Women Under the Islamic State

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from EW Magazine. The translator includes this introductory note:

This article was written by a Turkish woman who has earned the wrath of her community by criticizing Islam. Here she writes about the way the Netherlands is repatriating ISIS women from the Middle East while Yazidi and Kurdish women suffer. Her words are probably causing another stir in the Turkish community.

The translated article:

Lale Gül: The Netherlands Gives Yazidi women a kick

Women who left to the ISIS Caliphate are welcomed back to the Netherlands together with their children. While the victims of the ISIS atrocities, such as the Yazidis and Kurds, look on with sorrowful eyes. Imagine that, argues writer Lale Gül, in an article for EW Podium.

Just imagine: You are not Dutch, but a Yazidi woman, a member of a small religious minority in the Sinjar region in NW Iraq. Five years ago, your habitat was overrun by the Islamic State; your community was enslaved, gagged, subjugated, and humiliated. Fathers, brothers and sons were beheaded in cold blood before your eyes and those of other women. Their bodies rot away in 73 mass graves in the area. Daughters, sisters, and mothers, such as yourself are either raped, or turned into slaves, or both.

Raped women bear children begotten by ISIS terrorists

As a result, you, the raped women together, after years-long mistreatment, bear children begotten by the ISIS terrorists that you have not since seen. Pretty gruesome, isn’t it?

The trauma is not yet over: Then you have to leave your children behind en masse in a camp that you will never visit again because, at the same time, they are also children of the enemy whom the clergy of your community will not accept. If you don’t leave them behind in one or another miserable orphanage, you are no, longer welcome. It is believed in your village that a child by birth automatically has the religion of the father and who is in this case a (rather extreme) Muslim: That is not allowed. After leaving the child, see how your conscience is soothed.

Moreover, half of the women from your community can no longer be found.

Or imagine that you are not a Yazidi woman, but a Kurd. One with a deceased brother, father or son, murdered by an ISIS terrorist.

According to Yazidi women, ISIS women are worse than their men

Now imagine that the women from the Netherlands who, as spouses of this beastly system, eagerly and willingly facilitated these inhumane conditions, were themselves worse than the male terrorists, to which many Yazidi women have testified to Dutch journalists. Imagine that you read and hear that these same women want to return to Europe, now that they have lost the war and are calling on the Netherlands to at least give their children a future.

Imagine that they automatically get a Dutch lawyer who fights in their interest and invokes their rights. Imagine that after the above-mentioned beatings, you had to give up your children in a camp and that their children were awaiting a safe and healthy future in the Netherlands. Imagine that you read in the media that it is quite difficult to prove which punishable acts they have committed because nothing is documented, all the evidential material is destroyed, and they will probably get a light punishment, and after a short while, will be able to resume a safe life in Northwestern Europe, as if nothing had happened, until a new caliphate is established. And, if not, then they can always earn Paradise with an attack or by inciting an attack. More roads to Mecca.

Ilham B. has no remorse

Now imagine that the Netherlands has taken back one Ilham B. with her children, who publicly and shamelessly screams from the rooftops that she has no remorse for her deeds and that the trip to the Caliphate “has formed her in a positive manner.”

Just imagine that.

13 thoughts on “Women Under the Islamic State

  1. Well. Darwin was right. The strong one survive. You don’t like it?
    Then try to be strong.

  2. That’s not well put. She didn’t earn the wrath of those in her village. No one deserves that for criticizing Islam.

  3. Sounds like Ilham B. needs some assistance to speed her to Paradise where her allotment of virgins is waiting. Or maybe was it an allotment of jihadists whom she will have to wait upon for all eternity?

    • Male muslims get 72 huris (virgins to slake their manly desires. And those huris stay virgins for all eternity.)
      What do female jihadis get?
      Does Allah turn them into huris?
      Just asking.

      • This questions arose soon after 9/11 and someone said the women get 72 credit cards. (I hope the humor holds up after all these years).

        • Have you seen the beginning of the movie POSTAL?
          Yes, it is a Uwe Boll movie.
          But there the plane highjackers get into a discussion about how many virgins a cuicide pilot gets.
          Osama tells them 10. Too many suicide bombers, -pilots etc.

  4. Not hard to believe anymore that this is just down the road and around the corner. I mean just look at what these creatures believe and how they behave. And nothing is done to protect the population. The end of the world. A third world mess taking its new toy to poke fun at the Russian Bear is very sick .

    • You have a wrong idea of what is happening in Russia. Here, with Islam, things are much worse than you think.
      Here everything goes according to the worst-case scenario.
      At best, we will get out of this through a lot of bloodshed, at worst, we will repeat the fate of Byzantium.

      • But it seems that your putin and his oligarchy leadership is not much influenced by muslims and their desires. At least I didnt hear that muslims are high ranking officials in the russian goverment. As long as you can keep them far away from important decision making jobs it should be ok.

        Here in the west we have even muslims in our governments and they do pro-muslim politics. That is much worse than the situation in Russia I think

  5. This! Among many other reasons, is why I NEVER EVER took a muslim male or female prisoner, nor will I ever do so. No more muslims = No more problems, it is that coldly simple.

  6. Those raped women remind me of the Moroccan battalions sent to Italy by France in WW2 .They raided house after house and raped at every opportunity . If they had wounded as many soldiers as the women they raped then Italy would have lost a lot earlier. The old generation in Italy have many who were war babies due to enemy rape. I would say hundreds of thousands.

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