Book Review: Tactical Wisdom

Tactical Wisdom

by Joe Dolio

Reviewed by Jack Lawson
author of the Civil Defense Manual

Rarely does a book catch my attention like Tactical Wisdom. It could have been authored by my alter ego. But the author, Joe Dolio, has created what I consider a companion and must-read book to my book the Civil Defense Manual. His book Tactical Wisdom TW-01 Baseline Training Manual has almost every procedure in it that my book has… presented in a concise and superb manner. He also has a great writing style.

The man clearly must be a genius, if by his definition of the word, we think alike. For those unaware of what I’m talking about, you’d have to read Joe’s opening line in his review of my book. But Joe and I, regardless of our level of intelligence — and I’m definitely not a genius — agree on the way to preparedness, survival and organizing with others for strength through numbers for protection.

This review is not a ‘trade off’ knee-jerk evaluation of the Tactical Wisdom Series from me because Joe wrote a generous review for me… because anyone who knows me well, knows that I won’t praise a poor presentation, incompetence and/or misinformation for any reason. The fact is that this Marine Corps Veteran has written a classic in the Tactical Wisdom Base Line Training Manual.

I know that Joe is more intelligent than I am by one item, as he quotes The Ultimate Base Line Book — the Bible — in his book. That incredible Guidebook that I seemed to have wandered away from, despite being brought up by it. Some people that know me would say: “Lawson, you reading the Bible!?”

Well, I am drifting back to the Bible and Christianity… probably from the insanity to which illogic is bringing our society. I am not reading it because “I’m looking for a loophole” for my transgressions, like W.C. Fields said when one of his friends questioned him, astounded that he was reading the Bible on his deathbed. I have a pretty good idea where I’m going — and it won’t be pretty — but I still hold out hope for Valhalla.

That being said, I believe our exclusion of God, his Son and the Holy Spirit by many ‘enlightened’ and ‘elite’ people is the basis of the ongoing destruction of the fabric of society, decency, the family, free enterprise (instead of fascist corporations), individual rights and Constitutional America.

When the huge egos and twisted values of those who become legends in their own minds represents the aggregate essence of a world of peoples, in lieu of the righteousness and principles of an Immortal and Benevolent Higher Power, mankind is well on the way to catastrophe — if not extinction.

I have read just about every survival book out there. Good ones… and bad ones. Fiction and non-fiction, handbooks, manuals and riveting fiction plots, some with excellent common-sense survival information and storylines. And then there are those with the ‘expert’s fantasy’ on how to survive.

What started me off was the late British author John Christopher’s 1957 science fiction novel No Blade of Grass, first published as The Death of Grass, and made into a movie in 1970. A post-apocalypse story where food crops fail, and the world descends into chaos.

But novels cannot convey to you all the necessary methods and explain all the critical information on preparedness and survival, no matter how good a story they are. However, novels will get you thinking in the right direction, and sometimes point out stark issues that the imagination cannot conceive of in normal civility.

A case in point… William Forstchen’s One Second After. I said BS when his story had 90% of Americans dying within one year after a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse event (HEMP or EMP). I retracted my words after reading the story and understanding why he would be correct in his assessment.

Any books you read on apocalyptic events, preparedness and survival will give you basic — and in some cases extensive — information necessary to survive disaster and catastrophic events. However, some will also give you and yours an early meeting with your maker due to inaccurate and erroneous information. Deadly.

But both fiction and non-fiction books on preparedness and survival create in you something critical: a valuable thought process that gives you a different perspective and understanding of the frailty of us humans on this planet.

And regardless… almost every book you read leaves you knowing something you didn’t know before you picked it up, if you check the accuracy of the information. Life is a process of learning, right up to the second you pass from this world into the next.

What you’ll get in the Tactical Wisdom Series is the solid information and procedures on what you must do to prepare for calamity, and how to survive it. We both tell people what to do and how to do it, but Joe brilliantly puts a synopsis and summary at the end of each of his chapters called Base Line Standards.

I look at his Base Line Standards summary at the end of each chapter as the “get up and go, do it if you’re for real,” — or don’t, if you’re an armchair commando and couch potato. When I write a new edition of the Civil Defense Manual, I’ll do the same: put a summary of what people must do in ‘one-line sentences’ at the end of each chapter. A true motivator. A “Shytte… or get off the pot!” motivator.

I was astounded page after page at the similarity of Tactical Wisdom Base Line Standard ‘TW-01’ to the Civil Defense Manual. I haven’t finished Tactical Wisdom Fieldcraft TW-02 yet, but I will, and will review that also.

This Marine Corps veteran has also seen the boogeyman. That ‘qualification’ of combat experience alone does not convey a super-mythical power that enables an author to write preparedness and survival books, but it does make one hypervigilant towards obvious and hidden threats, and creates a “what-if” mindset from all the butt-puckering of war like going through a hamburger grinder. Some people get this mental state without combat, but most people never do.

As Robert Preston said in The Music Man: “There’s trouble in River City!” Only this trouble that’s coming is real, and is not a con job. You will live in exciting times in the next decades. Make sure you have water to drink, food to eat and neighbors and friends to help protect you and your family. As well as you, them. Your “Tribe.”

Buy Tactical Wisdom and learn. I am excited that Joe plans to put out more in his series, as he indicates he will — books that will compartmentalize what each facet of preparedness and survival skills should teach you. I bought them and am learning from them. You should, too. Sign up for his blog at exceptional and timely information.

Joe’s definitely a ‘get-up-and-go’ type of guy with a visionary approach to preparedness and survival.

…so, my Base Line Standard advice to you is to ‘get up and go.’

First, get Joe’s books. Read his Tactical Wisdom Base Line Training Manual TW-01, and start putting together your plan — but with his books’ guidance.


Buy Joe’s books: Amazon — Tactical Wisdom

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