Häussler goes on to explain that other countries work with deadlines to differentiate the cause of death in a deceased person. This way a previous infection with Corona can no longer counted as a Covid death. In England, only those who had contracted Corona within four weeks prior to death are counted as Covid fatalities. If the Corona infection occurred more than four weeks before the date of death, the deceased is not included in the Corona mortality statistics.

Database enables determination

The RKI database enables the assignment of Corona deaths to a date of infection. In this special database, all RKI statistics are collected on a daily basis, and each day evaluated separately. This makes it possible “to assign an infection date to those reported as having died,” Häussler said. This is not possible with the regular RKI database, he said, because the numbers overlap.

Currently reported deaths are too high

Currently, the RKI reports about eight deaths per day. Six to eight weeks ago, it was about two deaths per day.

At the peak of the second wave, the death toll was 1,200 daily.

So one could state that although the death rates are very low, “unfortunately, even that number is still too high. More deaths are reported than have actually died from Corona,” Häussler explains in an interview with Die Welt.

Hat tip: Will Tyson, in the comments.

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  1. “However, I wonder how the average German normie would take this news, assuming that it could ever pass through all the filters to get to him.”

    He will ignore the information given to him. Or tell the unlucky messenger: “Well, if you don’t like it here, you may just leave and go to Belarus or North Korea!” At least, that has been my experience during the past months.

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