Mark Rutte, Klaus Schwab, and the Great Reset

Gideon van Meijeren is a politician who represents the conservative populist party Forum voor Democratie (Forum for Democracy) in the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of the Dutch parliament.

In the following video from the floor of the Tweede Kamer, Mr. van Meijeren confronts the mendacious Prime Minister Mark Rutte when the latter denies having any knowledge of a book on the “Great Reset” written by Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation (from the German subtitles), and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Please go ahead. —Thank you, Chairwoman.
00:03   Chairwoman, more and more people are seeing that it is a big lie
00:08   that the current Corona measures are meant to protect public health.
00:13   This begs the question: why are all these awful measures being implemented
00:18   that change our entire way of living, destroy our entire society?
00:22   Now, there are a couple of influential globalists, who according to their own words,
00:27   view the Corona crisis as a huge opportunity to “reset” our world.
00:32   It means they have a perverse incentive to make this last longer.
00:36   One of those globalists is Klaus Schwab, founder and chairman
00:41   of the World Economic Forum (WEF). He has also written a book with the catchy title:
00:45   COVID-19 — The Great Reset.
00:49   So my question to the demissioned Prime Minister is: How does he judge the content of this book?
00:55   The Prime Minister. —I don’t know the book, Madame Chairwoman.
01:00   However, I’d like to advise Mr. van Meijeren not to go too much into all those conspiracy theories.
01:04   I watch them on YouTube as well and I think it’s fascinating how they explain
01:08   that 9/11 didn’t happen or that it’s all different. All put together very nicely,
01:12   but usually it is what it is, a conspiracy theory. —Mr. van Meijeren.
01:16   It’s surprising to me that the first question I ask Mr. Rutte since I’ve been instated…
01:21   For which I congratulate you. —Thank you, but it surprises me that the first question
01:25   is answered with a lie, because I’m holding a letter here, dated November 26, 2020.
01:33   This is a letter from Mr. Rutte to Mr. Klaus Schwab in which he thanks him
01:40   for sending the book and calls it a hopeful analysis for a better future.
01:47   Would Mr. Rutte like to rummage through his memories? It’s not more than six months ago.
01:52   I don’t know how long your memories stay active, but it is probably still possible to dig this up,
01:56   in order to answer my first question once again, but this time honestly, please.
02:02   Well, the honest answer is that that is a “nice” letter. One in which you,
02:06   although you can’t read every book cover to cover, but still make a kind reply to the sender.
02:12   Well, then, the Prime Minister is saying he didn’t lie to me, but to Mr. Klaus Schwab.
02:19   But then let me ask the question directly here,
02:23   Mr. Klaus Schwab, who argues in his book for resetting our world,
02:28   to replace our national parliamentary democracy with a global technocracy,
02:34   and he argues for an end to private property. So Mr. Rutte is apparently not even aware
02:42   that he has called this a hopeful message for a better future.
02:46   How is it possible for Mr. Rutte to attach a value judgment to a book
02:51   with a neo-Communist message, when he has not even read that book? — Thank you.
02:55   The Prime Minister. —Yes, Klaus Schwab is founder of the World Economic Forum.
03:00   The man has spent his entire life in service to bringing together
03:05   the private sector, politics, NGOs in order to create a dialogue on how to move this world forward.
03:12   I have the utmost respect for him. I don’t agree with him on everything.
03:16   I did read another book of his, about the fourth industrial revolution. I liked that one very much,
03:20   but not this book. So yes, personally I have great respect for Professor Klaus Schwab
03:28   And his life’s work with the World Economic Forum, which I think is of great importance
03:33   as a platform to meet each other and where also many young people get a chance to confront
03:37   the big issues concerning climate and environmental transitions and energy transitions,
03:43   including how we can set up our future industry well.
03:48   Discussions take place in full transparency for everyone to see.
03:52   So there’s no reason to doubt the intentions of Klaus Schwab. —Mr. van Meijeren.
03:56   Well, to conclude, because I would also like to make an interjection to outgoing
04:00   Minister de Jonge next. I think it would be nice if Mr. Rutte would just send a correction
04:05   to Klaus Schwab stating that he does not think that his book offers a hopeful message
04:10   for a better future, that he has not read it and that he doesn’t think it is a good book,
04:14   as he has stated in his last comment. Surely that seems the least we can expect
04:18   from an honest prime minister. I thought I would leave that for a moment before speaking
04:22   in the Tweede Kamer debate following the football match. So that it’ll be fine.

10 thoughts on “Mark Rutte, Klaus Schwab, and the Great Reset

  1. Mr. Klaus Schwab wants to end private property? How about he starts with his? Or does “rules for thee but not for me” define his worldview?

    • After reading another site I think it will happen like this:

      1) the economy fails
      2) the WEF steps forward with THE solution
      3) you accept and sign that you have no property and your loans are reset to zero.
      4) you accept any vaxxine
      5) if you do not accept and consent to 3) and 4) you are considered an enemy and put into an internation camp until you either submit or die. And the guards are brainwashed that all those in this camp are carriers of a lethal disease (not vaxxinated) and if they try to escape they must be shot to save humanity (we cannot allow the new deadly XY-strain of COVID escape into the world)

    • Sounds good.I am so old I remember when ‘leftists’ wanted to put the 1% up against the wall. Now they want to put the working class up against the wall, calling them deplorables.

  2. The Greek prime minister(son a prime minister ) and his family are the richest political family in Europe.
    The book he has on his desk is “the great reset”.
    He is a fanatic supporter of this reset,that is why has made us all very poor and a lot of people have lost their homes and all they had.
    But he is getting richer.

    His father was a lawyer for the Germans during the occupation,and not only a lawyer.
    The Germans made him rich and some others whose sons are in the government now and they do what Germany orders.
    Political persons who knew the past disclosed nothing to the public.
    The way he has transformed our lives is like living in a soviet state but his family were Nazis,so i think that Communism and Nazism differ only in color.

    • I read that his father fought in the Crete resistance.
      Born in 1918, I wonder how he could have been a “lawyer” for the Germans in wartimes, being like 24 years old, and doing what? Sueing Greeks out of their houses at the supreme court ( course of justice in modern Greece: 12 years) claiming damage of german soldiers being shot at by guerillas? You better check the facts proper.

  3. So John Kerry’s son is th ePrime Minister of the Netherelands. Same low IQ and same devious verbal diarrhea.

  4. “The man has spent his entire life in service to bringing together” [referring to Mr. Klaus Schwab]

    OMG. I just threw up. Was Mr. Rockefeller my servant as well?

  5. When the Great Purge begins, I would pay good money to watch all these do gooding one worlders hang, or kick out the stool myself with pleasure.

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