European Vax Update: Side Effects and Refuseniks

Hellequin GB has translated three articles from PolitikStube on issues concerning the “vaccination” against the Wuhan Coronavirus, as reported in Germany and Italy.

First, a letter from a German health care worker about the severe adverse effects she experienced after receiving BioNTech’s experimental mRNA treatment:

After vaccination with BioNTech: “Since then my life has been ripped off its hinges”


I worked in a daycare center for ten years as a diabetes specialist and educational specialist and have been working as a freelance for the city in child care for a year.

However, that was not the reason for the vaccination, but my work for a voluntary service with children who are suffering from diabetes. For me it was important that I protect the children and continue to visit the children to help them get on with everyday life while having diabetes. As part of this task, I train daycare centers, schools, after-school facilities, crèches, and I also train families.

If I had known what to expect after this vaccination, I would only have had a test and a mask. A second vaccination is now out of the question for me. I hope that we will soon put this nightmare behind us.

After ten weeks I still have visual disturbances and high blood pressure which probably needs to be treated now, and that wasn’t there before. I don’t want to demonize the vaccination, but you should really think carefully about what you are doing.

I was vaccinated with BioNTech on April 2. Since then my life has been ripped off its hinges… It started right away on the day of vaccination, 15 minutes later, with high blood pressure. I then stayed one hour to observe; everything was blamed on psychosomatosis. The symptoms that then showed up afterwards for the next ten weeks I do not wish for anyone. My head feels like cotton wool, I have long-term high blood pressure, extrasystoles, I’m tired 24/7, have occasional tinnitus, mood swings, tingling in my leg, just shaking. I was so happy to hear that it was BioNTech; the horror that now accompanies me is terrible. I cancelled the second vaccination because I still have problems with my eyesight. Please keep your fingers crossed that everything will be fine again. We are modern guinea pigs.

Source: Pflege- und Krankenhauspersonal für Aufklärung (Education for Nursing and Hospital Staff)

The second article concerns vax refuseniks in Italy:

There is no compulsory vaccination Italy: 45,000 vaccination opponents facing suspension

45,000 doctors, nurses and other health care workers are facing suspension because they will not be vaccinated against Corona, reports

That is 2.3 percent of all paramedics; among doctors the percentage drops to 0.2 percent, reported the Italian Medical Association.

The region with the greatest number of unvaccinated paramedics is the northern Italian Emilia Romagna with seven percent of unvaccinated personnel. Lawsuits from those who refuse to be vaccinated are expected.

Finally, an adverse effects data system in Germany has been overwhelmed by citizens’ reports sent in via a downloaded app:

Already 500,000 reports of side effects of the corona vaccination to the Paul Ehrlich Institute

The Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) has developed an app to record the side effects of corona vaccinations. By the end of May, half a million people who had been vaccinated had already downloaded the app and provided information on side effects. Mind you, this is only a part of those actually affected, because not everyone who got the corona vaccination also got the referenced app afterwards. Around 4,000 reports of serious reactions were made in May alone. Deaths are not included, because a dead person no longer downloads an app.

The amount of data is so huge that the PEI cannot even keep up with processing the reports. “A disaster” is how Professor Dr. Wolf-Dieter Ludwig, chairman of the drug commission of the German medical profession, describes the situation.

Source: Ken Jebsen

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  1. My husband a talented artist, had the AstroZeneca vaxx in early May, and has had three epilepsy incidents since then. I am a journalist now turned carer to him, who sleeps 14hrs a day.

  2. Please look into the deaths and permanent side effects in USA go to FDA Vers reporting up to June 11 2021 5500 recorded deaths and 12k permanent disabilitys have been recorded. This drug is not approved by FDA if it was it would be pulled from shelves after 50 RECORDED DEATHS per FDA guidelines

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