Merkel’s Little Shop of Horrors

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this op-ed from Politically Incorrect:

Merkel’s balance sheet in one word: CATASTROPHE!

by Martin E. Renner

Shortly before the federal election on September 26th, which is truly groundbreaking for the future of our country, voters are faced with a dilemma.

If you believe the current polls, it almost doesn’t matter which old party you vote for: CDU/CSU, SPD and GRÜNE will each receive something around 20 percent and FDP and LINKE to the left or right of the party political uniformity will tip the scales.

Some voters who act tactically make it the premise of their voting decision to absolutely prevent an increase in power for the Greens. The classic left-wing camp is pursuing the same goal towards the CDU/CSU. These “tacticians” have only one thing in common: they all have — for whatever reason — missed the realization that the old political camps are in complete disintegration.

MPs are only extras in the party and democracy theater

For a long time now, the majority of high-ranking political statists are no longer concerned with making fundamental and directional political decisions.

Votes are one thing above all else: they are of crucial financial importance for the parties. So not with regard to the future of our country. But definitely for the future of the parties and their respective mandate-related and personalized hierarchies within the parties.

The parties have come together amicably on almost all key issues relating to the political and social future of our country. During her 16-year management, the former FDJ secretary, who was excellently trained in Marxist-Leninism, formed the “New Unity Party of Germany (NED)” behind the theater curtain of democracy.

For sixteen years the former old parties tolerated and allowed Merkel to stage her destructive work. Year after year, policy field after policy field. Even if Merkel was and is the head and acting director of the destructive work carried out on our homeland and our nation, all the old parties represented in the German Bundestag and their figurants (theater language for extras) have to shoulder a considerable part of the responsibility.

Merkel’s work of destruction. A drama in many acts:

Energy transition and phase out of nuclear power

In the 2009 election campaign, Merkel advocated the “phasing out” of nuclear power. Merkel originally wanted to suspend the phase-out of nuclear power begun in 2001 by the red-green predecessor government and delayed it for an indefinite period of time. On March 11, 2011, the seaquake struck off the coast of Japan. The resulting tsunami led to the well-known reactor accident in Fukushima, Japan.

The Chancellor, who once again acted purely opportunistically, shone with a real somersault. Diametrically opposite the original course and without necessity, the final phase-out of nuclear power was decided.

Since then, the “Renewable Energy Law” has been amended and tightened several times. This not only brings us today the progressive destruction of our cultural landscapes, but above all the highest electricity prices worldwide and the lowest full-load backup. With all the consequences for business and consumers. Even so, Merkel turned out to be the most powerful state leader with a green primer — worldwide.

Opening the border and the refugee crisis

In 2015 the next completely irrational “gut decision” of an obviously emotionalized, educationally and historically distant Madame Chancellor. Emotionalized? Possible. But just as likely would be the attribution of a “one-world” phantasm or a “no border-no nation” ideological obsession on the part of the protagonist.

The decision to open the borders for “humanitarian” reasons made it possible for hundreds of thousands of “refugees” from all over the world — regardless of a legally justified asylum claim — to enter Germany unconditionally and unchecked. Even regardless of the legally binding and valid EU treaties. There are likely to be millions of people here, most of whom have to be supported by the German taxpayers — that is, those who have been living here for a long time. And often this will be for the next few decades and not infrequently well into the next generations.

The huge streams of refugees and migrants at that time did not come into being — ad hoc — out of nowhere, but had been predictable for a very long time. The total failure of the state, the total failure of all responsible political decision-makers, was sold to the citizen as a singular event. “Suddenly” hundreds of thousands were standing in front of our borders — and, after all, one did not want to and could not expect the citizens to see “unsightly pictures”.

Merkel turned out to be the world’s most powerful left “multicultural” ideologist.

Great transformation

In January of 2020, Merkel gave a speech that was shocking for common sense at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. And gave insights into their hubristically exaggerated delusional political agenda, which had long since left any national framework, any enclosure, with global ambitions. And threw a disturbing, wandering flicker on Merkel’s self-imposed importance as a decisive lighthouse in the global, “multilateral” competition to save the globe, the climate and humanity.

At this point at the latest, the narrative-distorted image of the supposedly and oh-so-science-oriented Merkel develops massive cracks. Here she openly turned out to be a thoroughly ideologized, fanatical and designated world politician, completely removed from her own people.

From then on, Merkel’s “we” no longer meant her own German citizens and their concerns and their “weal and woe”. Merkel’s “we” exclusively addresses the comrades of her new ideological caste of the global and supposedly philanthropic ranks of the elitist, cosmopolitan, ultra-rich “world-savers”. Merkel exposed herself here as the most powerful and morally superior ideologist and self-empowered “general plenipotentiary” of Germany in the global Olympus of world leaders. With a good prospect and true claim to be awarded the status of an exceptional person raised to the “divine state”.

Corona “pandemic”

A virus spreading around the world is a welcome political instrument for massive restrictions on civil rights and freedoms and for getting citizens used to authoritarian and arbitrary rules. But also a very useful instrument to justify massive damage to the economy, especially medium-sized and smaller companies — unfortunately caused by force majeure.

An already very disruptive society is now completely divided. Separated into vaccinated and unvaccinated people and positioned against each other. Denunciation and defamation become the state-desired means to an end. At the G7 summit in February of this year, Merkel announced: “The pandemic will only be defeated when everyone in the world has been vaccinated.”

A monstrous sentence that sums up Merkel’s presumptuousness and hubris.

Domestic flood disaster and chaos in Afghanistan

The total state failure in the recent flood disaster in North Rhine-Westphalia and in Rhineland-Palatinate contrasts the global, oh what, the cosmos-encompassing claim of Merkel to real satire. On the one hand, to want to vaccinate all of humanity, to “save” the global climate, and to establish a “new human happiness-making world order” — and on the other hand not to warn one’s own population of a foreseeable catastrophe and to be able to evacuate if necessary, testifies to the dramatic shift of all priorities under Merkel.

The current chaotic drama surrounding the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan only rounds off the no longer to be denied picture of a completely incompetent government and its ideologically loyal and opportunistic apparatchik guild.

Consequences? No.

Every single one of the points mentioned so far has the potential to cause a tangible political scandal. Every single one of the points mentioned so far should have caused massive public outcry. And should lead to massive calls for resignation and corresponding resignations of the responsible government members up to and including the Federal Chancellor. Every single point means a potential landslide loss of confidence in German politics.

And yet the Merkel government continues to enjoy its offices. Nobody takes responsibility, nobody resigns, nobody bears the consequences of their wrongdoing.

Instead, government ministers boast about themselves in brutal and outrageous praise for the apparent benefits: the forced “prick” is a free offer from the state. The state “helps” the flood victims and pays for the reconstruction. The state saves here and helps there. A brazen and cheeky lie, because ultimately the citizen is responsible for both the utopian, global and delusional madness as well as for all the national failures of this government. And that through squeezed tax money and tax burdens in the trillions of dollars and, in the future, probably through longer and longer working lives. For an ever-decreasing retention of the self-earned and deprived. Thanks for nothing.

Mindset instead of responsibility

In fact, nobody takes political responsibility anymore. The right attitude outweighs the assumption of responsibility. The supposedly noble and morally superior ideology evidently justifies and compensates for every blunder, however obvious, and the incompetence of the political and administrative cadre that can be found everywhere.

And only a few still dare to question them publicly and critically. Here, too, the reason may be seen in Merkel’s regime and her 16-year aegis. The analytical findings show that our democratic institutions have been infiltrated, decomposed and brought into line with ideological leaders.

The most recent examples: The former President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Hans-Georg Maaßen, who was fired and whose successor immediately went on the hunt for the opposition.

The appointment as President of the Federal Constitutional Court of Merkel’s party colleague Stephan Harbarth. Hair-raising recent decisions by the court led by him, for example in terms of climate protection or the financing of public broadcasting, speak volumes here.

The collapse of the Standing Vaccination Commission after massive political pressure in the matter of vaccinating children and adolescents. For ethical reasons, we don’t even want to talk about the ethics committee.

Formerly independent institutions are being turned into compliant “maidservants” of politics — their credibility is thus increasingly undermined. What weighs most heavily, however, is the fact that free science also continues to be decomposed and destroyed in this way. Handpicked, politically acceptable “experts” receive money, power and a voice in the media and thus the broader public. Scientists who are politically unacceptable “receive” pressure from politics and the media, experience public defamation and have to fear obstacles or even the end of their careers.

The omnipresent state tutelage of the responsible citizen and the progressive decline of institutions lead to the complete disintegration and destruction of our democratic state.

After 16 years, Merkel has reinstalled the demon of state authority, ubiquitous control of attitudes and extensive party power. A damning conclusion. And that under the eyes of all the old parties who are jointly responsible for these developments.

It is indeed a matter of initiating a fresh start. If these parties are not stopped, if this “NED” is not stopped, Merkel’s “lack of alternatives” will become an ongoing state doctrine even after her RETREAT, which has to be expected.

But that would be the greatest of all catastrophes and would far overshadow the examples of catastrophes shown here and lead to an irreparable social and national dystopia.

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  1. An excellent article. The video of Merkel’s frown when a man handed her a German flag on the stage at some political event told it all. She could not bear to hold that contemptible object in her hand for an instant and immediately walked a few steps to hand it to someone else.

    That same contempt underlay her famous “Wir schaffen das” and what came with it. The agenda of the Elevated Ones is clearly outright destruction of each of their nations. The world has seen stupidity through the ages but never such an amalgam of stupidity and malevolence.

    • This is why democracy is dead, and what comes next is going to be a Pinochet or Franco. The people deserve them for being feckless, weak and stupid.

    • Exactly, wake, stupid and naive , this young generation they don’t give [an airborne coitus] what is happening, they live in the bubble, totally ok with this horror, let wait little longer if massive reaping starts all over again!! ( Afghans are very aggressive, they have awful way of torture people) , that’s why Sebastian Kurtz ( Austria) rejected taking this savages, He said “ very hard or not at all to integrate” and is absolutely truth ( not long ago Leoni in Vienna , 13 years old girl reaped and murder by 2-3 Afghans asylum failed seekers , that’s why ..

  2. I can’t even look at this traitor , communist bitch , awful just awful what she did to this country.. you can’t recognize Germany anymore..

  3. German Woman wanted the Frau, rather thoughtlessly, just as American Woman wanted Biden, Canadian Woman wanted Trudeau, French Woman wanted Macron, EU Woman wanted von der Leyden etc…… the deluge as the weakness of total democracy exterminates Western civilization with a whimper of opposition from the minority of males, almost half of them proudly “feminized”.


    • Rather, “This is a Westside of Europe where women are peeing up a rope without much success”. These cocksure misfits are in for some never considered or planned for shock and awe. Mother Nature will not be mocked. I imagine.

      • Just ask yourself, what the hell is some purple haired feminaxi going to do to stop a man from doing what he wants? Especially when times get rough? I’ll tel you what happens, she barks, she gets bit.

  4. You could also say she needlessly lost the UK from the EU if you mind about that sort of thing. Her arrogance and intransigence in dealing with David Cameron was not lost on the British people.

  5. The photos accompanying this article make me wonder how a physiognomist would assess the character of Marionette-Mouthed Merkel.

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