If You Want to Work, You Must Get the Vax

The Jean Minjoz Hospital is a large hospital in Besançon in the region of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté in France. The following video shows a demonstration in front of the hospital by employees who have been informed that they must submit to a mandatory “vaccination” against COVID-19.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   This morning there were about fifty people in front of the Minjoz hospital
00:05   explaining the risks they face when resisting the vaccination.
00:11   In three days you will be summoned by our employer, told not to defend yourself,
00:19   but to be “updated” (with the vaccine). You will then exhaust your annual vacation allowance.
00:22   Nice vacation. Or remain suspended without salary until you are updated [with the vaccine].
00:27   The only thing I can see is that the [hospital] President, when he spoke, the only thing
00:32   he said was that if you’re not vaccinated you will be punished and that is inadmissible.
00:37   It goes against everyone’s freedom.
00:41   Applauded a few months ago, today the hospital staff point the finger at each other.
00:48   Two months ago when we were contagious, we weren’t contagious in the hospital.
00:53   We were obliged to come to work under penalty of sanctions and today we are told,
00:57   well, we need to be vaccinated because we are contaminants and in danger. This is all cockeyed.
01:03   To that, I would add that with the vaccine passport, even the vaccinated can be contagious
01:08   and they can also be contaminants, and yet with the law that will come,
01:13   well, we’ll have the obligation to come to work.
01:17   The patients arriving at the hospital are divided on the subject.
01:21   They are right to demonstrate because we can’t force people to be vaccinated
01:25   if they don’t want to, it must be everyone’s choice. —It is really a problem of public health
01:29   at the moment, so yes, I think that they should be required to be vaccinated,
01:35   but not with threats of losing their employment.
01:39   From September 15, mandatory vaccination will be enforced.

9 thoughts on “If You Want to Work, You Must Get the Vax

  1. Realize it doesn’t really solve the issue, but where are the purveyors of fake vaxx certificates? There ought to be at least some doctors or nurses willing to issue those, or to do it for compensation. Or criminal gangs willing to forge vaxx documents for a small fee.

    Long term, fake vaxx certificates obtained from legitimate sources or forged from legitimate sources would be the way to defeat these schemes and render all vaxx certificates suspect. When fake certificates are so numerous the authorities will be forced to come up with some other way to disrupt society. Bog knows the designs of the elites will not ever be overcome just by protesting them or trying to to vote against them.

    • Dont give our enemies ideas.
      Maybe they will use microchips or genetic marker databases where data can only be entered if the “vaccination” happens in a police stations with 10 witnesses.

      A friend of mine makes martial arts and he always said that some of his pupils were rockers like in Hells Angels. Maybe I should ask him when the next meeting is and then ask them for such a thing.

      On the other hand: A lot of the “COVID survivors” (watch the youtube video of Paul Joseph Watson – Not a cult) post their vaccination cards on youtube and facebook.

      And WIN7 and WIN10 have the Snipping Tool.
      Just saying.

      • Purely hypothetically, if one were bored they might want to begin searching for groups on Telegram.

        For entertainment purposes, of course.

      • In the Heinlein novel of my namesake, Lunar Authority started requiring identification cards to travel within the various warrens. The Lunar Resistance would weed out potential recruits by whether they had a real ID or a fake. Those with fakes were allowed to join.

        Just another way to separate the sheep from the goats. I don’t feel the need to get any kind of passport or vaxx card where I live but if for some reason I did it certainly wouldn’t be acquired by submitting to Faucists for inoculation.

  2. Medical complex is conquered CCP enemy territory.
    Avoid it if you can. If you have to be carried in then get right with your maker, especially in the time of Great Delusion or the COV-LARP.

  3. I do not understand why is that vaccination all that important. The numbers don’t add up, the hospitals are not much more crowded than usual and people are not dying off in hordes.
    I do know that those people who are forcing it and those who enforce these rules are becoming the enemy of anti vax citizens by threatening our ability to make a living.
    So, in the interest of self preservation I wish for them lots and lots of flat tires, broken windows, “accidents” of all sorts, in the hope that they might see the error of their ways and live us alone.

    • This is a violation of the Nuremberg code (forcing humans to take experimental drugs or shots) it is also a precursor to the Mark of the Beast which makes me wonder if we are now in the tribulation and that other countries will be doing likewise to be able to eat out, go to concerts, etc or to buy or sell, etc.

    • There is an excellent hypothetical answer to your question that was posted on Western Rifle Shooters Assocation today. The original article is from ZeroHedge, wbich site I highly recommend following if you don’t already. Here’s the link (apologies to Baron if such isn’t allowed)


      BLUF; a large body of unvaxxed individuals constitute a control group to whatever kind of mischief is possibly part of the vaxx scheme. High compliance rates mask the appearance and statistical significance of health outcomes between vaxxed and unvaxxed.

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