Swedes Are Shocked — Shocked! — To Discover That Tolerance is a One-Way Street For Muslims

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Nya Tider:

Caption: Imam Ismail Abu Helal in Växjö wants Sweden’s politicians to recognize the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, but he himself does not understand when Nya Tider asks him if his Islamic association will recognize a Christian day.

Demands that Sweden celebrate Ramadan— refuses himself to care about Christian holidays: “Why should we? We are Muslims”.

Växjö’s Muslims continue to make demands. Imam Ismail Abu Helal tasted blood when they recently got permission to have calls to prayer, and in a submission in Smålands-Posten, he demands that the Swedish prime minister begin to recognize Ramadan. He himself doesn’t understand when Nya Tider asks if his congregation will recognize Christian holidays. “Why should we? We are Muslims,” he says to Nya Tider. The anger is now increasing, even among liberal politicians, that “inter-religious respect” seems to be one-way.

New demands with “integration” and “religious freedom” as arguments

When Växjö’s Muslim congregation was formed, the imam explained that it was important for integration that Sweden must allow that the country be called a democracy with religious freedom.

The same arguments — integration, democracy, and religious freedom — were also sticking points a few years later when the Muslim congregation demanded to be able to build a mosque. In Dagens Nyheter on November 2 2003, Ismail Abu Helal argued, among other things, that the mosque was important for integration since it would “bring all nationalities together”.

The wooden building in Araby is only temporary. It was there they applied to be able to declare by loudspeaker every week that Islam is taking over the area. Ismail Abu Helal repeated on Swedish State TV on February 12 2018 the well-known argument: “I think it is good for integration. It will be a confirmation of religious freedom,” he said then.

Over time, the Muslim congregation also created its own Muslim school. Not unexpectedly with the same argument. Ismail Abu Helal wrote to Swedish State TV on April 7 2017 that the consecrated Islamic school had an “important role to play for integration.”

With the mosque, call to prayer, and Muslim school in place, the imam is taking another step to create “integration” in that Sweden will show that democracy and religious freedom rule. This time, it is synonymous with Sweden becoming more Islamic.

In a debate article in Smålands-Posten on May21, a week after the call to prayer received permission, he complained that Sweden did not recognize Ramadan more.

Swedish prime ministers should give Muslims good wishes before fasting, Ismail Abu Helal believes. That would be “good for integration” and something Sweden should do if it “claims to be a tolerant society that accepts differences.” The imam would like to see politicians begin to use the Arabic phrase, “Salaam Alaykum”, which means, “Peace be with you” before every Ramadan and then “speak briefly a little on why people fast.”

One-way openness

Even though Växjö’s Muslims constantly refer back to consensus, democracy, integration, and freedom of religion when the congregation demands that Sweden come closer to Islam, they do not want to see any exchange in the other direction.

When Nya Tider asks Ismail Abu Helal if he himself is thinking of beginning to recognize and teach Christian holidays, he becomes confused and cannot understand the question.

NyT: I was thinking about hearing if the Växjö mosque will recognize the Christian Transfiguration Day, which is coming soon?

“What is that?”

NyT: It is an important day for Christians to honor when Jesus and His Disciples gathered on the Mount of Transfiguration, where it was declared that Jesus is the Son of God. Will you recognize that in some way?

“I don’t understand the question. Why would we do that? We are Muslims.”

NyT: Since you yourself recently wrote that Swedish leaders should recognize Islamic holidays, I was thinking that you, as a Muslim leader, will begin to recognize Christians?

“I wrote that this is a hope that prime ministers wish Muslims good luck on Ramadan. Many Muslims would be happy, and this has been successful for integration, for example, in Canada.”

NyT: Another thing that has been successful is to take up the customs of the place where you reside, but this is nothing for you?

“Certainly. I can eat herring. But I cannot change my religion.”

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  1. I propose a pig roast to celebrate Ramadan. Washed down with lots of beer of course. Perhaps the Swedish gay community could be persuaded to have a gay pride parade as well, to show their appreciation of tolerance and acceptance of all religions. And finally, a rabbi could be coaxed out of hiding to bless the proceedings.

    • The last time the alphabet people held a parade in a muslim section in a Swedish town, the muslim orcs chased them out. LOL

  2. Sweden is just finding this out about Muslims? This one has learned a magic word – integration. He keeps getting his way every time he says ‘good for integration’. Of course he plans on taking over Sweden, so why would HE give any notice to Christian customs? The Swedes sure are clueless.

    • There is no such bloody thing as integration, it does not exist from those of the 3rd world, no matter how long they have polluted our western countries. There is however Balkanization, which does exist in every western country where bloody 3rd worlders are concerned, and the wonderful thing about Balkanization is, it sooner or later ends in massive bloodshed, without bloody exception. So the cold, cruel, harsh, stark bloody line is thus, all 3rd worlder in our western countries got to go by whatever means necessary.

    • Double M, I don’t think the Swedes are clueless anymore than the Germans, Dutch, Italians or French. Their problem is courage, or more accurately the lack of courage.

      European men are feminized and not undlike their female counterparts, most are easily bullied, raped, and intimidated. It’s pathetic, but how else can you explain these euroweenies?

  3. Well it looks like the western mind is not that bright after all. Self harming with millions upon millions of Muslims is obviously a disaster in action. At least the United States can backs in “it’s only an experiment”.

  4. The Swedes deserve all the harm and destruction they have incurred upon themselves . I cannot feel pity for idiots who internalize every imaginable problem suffered by others who are only there to capitalize and annihilate them . And still they feel sorry and still they give . And still they are being robbed and raped and murdered and still they give . It wont end . They are too stupid. Heads in the clouds . Permanent winter depression even when the sun shines for months.

  5. I hate to say this, but it reminds me of the “Dumb Swede” jokes that used to be popular in the Upper Midwest.

      • The question I have is? Where the bloody hell is your line in the sand? How much will you “TOLERATE” before you say enough is enough?

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