Joe Benedict Biden

It’s always interesting to get a non-American viewpoint on American politics. Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan is better-informed than most Europeans about what goes on here in the USA, so his insights are entertaining as well as instructive.

Joe Benedict Biden

by H. Numan

I normally don’t write a lot about the USA, but sometimes I have to. The humiliating surrender in Afghanistan is such an occasion. Surrender? Yes. It’s not a withdrawal with some minor hiccups when you leave $85 billion worth of equipment behind, and willingly throw your allies to the wolves. Actually, this is a follow-up to the article I wrote when the Biden victory was confirmed. It’s a lot worse than you think.

Benedict Arnold merely tried to sell West Point. Joke Biden actually sold the United States. At this moment Afghanistan has one of the best-equipped armies in the world. That’s not a joke. The Taliban has more and better equipment than France, Germany or the UK. Plus plenty of money to buy whatever they lack. Oh, so they don’t have pilots to fly those Black Hawks? No problem, we hire some. How much equipment was left behind? Enough to give each and every Taliban fighter his own truck, plus a couple of rifles.

Was surrender necessary? Of course not. Portugal had the same problem after their Carnation Revolution in 1974. The revolutionary government dissolved the Portuguese colonial empire overnight. They did it as it should be done: first they evacuated civilians. Next they evacuated everything remotely possible, including toilets, water taps and bathtubs. Then they withdrew their military to the last airport, while keeping a vigilant heavily armed guard. The withdrawal was finished in a couple of weeks. Nobody (Portuguese or otherwise) was killed or even hurt. That’s how you do it.

However, that was not what the caretakers of Biden — the man is clearly senile — wanted. They desired mayhem. Wanton destruction. Mass killings. Immense loss of prestige. This defeat is worse than the defeat in Vietnam, far worse. It will take another twenty years to get over it. If ever. Yes, it is that humiliating. Vietnam was a fairly developed country compared with stone age Afghanistan. They only wanted the foreigners out of their country. Contrast this with religious zealots who always talk about defeating the crusaders. They just defeated the most advanced, biggest, and professional army in the world. Surely Allah knows best!

I can understand something had to be left behind, but not on this scale. That is not “an act of God” (Allah?) or “a simple mistake”. This is intentional. Leave helicopters and aircraft behind? Why on earth? You can’t fly them out? Or should I say: the minders of Biden didn’t want them to fly out? Leave a few vehicles behind? No problem, understandable. But +40,000 light attack vehicles and +22,000 Humvees? That is not an accident. That is on purpose.

It gets even worse. A Black Hawk helicopter is loaded with state-of-the art technology. You can rest assured those helicopters already are being dissected and reverse-engineered in Beijing, Tehran and Moscow. If not this week, certainly the next. Next year Russia, Iran and China have their own copies flying. That’s excluding all the technology that can be found in left behind high tech equipment, such as night vision goggles and communication gear. Forget about any advanced American technology next year. By then Russia, Iran and China have reverse-engineered everything.

In one stroke the American advantage in everything is gone: no more technology advantage, and more importantly: you lost needlessly against a bunch of stone-age shepherds armed with blunderbusses. Remember 9-11? Oh, you got satellite technology? We got box cutters!

We’re not done yet with the bad news. Biden — or more accurately: the minders of Biden — ordered all records and biometric data of people who supported the USA to be handed over to the Taliban. I kid you not. They really did that. The Taliban has now complete list of traitors they need to hunt down and execute. Which they will do.

Isis and Al Qaeda are also back. So those executions will be as barbarous and cruel as humanly possible. But … we were told Isis and Al Qaeda were defeated? Indeed, so you were. You were also told Benedict Biden won the election fair and square.

That’s kind of awkward, in the near future. People aren’t stupid. Next time the US needs interpreters, cooks or guards: no volunteers. Those people know they can’t rely on America anymore. They’ll be hung out to dry — literally. You can’t hide or disguise yourself, because of the biometric data. Be honest. Would you volunteer yourself for such an employer in the future?

Benedict Arnold tried to sell West Point. Biden really sold the USA. This might very well be the missing Reichstag fire. It is that bad.

No democratic government can survive something like this. However, you have a two-party system. The Democrats have absolute power. You can’t impeach the president or the government, because there is a Democratic majority in both Houses. The DNC doesn’t care at all that Benedict Biden’s ratings are down on the floor. As long as they have a majority in both houses, they have nothing to worry about. Rest assured they will do everything possible — legal and illegal — to keep it that way.

Forget ‘midterm elections are coming in 2022’. Sure, there will be midterm elections. That’s a full year in the future. Anything can happen in between. Look back a year. It was a near certainty Trump would get re-elected. Was he? How many people know the elections were stolen? The majority of voters still believe Trump was defeated, not cheated. Any reason to assume electoral fraud will be impossible during the midterms?

Biden may be senile, but he wasn’t idle the last seven months. First, he invalidated by presidential decree almost all presidential decrees of his predecessor. Next, he signed a few of his own. Such as the Critical Race Theory. That’s now in the official curriculum of public schools. Also, he once again allowed male perverts to visit ladies’ bathrooms. Not only that, but if you can’t win as a man against men in sports, pretend you’re a woman. It’s legal now.

In the last Olympics cheating became the new discipline. Officially. Those trannies cheaters did pretty badly, by the way. None of them won a medal. Athletes were ordered either to say they approved of it, or decline commenting to journalists. None of them approved; all of them declined. Doesn’t matter. The precedent has been set. Cheating is now allowed. Sport is dead.

Another item may have slipped under your radar. Biden announced a change of focus on terrorism. Mohammedan terrorism is no longer the biggest threat to the USA; domestic terrorism is. He didn’t go into details about who those terrorists are, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Anyone not voting for Biden is a domestic terrorist. Not officially; not yet. But it will be, soon. Are BLM and Antifa targeted as domestic terrorists? De jure, perhaps. De facto, they can do whatever they want.

Biden is not fighting for his (political) life. The man is barely coherent. It’s almost certain he will have to resign before Christmas. Such a humiliating defeat cannot be brushed away by scapegoating a few generals. Does anyone remember The night of the long knives? Rest assured heads will roll in the Pentagon. But only the ‘right’ heads. As in: conservative generals can expect to be sacrificed. Generals who enforce critical race theory and transvestites joining the army will be promoted. Biden himself is no more than a sock puppet.

Biden has to go, that much is certain. But his minders will stay, as they weren’t elected. Kamala Harris will take over the reins of government. The only piece of good news is that she is at least as incompetent as Benedict Biden. And about as popular. Every job given to her she bungled. Does that worry her? Probably not. She’ll laugh it away. In contrast with Biden, who no longer knows anything, she knows nobody can touch her.

As long as the DNC retain a majority in both Houses, Harris can do whatever she wants. Which she will. I don’t know when the switch was originally planned. Harris wouldn’t have been Biden’s running mate without a clear understanding about when she could take over. Probably sometime next year, when the senility of Biden had become too obvious.

The situation has changed; the time schedule had to be adjusted. Biden will probably resign from office for health reasons by the end of this year. Then Harris becomes acting president. Even if her blatant incompetence prevents that, there are plenty of DNC candidates available. Nancy Pelosi, for example, is no. 3 in line for the throne.

Remember that Biden now focuses on domestic terrorism. In a way, he’s right. Because domestic terrorism is a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s not possible to sack the government, no matter what you do. Legally, it’s not even likely to get the government sacked. The only way might very well be domestic terrorism.

You think the situation is bad now? Just wait until the budget has been approved. Biden is going to spend trillions he doesn’t have. Expect serious hyperinflation next year. Half the population has been forced to stay at home. They live on paychecks from the government. Right now there is a labor shortage, because it’s more profitable for workers to stay at home doing nothing.

This is exactly the way Hitler and Chavez got into power.

— H. Numan

17 thoughts on “Joe Benedict Biden

  1. To Barack Obama in particular this screw loose old fart was very much a known quantity. It’s not too much of a stretch to see
    who has and is manipulating this rotten rotting madman Biden. Emboldened terror is triumphant once more and again setting about its business. Leadership chosen for anything and everything except leadership and competence. In the UK the shaggy headed whoresman continues to dismantle the UK.

    • We are deliberately being replaced with very low IQ people who will turn my country into the ones they left. We must take to the streets now or we will lose.Give me the job of executioner…

  2. The other effect is that it kills morale among U.S. troops, i.e., “What’s the point of fighting, they’ll make us walk away when we’re winning, anyway!” (i.e., exactly what happened to the Afghan National Army)

  3. “Heels Up” Harris was likely supposed to take over after the midterms so she would have a chance for two more terms after finishing the term of the ice-cream eating surrender monkey-in-chief. But she is such a disaster that likely “Botox” Pelosi will find a way to hustle her to the exit before the midterms lest she lose her own chance at the presidency when the dems lose the House in the midterms and thus her speakership.

    As for the motive for the Afghanistan debacle, and mark my words it was deliberate, I came across a very compelling likely explanation on WRSA that makes a lot of sense. Many players in the Afghanistan theater have a quite intimate understanding of American motives, dirty tricks, perfidy, and duplicity, and their exposure by the releasing of their names, addresses, and biometric info along with the tools to do something about it will ensure their silence – when the Taliban puts a bullet in the back of their head after first raping their female family members to death. Leaving all that equipment and money just ensures that all of Central Asia is destabilized in the near future and that the political military industrial complex can start plotting their next several wars and the trillions in profit which will ensue.

    • Which is what Vietnam was all about. FDR created the military-industrial complex to answer the enemy threats during World War II. However, once you have a factory you must keep it running. Here in SoCal was a major hub, and Nixon passes the audition that was held by the factory owners to keep the factory doors open and the machines running. LBJ found the rice paddies to be a very convenient place to dispose of those uppity folk who were giving him so much trouble over constitutional rights. Speaking of which, the Constitution does not allow for military conscription in the absence of declared war. I made the mistake of pointing that out and asking embarrassing questions. I learned at an early age what the penalties were for not supporting the party narrative. Things ain’t changed at all, sadly. Sniff!

  4. Islam is like a Hyena, it feeds on Carrion (and doesn’t change it’s underpants)

    I make a “prediction” here,

    “Islamic Terror Attacks will become the Norm in the West for quite some time”, the Vultures are circling because they can smell the slowly dying and rotting carcass of a Lion from afar.
    Afghanistan was the Sign the Islamists around the West have been waiting for.
    And since our Political “Elites” have been importing whole Islamic Armies over decades into Europe, Bridge-heads are already well established and more Auxillary Forces are brought into Europe on an DAILY bases by those that want nothing more than to destroy, but call it “Human Empathy”.

    What’s going to happen now will not be stopped with Teddy Bears, Ice-cream, Candles and Flowers, that’s the way of a Slave that has been sold down the drain and lost already the WILL to live.

    The only way to stop this is the way of Tears, not those type of tears shed by someone like the Turd-eau, who’s easily moved to tears and in endeffect cries only for himself.
    It’s those Tears that have been shed for 1400 year by our Ancestors to keep us free from the Yoke of Islam.

    Unfortuantely, most of our Ancestors Fighting Spirit has been deliberately suppressed and evaporated and it will be Rivers of Tears needed to get a modicum of that Spirit back and wash that stain clean, if it ever becomes clean again.
    In Spain it took 800 Years Spring-cleaning, and now look how dirty everything has become again through political neglect.
    The Balkans never became fully free of that stain, and it’s spreading.

    • Don’t worry about the fighting spirit my friend, underneath the thin veneer of western civilization lies the DNA of conquer and kill, it only takes certain events to happen to unleash it all to it’s full potential. When that happens, there won’t be a 3rd worlder left in the western world, as for the leftist and so called global elites, they too won’t escape the Great Purge coming.
      Make sure you get to the East to collect the kit you will need soon.

  5. I have to disagree with you on one point regarding the Portuguese evacuation it was certainly not without casualties. There were people left behind and people who indeed were killed prior to and during the evacuation. How do I know this? My husband and his family were “Retournados”.

    His Tio was killed at 19 years old by the forces of MPLA. It finished his grandmother and she and his grandfather returned to Portugal leaving everything they had as broken people. My husband’s parents who were engaged to be married at the time were separated by the war each thinking the other had perished.

    My husband’s family were of mixed African (Angolan) and Portuguese heritage (he is about 1/8 mixed) and at the time they were saying “Africa for the blacks, the whites to Europe and all others to the sea”. They were wealthy in Angola and they returned to a small flat that my husband’s grandfather kept in Lisboa for business and life became very hard. His grandmother died first and her death finished his grandfather. Life has been hard since. My husband’s parents each thinking the other was dead married other people leaving my husband in a no-man’s land of being a stepchild in each family and being an outsider.

    Today, he faces being a Retournado once again as the place we live in the UK is fast becoming Islamised and the Afghan crisis and Illegal migration will simply add to that. We are fast running out of road and we won’t make the mistake of holding on like his grandfather until that last moment. House prices are such that we as a working-class family cannot outrun this. Our only option will be remote parts of Portugal and a life that will be very different. But history repeats itself, with different players and scenery. The lesson is rarely learned.

    • This text is right. 500k people were left behind in Angola, left to rot. I do not know about the other territories. People left in a hurry. The usurpers in Lisbon did not care for the Portuguese both white or otherwise. Even the local populations were thrown to the wolves. Out decolonization was anything but examplary. See the wars ranging everywhere after we left, which killed millions. No, it was no so blatant as Biden’s betrayal (cui bono? China!), but it was an absolute betrayal. You chose a bad example.

    • You will not be able to outrun the coming war, so my advice is, arm up and prepare yourselves for the inevitable.

  6. l have been saying elsewhere, this was done by design, all of it, to renew flagging support for the never ending war, and replace, what now? 90 BILLION in assorted equipment from undies and socks to rifles and grenades and tanks and planes. the Military industrial players and their shareholders will be rubbing their hands with glee at the profits they stand to make.
    and then, the warhawks are already screaming “we must go back” (because soon some atrocity will occur that will enrage joe sixpack, but in truth it’s because “we abandoned all those minerals we need for our electric car batteries, all of those minerals have been left for China, we MUST go back in and seize those minerals”, and you have already heard THAT spoken of on fox news amongst others).
    l already have money on 30K boots on the ground by November.
    America NEEDS a couple of 100 years wars to be able to hold its head up amongst the European armies.

    • At least your neighbor’s cat doesn’t need to wear a diaper and likely only naps for half of the day.

  7. If the Democrats go ahead with their economic plans, the United States will be ruined. Even if Democrats left power after four years, recovery will be nearly impossible.

    I say “even if they leave power” because the way the electoral system is in disrepute, I don’t doubt that the political and financial elite will try to maintain a Democratic government for 8 years and beyond.

    • The whole line in my two essays is that the game has been changed. Of course, any party wants to rule as long as possible. The “Democrats” have irreparably and intentionally broken the mould. They HAVE to go for broke. There is no other solution for them. Either they stay in power forever, or go to jail. There is no turning back.

  8. Is no one willing to call this for what it is which is pure, planned, unadulterated Treason?

  9. Mike from Brooklyn

    Aside from being depressing all this is very confusing. To take one example, and no offense is meant at all, let me mention Steve Rogers who wrote above about renewing flagging support for the unending war. This unending war is heard over and over again, as if there is no real war going on out there that can disrupt our country, that all the Muslim extremists out there almost by golly have to be invented, otherwise the military complex and the generals will have nothing to do with their time, they will all have to leave the army because gee whiz and golly gee there really aren’t enough real world problems to keep the American military in business. I don’t know about anyone else, but I see a lot of danger everywhere and hence a reason to keep the army, navy, Marines, etc. etc. in business for the next 50 years. So why are people concerned that there won’t be enough problems. I mean just for example, China is everywhere. So if we cave to China, there won’t be unending wars at all. So what is it, do we cave to China or protect ourselves. There is one not ending war.

    So Trump wanted out of Afghanistan. This is his well thought out plan. This doesn’t mean that America need be — need be meaning the generals should be scared that they will all have to retire because of unending wars. NO THANK YOU THE SERIOUS DISCUSSION should be who are we fighting and when. So to Steve Rogers (not picking on you, you could easily be more in tune than me) why get out of Afghanistan if we wanted all those minerals in the north of that country? You think we are going to go back in when China really gets a foothold in there?

    Now I know all those horrible companies like Coca Cola and a few hundred more have gone phony woke because they have to play along these days but my question is who are the effen schmucks that are running things? Stop saying the military industrial complex, and use NAMES for heavens sake, let’s ask who the hell is who.

    It is not enough to wonder how some s.o.b. can leave 80 billion of ammo around after we left, but who the eff okayed it. If it is Millie, and that other putz they should be tried in a court. Don’t stop asking that question.

    I have nothing else to say, I’m simply dismayed.

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