Mutti: All Good Patriotic Germans Will Get the Vax

In the following excerpts from a Ruptly clip, German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she will not force Germans to get the Corona “vaccine”, but she will twist their arms really, really hard.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   We will not intend to go down the path suggested by France.
00:08   We said there will be no compulsory vaccination. We are, so to speak, at the beginning of the phase
00:14   in which we still advertise, where we have more vaccine as we have people
00:19   who want to get vaccinated, and this phase we want to push more strongly,
00:24   and we do that here today with this press conference,
00:28   and I believe that there will be many
00:33   who will let themselves be vaccinated.
00:36   [unintelligible]
00:39   In fact, we still have low case numbers, incidence values as they say,
00:44   but they are rising, and the R-factor [Corona reproduction number] is over one again.
00:48   That has to do with the Delta Variant,
00:52   and we keep seeing that all over the world
00:56   where very high case numbers occur, the probability
01:00   that a new mutation or variant arises is high.
01:04   Therefore the only question is:
01:07   How do we prevent further mutations from occurring?
01:10   Which can of course also cause us problems with regard to the effectiveness of the vaccines.
01:15   How do we prevent too many of these mutations from occurring?
01:19   [unintelligible]
01:23   One might very well say: What vaccination QUOTA do we need, then?
01:27   We were presented with that today in an impressive lecture.
01:30   How big does the vaccination quota have to be?
01:33   So that we, with this more aggressive variant, can cope.
01:38   And that’s when the experts told us that 85%
01:43   of the 18 to 59 year olds (?)
01:48   oh… 12 to 59 year olds, 12 to 59 year olds, we have to have vaccinated
01:52   a.s.a.p., and 90% of those over 60,
01:57   then the increase is manageable. We are still a long way from achieving these vaccination quotas.
02:02   [questions seem to have been edited out]
02:06   And that’s why I tell everyone who is still unsure whether or not they should be vaccinated:
02:11   A vaccination not only protects you, but also someone you are close to,
02:17   who’s important to you and whom you love.
02:20   A vaccination not only protects against serious illness and pain,
02:23   but also from the burdensome restrictions of our everyday life.
02:29   And the more who are vaccinated, the freer we will be again,
02:34   the more freely we can live again.
02:37   [again, questions seem to have been edited out]
02:40   Spahn: Vaccination is a very individual decision,
02:43   but every single decision also makes a difference to us as a community,
02:47   and US President Joe Biden has called it a patriotic duty
02:52   to get oneself vaccinated. He’s right: vaccination will help a country return to normal.
02:57   Vaccination helps us as a nation find our way to a NEW normal.
03:03   Yes, thank you very much.

17 thoughts on “Mutti: All Good Patriotic Germans Will Get the Vax

  1. Propaganda beyond , I can’t listen to this rug anymore, she she in prison not in the office, and talking about this stupid “ vaccines “ where she have blood on Her hands for that poor victims women in Würzburg which she never visited or talk to the families!! How bizarre is that ?? It’s just beyond me how this evil person still running this dying country..

  2. How the hell is this Satan devil traitor woman still in power?

    This woman is still there, they can’t get rid of them, same in Sweden, Stefan Lofgren,
    He has been voted out twice, but he is still running the country.

    Law and order has gone, it’s a free for all.

    Get armed people. And fight them.

      • Fore Pete’s sake! Merkel is a communist and always has been a GD communist, the bloody naxi’s would never in a million years do what that bloody wench of a woman Merkal has done.

  3. Where did such “wise” words come from (“the more we are vaccinated, the freer we will be” and others)? Even WHO has expressed concern about 12 y.o. vaccination; so did CDC. How did Frau Merkel become such an expert?

  4. “We said there will be no compulsory vaccination.”

    — So there will be.

  5. We Germans will never forgive her for brushing aside our flag, and showing a face of disgust in that infamous clip.

      • I am a patriot, but after the flag incident I would welcome a tank division of Putin and personally show them the way to Berlin under the condition that Merkel afterwards has left the buildung – feet first.

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