Lockdown Only for the Unvaxed

The German government is apparently considering the same policy that Greece is planning: forcing “unvaccinated” people to lock down, while allowing those who have had the jab at least some measure of freedom.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this article from the German-language edition of Epoch Times:

Chancellor’s Office Minister Braun: Lockdown only for the unvaccinated

When determining measures in the fight against the Corona pandemic, the German government will not rely solely on the so-called incidences in the future, according to the head of the Chancellor’s Office, Helge Braun (CDU). To be sure, these will continue to play an important role, Braun told MDR on Friday. “But if we are now in the situation that a high number of citizens are vaccinated, we must of course include other factors.”

More focus should be placed on hospital admissions related to coronavirus, according to Braun. “The question is, what proportion of incidence actually leads to more severe courses?”

He also said the goal is to observe how well the vaccinations worked against different Corona variants. “If even vaccinated people increasingly come to the hospital, that would be a signal that we are either dealing with a variant or that the vaccination success is already waning again, and so you have to revaccinate,” said the head of the Chancellor’s Office.

The CDU politician does not expect another lockdown in the fall. “As long as the vaccinations work well, a lockdown at the expense of those who are fully vaccinated is out of the question,” he stressed. Many areas that had been completely closed in the past would have to “remain open for this large part of the population.”

4 thoughts on “Lockdown Only for the Unvaxed

  1. Recently, CDC and the Israeli state announced figures for so-called “vaccine breakthrough”. Half the so-called new Covid cases in Israel had been vaccinated and in the USA, much breakthrough too.

    I am mulling over the idea that the more vaccinations ie killshots occur, the more Covid cases occur. It is as if the vaxxed are actually getting Covid (whatever that means) from the jab itself.

    Do I know whether the Public Sickness (Health) authorities are investigating these new “Covid cases” to see whether they are medically the same as the ones that occurred prior to the commencement of jibjabbery? Now, I do not.

    Now scratching my fingernails here on my tinfoil hat how could that ever be?

    After all, the jab makes a person produce the spike protein which is supposed to be the same as the spike on the virus floating around in the air and ready to pounce on churchgoers but not football fans and G7 politicians or high sports functionaries; small business customers but not supermarket patrons; restaurant guests when they are entering the premises (hence face diapers) but not when eating their invoiceable food, etc:-)).

    So as the spike I produce is caused by the mRNA jab in me, and the spike and the hydrogel apparently spread all through my body, as shown just now by an autopsy in Noreway, and we have no idea what all the other ingredients are, except graphene oxide apparently, ……….there is no way I could be perpetrating Covid on myself by getting jibjabbed, surely? (irony:off)

    • It’s a mickey mouse game. And I have been thinking the same… people with shots are coming down as positive. (Whatever that means.)

      Also, there is a fair amount of propaganda that the vaccinated will have advantages over the un. But will that really be true? I suspect we’ll see that the vaccinated will continue to be harassed, just in other ways. (While being promised more privileges down the road.) There is major malevolence afoot.

  2. Pre VAXX Millions of Covid infections = masks and lock downs don’t work. Post VAXX Millions of Covid infections = VAXX doesn’t work. During lock downs = nobody works.

  3. Pity that after fighting against racism, gener equality or for religious freedom they now create a new dogma, against the healthy ones!

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